100 Montaditos at Wiregrass

A new restaurant opened up at Wiregrass Mall in Wesley Chapel (Tampa area) a few weeks ago, and after hearing about their incredible opening weekend deals and the unique name, the Spanish-style restaurant caught my attention!

100 Montaditos originated in Spain in 2000 and has since expanded to over 300 locations worldwide, the Wesley Chapel one being the newest. If you’re wondering what a “montadito” is (don’t worry I was too), it’s a tapa-sized roll of bread fresh from Spain, filled with the freshest ingredients!

The owners at 100 Montaditos Wiregrass kindly invited me in to experience their restaurant, and it did not disappoint! Read on to see what my date (thanks for being my +1, Dad!) and I thought!

100 Montaditos is tucked away between Cantina Laredo and The Brass Tap (note: if you’re having drinks here, you can order and they’ll bring food over to you) at Wiregrass Mall and fit perfectly there (keep this in mind if you’re looking for it – Google incorrectly shows it located where Brookstone used to be).

When we first walked in, we instantly noticed the beautiful pictures of Spain hanging around the restaurant, several of which were taken by the co-owners themselves during a trip they took to Spain (pretty cool touch)! It was a very casual place, one you could show up to after work in business attire or post-workout in yoga pants and a t-shirt.

With 100 montaditos (literally) plus other options on the menu, we felt a little overwhelmed with choices, so we decided to start with a plate of cheese fries and beer while we weighed our many options. We gobbled them down pretty quickly though, they were SO good!

After reading the menu up and down a few times, we decided on 6 montaditos between the two of us. Then a few minutes later, opted for an order of chicken wings as well. It sounded like a lot of food (and it was), but we were up for the challenge.

To place an order, you fill out an order slip at your table with the numbers of each menu item you want, because as mentioned, there are a ton of options and several are similar, so you want to make sure you’re ordering the right one!

When you’re ready to order, you bring your slip up to the register and get a number for your table, where minutes later, your food is delivered.

We sat directly across from the kitchen area, and while we didn’t learn the secret(s) to making montaditos ourselves, it was nice to be able to see the food being whipped up.

And now the moment of truth.. montadito-delivery time! A basket was delivered to both my dad and I of our 3 picks (you’re not restricted to 3 by any means but it seemed to be the average one would order since they’re smaller bites).

My dad went with the philly steak, meatballs with bacon, and a pork option. I’m pretty sure I blinked once and they were gone. He’s ready to be entered in a montadito-eating contest!

On the other hand, I went with mozzarella + pesto and burger montaditos as the main course, saving my third pick for a dessert montadito option (keep reading to find out about that one – hint: it involves Nutella)! Here’s a look at the montaditos up close.

I think that I too, could enter a montadito-eating contest. They were incredibly delicious AND the restaurant receives multiple shipments each week with fresh bread directly from Spain. So how could you not want to eat all the things?!

Next up, chicken wings. I’m the biggest wimp usually when it comes to them because I can’t handle anything spicy. But our order of mild wings were insanely good!

Aaaand for the grand finale. THE MONTADITO ON CHOCOLATE BREAD WITH NUTELLA AND ALMONDS! So amazing that I need to tell you about it in all caps. If you were to sample only one montadito off the menu, this would be the one. It’s heavenly.

As you can see, we had quite the feast at 100 Montaditos! Of course this is just a very small portion of their menu, but we got a well-rounded sample of what the restaurant has to offer.

Both my dad and I enjoyed every single thing we tried during our visit to 100 Montaditos! I definitely plan to become a local at this new Wesley Chapel location and am now curious to try the other 94 montaditos on the menu. Keep up with the latest from 100 Montaditos Wiregrass here!

Have you been to a 100 Montaditos location? What’s your favorite menu item?

  • this place looks awesome! I love the ambiance of a chill or going out environment!

  • AmandaSakovitz

    This place looks amazingly delicious!

  • Yum! I never get out to WC but this might give me some motivation!

  • Anonymous

    Yo Man! Your Dad is wicked handsome!! Love your blog. CDG