Stitch Fix #3 Review

I received my third Stitch Fix last week and couldn’t get home fast enough, once I received the delivery alert! I will admit, I peeked online to see what I was getting ahead of time, but googling an item is never the same as having it in front of you!

You have up until about a week before your “Fix” ships to send comments/requests to your stylist, and this time I was ready with ideas! I requested Margaret M Emer pants because I heard AMAZING things about them, and also a pair of maroon and/or olive skinny jeans, because I need some of them in my wardrobe! You’re not guaranteed to receive what you ask for, but the Stitch Fix team does promise to do their best to pull through.

I thought Emily did a great job with my first 2 Stitch Fix boxes, and was excited to read her note and see how she suggested styling the chosen pieces in this one. I was a little disappointed to find that I had a new stylist (nothing against her!) since I like the consistency of having one person work on my wardrobe picks, but I really liked how Fiona (who selected my items this month) referenced previous items from SF that I kept (read reviews 1 + 2 here) and how I could wear them with the pieces in this round. On the downside, I was bummed to see that she didn’t include the Emer pants I requested because they were more expensive and I had selected in my profile that I didn’t want pieces that cost an arm and a leg (unless it’ll last me and I love it). Oh well, I’ll try again next time!

Here’s a first glance look at my Fix, unwrapped. A good mix of both thin and thick items (good for winter + Florida). The lighting isn’t the greatest on the individual item pictures below, so apologies in advance!

Kut From The Kloth Denna Colored Skinny Jean ($78)
I received a pair of Kut From The Knoth jeans in my first Fix and absolutely love them, so I was pretty excited about this olive pair (the one I’ve been missing in my wardrobe)! They’re a little long on me, but while it’s still boot season (on some days), I’m fine rolling these up a little. I’m very happy with these! Verdict: Kept

Mavi Freida Corduroy ($58)
I don’t have anything against corduroy pants, but I was hoping for a pair of skinny jeans in the maroon color since they’re normally a bit more flattering. I was still excited to give these a try, but was bummed that the sizing was way off and they didn’t fit me at all! Verdict: Returned

Fate Elle Graphic Print Cardigan ($64)
I loooove cardigans so I was very excited about this one that felt as cozy (and thick) as a blanket on. I wasn’t crazy about the color though (it’s pretty boring) and after sending a picture to my mom for her opinion, she thought it looked like something a grandma would wear and/or wallpaper. Sad, but true. I’d love to have this in another color though, it’s SO comfy! Verdict: Returned

Hem & Thread Katarina Heathered Raglan Knit Sweater ($44)
UGH is all I can really say about this sweater. It looked extremely short in the front before I even tried it on and once I did, it basically looked like a belly shirt. Very disappointed with it! Verdict: Returned

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse ($48)
I absolutely love the color of this blouse – and the blouse itself. It can be dressed up or down, which is something I always like to have with my clothes. It’s a little longer than I expected so I think a shoe with a heel is a must with it. Verdict: Kept

I’ve received requests in the past to include photos with the pieces I receive on. This time, I’m obliging. But keep in mind that these aren’t going to be as fancy and exciting as fashion blogger photos (code for I’m awkward).

I only ended up keeping 2 out of the 5 items Stitch Fix sent this month, but in a way, I’m a little relieved it wasn’t a complete hit (at least my wallet is). You only pay for what you keep and the $20 styling fee charged with the order goes toward anything you keep which is nice!

What kind of clothing are you looking to add to your wardrobe?

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  • LOVE the pictures of you wearing the clothes! That cardi looks so comfy, but I agree with your Mom. It isn't really a pattern someone young would rock. Too bad they didn't send it in a solid color.

    Corduroy just does not have a place in Florida. I have a pair I love and NEVER where them because they are wicked hot. :)

  • Thank you! I'm hoping that cardi comes in a better color – it was so comfy, I could sleep in it! Agreed about corduroy. I guess that just gives us an excuse to travel to cooler places :)