Recurring Dreams

Dreams are a very interesting thing. Defined as “successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep,” I’m not exactly sure where they come from, why we remember some and not others, or why we even dream in the first place. But they always make for interesting conversation the next day!

I always try to analyze the dreams I do remember, but a lot of the dream dictionaries/sites tend to contradict each other. Also, my dreams tend to be all over the place. Does anyone else have this problem?

I’ve had 3 types of dreams (or nightmares, really) that keep coming back lately. Of course there are some good/happy ones in the mix too, but for the most part, they’re pretty intense!

(1) Teeth Falling Out/Missing – This is THE WORST because it feels so real. Whether they’re just falling out into my hands or missing when I smile/look into the mirror, I usually wake up frantically checking to see if my teeth are still in place (they are).

(2) Someone’s Trying to Kill Me/I’m Hiding/On-the-Run – Talk about major anxiety in this type of dream! My palms are literally sweating and my heart is beating out of my chest, but fortunately, I always seem to wake up before I’m killed/caught. Maybe this is the result of watching too many action-packed Liam Neeson movies? It still won’t stop me.

(3) Shipwreck/Jaws – I’ve had this pretty much EXACT recurring dream for years. I’m on a boat somewhere with my friends/family and all of a sudden a shark comes up, busts through the middle of the ship, sinks it and eats everyone (at least I think because everyone disappears). I think it has to do with being traumatized by the Jaws ride at Universal when I was little (and thought it was real), but I’m not quite sure why it’d still be on my mind 20 years later!

Do you have recurring dreams? What kind of crazy things happen in yours?

  • I never usually remember my dreams but lately I have been having some strange dreams!

  • dailysouthernsunshine

    OH no! I totally get those teeth falling out dreams too…Spooky!

  • Jessica Spivey

    My only recurring dream is that I need to run but my legs won't move – rather ironic!

  • On the Run is a dream that I have a lot. I always wake up FRANTIC and it takes a few hours for me to shake it off

  • My dreams are always so random and bizarre, but none are really recurring. Like I'll have a dream with real people from my life in it, combined with a random celebrity, and a strange person who I've made up. Worlds collide in strange ways. I'll wake up, and it will seem so real.