Stitch Fix #4 Review

I couldn’t wait to dive into my 4th “Fix” when it showed up at my doorstep, despite the fact that I peeked to see what was coming my way!

For any newbies, a “Fix” is a box curated by Stitch Fix, a personal styling service that sends you 5 clothing items/accessories based on your personalized style profile, which you fill out during sign up. Your stylist takes your profile preferences and Pinterest board (if you provide one – which you definitely should) to select your items, so the chances that you’ll like/love the items sent is much higher! The upfront cost/styling fee is $20, which goes toward the purchase of any item(s) you decide to keep in your “Fix,” and if you decide to keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount on your purchase. And what you don’t like, you send back (pre-paid shipping + envelope included in your box). If you’re curious what I received in Stitch Fix’s past, check out my reviews here.

Rather than diving into the clothes, the first thing I like to do when I open my box is read the note from my stylist. I was SO happy to see that my original stylist, Emily, was back, after disappearing on me with my last Fix. Even though we’ve never met in person, I feel like she really gets me!

Once the note is read, it’s time to dive into the clothes. It’s always interesting to see what the pile of clothing looks like in terms of fabric, color, and style at a glance.

41Hawthorn Teresa Colorblocked Sleeveless Blouse ($48)
At first glance I was thinking this top would immediately be put in the return box. The two-color thing just wasn’t working for me. But after putting it on, I really liked it! The color combo is beautiful, and when I wore it last week I received quite a few compliments! I definitely prefer to wear a cardigan with it, because it exposes arms big time and I need to work on toning mine. But overall, very happy with it! Verdict: Kept

Fun2Fun Janina Split Neck Tulip Sleeve Blouse ($44)
I really liked the Tulip Sleeve Blouse, starting with the color! I’ve been trying to find some good short sleeve tops for work and this is just the type of shirt I was looking for! It’s a little looser fitting as well, which I like! Verdict: Kept

41Hawthorn Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte Dress ($78)
I requested this colorblock dress after seeing it a couple months ago on Stitch Fix’s blog. The colors are just perfect! Although I don’t attend too many functions where I need to fancy up, it’s always good to have one on hand. Plus, it fixes the “problem” areas, making it pretty flattering on! I just might need to think up something fancy to wear this at soon – I love this dress! Verdict: Kept

Market & Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan ($48)
This was the only item I was feeling weird about. Opened/unzipped, it’s fine. The material’s extremely soft and a little thicker than most cardigans, which is a nice change from my other cardis. But when it’s zipped up, it’s SO awkward. I definitely would’ve returned this, had I not (spoiler alert) kept everything else. It ended up being cheaper for me to keep it vs. purchase only the other 4 items. I do love it open though, so it’s not a total bust! Verdict: Kept

Margaret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser ($98)
Saving the best for last! I saw the Margaret M pants on Stitch Fix’s Facebook page and really liked the look. Then, I found a thread with a ton of people talking about how amazing they were. So obviously, I was dying to try them! I requested them for the second time with this Fix and my stylist pulled through. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these!! They’re insanely comfortable AND are fab as a work pant. A bit more expensive than I’d spend on pants, but when you find something you love and will get good use out of, you just have to splurge! Verdict: Kept

As you can see, I ended up keeping everything in this Fix! There are a lot of great pieces I’ll get use out of, and I likely would’ve never tried (or found) them without Stitch Fix. I really love the service!

What type(s) of clothes are you looking to add to your wardrobe?

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  • I love that colorblack ponte dress on you! So pretty! I agree with you about the zipped up look of that cardigan but I love the way it looks unzipped!

  • Thank you! Sometimes I wonder what fashion designers are thinking with the styles they create. I'm so glad the cardigan works open though because it is really comfy!

  • I so wish Stitch Fix shipped internationally! i love that color block dress.

  • Crystal H

    I love your box this month!! That tulip sleeve blouse is probably my favorite, but the dress is a close 2nd. You should come to a Yelp event. We have our yearly party 4/12 and a lot of us dress up for them. All you need is a yelp account to get into this one. Let me know. :)

  • They just expanded their line to include petite and maternity, so hopefully/maybe international shipping will be next!

  • Thanks, I'm very happy with it :) The Yelp event sounds awesome! There's a chance I might be out of town but if not, I'd definitely love to attend!