Fun Findings Friday #122

Friday has arrived! It’s been a pretty crazy (but awesome) week for me between work, an impromptu visit from my Little (the best!) and prepping for Ted’s birthday yesterday – the big 2-5! In fact, every weekend for the rest of the month it’s 25th birthday celebrations for friends. When did we get so old?!  Needless to say, I’m definitely ready for a low-key weekend! But anyway, on to today’s fun findings…

Golden Tote New Site Reveal + Tote Sale
It’s been a few months since I’ve ordered anything from Golden Tote, but I think I’m going to give the company another try this month! Golden Tote is a clothing subscription, where you select some of the pieces and get others chosen for you. Last week they unveiled their new site, complete with an in-depth style profile! I think the updates will definitely do wonders for the company. See my past GT reviews here.

Liam Neeson Reads a Bedtime Story
Liam Neeson is my absolute favorite! His new movie Run All Night is out today and you better believe Ted and I will be heading to the theater to see it! While making his rounds for promo-ing the movie, Liam stopped at Jimmy Kimmel Live, and his “bedtime story” segment does not disappoint. Watch below!

Notorious B.I.G./Dinosaurs Mashup
I don’t normally share two videos on my Fun Findings posts, but this one was TOO GOOD to not share. Whether you’re a rap fan or not, you know Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize,” and I’m pretty sure all of you are familiar with the 90s show Dinosaurs. Well some genius put the two together and made this epic mashup that I can’t get enough of!

  • I mean……can Liam Neeson do anything wrong? He is absolute perfection in my book!

  • dailysouthernsunshine

    I've never heard of Golden Tote before! Definitely have to check it out!

  • Artsnark

    Your Friday finds are always entertaining! Hope you're having a great weekend

  • omg. That version of Hypnotize is my new favorite thing. So glad you shared it!