Cause of the Month: International Fund for Animal Welfare

It’s time for the cause of the month – the first one of 2015! To kick off the year, I’m spotlighting the  International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) as my cause. I’ve always been a big supporter of animal-related charities, but I especially love this one because the focus isn’t on one specific area 24/7, but rather works to save animals (all kinds) and their habitats all around the world in the wake of disaster.

You might have heard recently (because this non-profit only hit my radar last week) about the poor koalas in Australia that had severely burnt paws due to the brushfires that swept through their homes in the wild. IFAW sent out a call to the world, saying they needed cotton mittens to aid in the paw recovery. According to the organization, the support was overwhelming and they received more than enough to help those adorable Australian bears. They even shared a precious photo of a koala sporting a pair of mittens. So sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. I’m so happy they’re on their way to recovery!

Now that the koalas are on the road to recovery, IFAW is dealing with other groups of Australian animals who were affected by the fires, baby kangaroos and possums who likely lost their parents in the fire. If you have sewing skills, consider spending some time creating a pouch for them (up to 6 pouches can be used per animal each day since they need to be cleaned and washed regularly).

Of course the brushfire is just the latest that IFAW is dealing with – they’ve also saved cats, dogs, tigers, whales, seals, and elephants – to name a few. I love that IFAW has the backs of animals globally – literally. And because of it, this is one organization I’m definitely going to help out as much as I can!

If you’re interested in helping the International Fund for Animal Welfare, you can do so by donating time (see pouch link above for current need) or money. Additionally, you can keep up with the organization’s latest efforts via their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

*Photo credit: IFAW