Cause of the Month: The Gentle Barn

This month I’m supporting The Gentle Barn, for March’s cause of the month. If the non-profit’s name is sounding familiar to you, chances are you’ve heard it. It’s one that Ellen DeGeneres is a huge supporter of, and talks about on her show and social accounts from time to time.

The Gentle Barn (TGB) is a non-profit that works with animals and kids from a variety of backgrounds, including inner-city, group homes, mental healthcare facilities, foster homes and schools. The goal is to teach them kindness, compassion and an empathy for all living things, no matter how people look, or what kind of background they come from. A cause I can definitely get behind!

Based in Santa Clarita, California, TGB was created in 1999 as a place where both animals and children can have a place of healing and safety and be loved and appreciated for who they are. Since then, they’ve grown tremendously and have been home to hundreds of animals and hosted 400,000+ people!

There are over 160 farm animals (e.g. horses, cows, turkeys, llamas, dogs, sheep) that live at TGB, each having been rescued from severe abuse, neglect or abandonment. Here, they’re rehabilitated by volunteers and given lots of TLC from the volunteers, kids, and others that visit The Gentle Barn (open to the public every Sunday). I’d love to get out there to visit!

Photo credit: The Gentle Barn

So how can you help? Visit their “Get Involved” page and sign up to be a member of The Gentle Barn, volunteer, sponsor an animal, sponsor a group, or even just spread the message about the cause!  Keep up with the latest news by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

What cause(s) are you supporting this month?