BarkBox: January 2015 Review

We received January’s BarkBox a couple weeks ago, and my sisters were thrilled that it arrived on the day I was heading over to visit them, so they could watch Sheba open her blizzard-themed box (which is/was extremely appropriate for those living up north dealing with crazy amounts of snow! Being in Florida, it’s not something we’re dealing with, but still happy to be a part of the winter fun in spirit.

If you’re not familiar with BarkBox, you can check out my previous reviews here. For $18-35/mo. (depending on the subscription plan you select), you’ll receive a box full of treats, toys, and other size-appropriate items for your pup.

Delca Corp Adorable Snowman
I’ll jump right into the winning item in Sheba’s January BarkBox – the “Adorable Snowman” ($9). Furry + squeakers = unbeatable for my pup. As soon as she spotted the furry toy, she snatched it right up and ran away to play!

Max & Ruffy’s Blizzard Bites
We’ve received Max & Ruffy’s treats ($5) before, but Sheba’s just not a fan of crunchy treats, so these will go in our donate pile and get dropped off at The Humane Society – some dog is bound to love them!

Complete Natural Nutrition Off-Leash Stix
The Off-Leash Stix ($9) got a “paws up” from Sheba and thumbs up from mom (me), as well. They’re Turkey Pumpkin-flavored, which seems more like a fall flavor, but regardless, Sheba absolutely loves these! In addition to being a tasty treat, they’re also supposed to be great for teeth and breath, so it’s a double win!

Dex & Penny Squeaky Icicle
Sheba’s not big on chew toys unless they’re furry or have a spot for treats, so the Squeaky Icicle ($11) isn’t one she’ll get use of. After the initial sniff she was done with it, so I think we’ll donate this one as well.

Heartland Premium Dynamo Femur
The Dynamo ($4) was another win for Sheba. It’s a pretty big treat to tackle, but she always happily takes it to her “lookout corner” and goes to town!

I paid $18 for January’s BarkBox, which retailed out to about $38. The win/lose ratio of items sent were 3/5. Not too bad. I wish the boxes could be a little more customized, but overall, we’ve been extremely happy with them!

Does your dog receive BarkBox? Which item was his/her favorite?

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  • Hi Rachel – I just found your blog off The Daily Tay! I was about to tell you I'm from Florida as well, then I scoped out your About page and saw you live in Tampa…well whaddya know, so do I ;) aaaand double creepy, my birthday is the day before yours, so my half birthday is Christmas Eve!

    Anyway, thanks for this post! I've been looking into getting my dog, Einstein, a Bark Box, but I wish there was an option to pay monthly vs. all at once! I may just bite the bullet and do it.

    Just wanted to say hello…and love your blog! XO Sam

    • Ahh that's crazy – I love it!! Very happy you stopped by and that I've found a fellow blogger in the "neighborhood" :) You should def try BarkBox out! They do offer month-by-month subscriptions but they're a little more expensive. Keep an eye out on Groupon/LivingSocial because that's how I first tried them out a couple years ago!