Fun Findings Friday #121

Happy Friday! Another week has come and gone, and this weekend we’re “springing ahead” for Daylight Savings Time. Reminder to move your clocks an hour forward Sunday early morning! This weekend I’m excited to attend my little sister’s basketball game – her team is undefeated and tomorrow’s the last game of the season! I’m also planning on finally getting over to Universal for this year’s Mardi Gras festivities which are always a good time! Hope you all have some fun things planned for the weekend as well!

Wall Scrabble
I was talking home decor and game rooms with a coworker earlier this week and she brought my attention to Restoration Hardware’s amazing Wall Scrabble ($1495). The price tag is pretty outrageous, but I love the idea! Has anyone tried a DIY version? This would be so much fun for house parties or family game nights!

Photo credit: Restoration Hardware

Ikea Charging Furniture
Earlier this week, Ikea announced a new line of “charging furniture” that will be sold in stores, beginning next month. Specifics of the line aren’t out yet, but we do know that the items with the Qi technology (that enables the charging), will run about $20 more than the standard Ikea pieces. The furniture will need to plug into the wall (which is a bit odd), but you’ll be able to charge just by placing your phone over the designated spot. I can’t wait to see what the collection looks like – it’s definitely something I’d consider purchasing!

Photo credit: Ikea

Buzzfeed’s If Guys Flirted Like Girls
Buzzfeed’s videos are GREAT, especially the ones with the two guys that mock girls oh so well. I can’t stop laughing at the latest one that hit my radar, If Guys Flirted Like Girls. It’s more of just acting like girls in general, but it’s pretty hysterical to see it with the positions reversed!


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