Fun Findings Friday #115

It’s Fridaaaay! Weird how fast the week seems to have gone looking back now, but the days go so slow (at least Monday-Wednesday). I’m very much looking forward to this weekend because I’m seeing the new J-Lo movie (which kind of reminds me of one of her older ones, Enough, one of my faves), and also going to a Jo Koy (never heard of him but apparently he’s hysterical and was on Chelsea Handler’s show). Always love GNOs (girls night out)! Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Chime in below!

My Neck, My Back Shirt
All my fellow Netflix addicts, raise your hands! Words cannot express how much I love this shirt ($22). It combines Khia’s early 2000s jam with one my favorite spare time activities – watching Netflix and snacking. This shirt has my name all over it (and I can’t stop singing this 2.0 version of “My Neck, My Back”)! Anyone else?

Photo credit: Skreened

K-Cups at Bon-Ton
At Christmastime I stumbled across Bon-Ton, a department store chain located nowhere near me, but filled with awesome deals online. Well I made my way back there last night in search of a deal on K-Cups for my Keurig, and OHMYLANTA, what a deal. One of my favorites, Donut Shop K-Cups is on sale for $27.50 for a box of 48. Done and done (I bought 2). If anyone else is looking for a deal/to stock up, now’s the time!

Photo credit: Bonton

NFL Bad Lip Reading
There’s no football this weekend, but the country’s still very much in football mode, with the Super Bowl next weekend and the whole “deflated balls” topic that we can’t seem to get enough of. This video is totally random but pretty funny. We all do wonder what all the people on the field (i.e. players, coaches) are saying, but this takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Enjoy!

  • I NEED that t-shirt! Seriously!