DIY Fleece-Tie Blanket

I love arts and crafts/DIY projects, but most of the time I prefer to just buy it pre-made, rather than obsessing over making sure everything is perfect. But one DIY project I have “mastered” (I can say that because I’ve made like 4 now), is making Fleece-Tie Blankets. Not the prepared sets you can buy – the “from scratch” versions.

I’m not going to lie, it does take some time to do, but in the end, SO worth it. My super-crafty friend Lisa taught me how to make them a couple years ago and I’ve been on a roll ever since. This particular one I’m sharing today was the one I made/gifted my mom for Christmas.

What You’ll Need
2.5 yards of solid fleece fabric
2.5 yards of print/pattern fleece fabric
1 pair of scissors
1 ruler
1 Sharpie

Find a large, open working area and lay the solid-colored fabric down.
Next, lay the print/pattern fabric over the solid one, lining the corners up as best as possible.

Measure about 5 inches up and over from each corner of the blanket and mark the intersecting points.

Cut each “square” corner and don’t panic/think you’re doing it wrong. This is part of the process!

Next, the super tedious part. Mark the bottom of the fabric in 1-inch increments across each side from one square to the other.

Then cut each of them up to the top point of the each square. Do a few cuts on one end and then switch to the other to ensure you don’t go into robot-mode (and probably mess it up a little).

And for the grand finale, pick a side of the blanket to start on and begin tying (double knot to make sure it’s sturdy) the 1-inch strips together to make little tied ends all around. Then you’re done!

This particular one is sized to fit a queen bed (size up or down 1/2 yard for a twin or king), as are most of the others I’ve made. Also, if your dog is anything like mine, beware! Sheba has a tendency to make herself comfy smack dab in the middle of the blanket while I work on them, so my spoiled pup got her own (I made her a small one to fit her doggy bed with some extra fabric on one of my other blankets)!

Have you made a fleece-tie blanket? What’s your favorite DIY project?



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    How cute! You did a great job!!