App of the Month: Trivia Crack

I only have a few game apps on my phone, since there aren’t too many that hook me in. But last week I decided to give the Trivia Crack app a try, after hearing a couple of my friends talking about it. Now I understand where the name comes from. I CAN’T STOP PLAYING!

The game allows you to challenge someone (random opponent or a friend), testing both of your knowledge in 6 categories: Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography, and History. The object of the game is to obtain the 6 characters (who are adorable), representing each of the categories.

To play the game, you spin the wheel, and have to answer a question in the category it lands on. You must answer 3 questions correctly (in any category) to have a chance to score a character. But first, you have to answer that category’s question correctly. There’s also a “crown” category, which lets you skip the 3 questions and attempt to win the character right away. The first player to obtain all 6 characters wins! You can also steal characters from the other player, but you have to answer the question correctly, and if you answer it wrong, you lose one of your own. Risky!

I also think it’s pretty funny (and also not, at the same time) that every time the “Science” category pops up, the app reminds me that it’s my worst-answered category. I don’t need the reminder, I’ve been terrible at science since 8th grade! On the bright side, I don’t think I’ve missed an Entertainment question and I’m pretty awesome in the History and Georgraphy sections as well (in my not-so humble opinion.

Do you play Trivia Crack? What’s your must-have app this month?