Snoopy + Friends Spring Giveaway

With the exception of my fellow Floridians and Californians, it’s been a pretty rough few months of winter. But now that spring officially in gear and sunny days are upon us, I’m excited to post my next giveaway in partnership with Peanuts Worldwide!

One lucky winner will snag a Spring/Easter-themed Snoopy + Friends prize pack, filled with quite a few awesome items, including: a Hallmark Snoopy Flutterby Plush available at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, Peanuts Band-Aids, Nestle’s Chocolate Easter Beagle, Peanuts Board Game from Wonder Forge, “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” interactive book (with sound and music) from Running Press, Fantagraphics “Batter Up, Charlie Brown” baseball-themed book, and Snoopy and Belle collectible toys from Schleich.

Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck!

What are some of your favorite things to do in spring?

*Disclosure: I received this package as a Peanuts Ambassador.



  1. mami2jcn
    March 26, 2015 / 2:02 PM

    I like to go strawberry picking.

  2. Lauren
    March 26, 2015 / 2:29 PM

    I like to on picnics.

  3. latanya t
    March 26, 2015 / 8:09 PM

    grilling out and going to the park

  4. Daniel M
    March 26, 2015 / 8:42 PM

    can't wait to have a cookout

  5. March 26, 2015 / 9:37 PM

    I like to go on nature walks.

  6. Marilyn Nawara
    March 26, 2015 / 10:51 PM

    I like getting my garden ready for planting

  7. Tiffany
    March 26, 2015 / 11:48 PM

    We love making spring crafts!

  8. 1froglegs
    March 27, 2015 / 12:11 AM

    I like getting the outside of my home ready for summer.

  9. Jessica To
    March 27, 2015 / 12:51 AM

    We like to plant a garden and go to the park.

  10. Laurajj Jacobson
    March 27, 2015 / 8:15 AM

    We are so excited to plant our container garden! We did our first one last year and had so much fun with it!

  11. Sheila K.
    March 28, 2015 / 3:54 PM

    I love to garden and to swim in the pool in spring!

  12. Leigh Anne Borders
    March 29, 2015 / 1:52 AM

    I love to take walks with my dogs.

  13. March 29, 2015 / 2:50 AM

    I like to go on picnics and play outside with my grandsons.

  14. March 29, 2015 / 11:24 AM

    I love to spend more time outdoors and garden in the spring.

  15. March 29, 2015 / 4:50 PM

    I love working in my garden and taking my dogs to the park.

  16. tiffany matthew
    March 31, 2015 / 1:52 AM

    go to the park with my kids, have a bbq,

  17. jenmalonee
    March 31, 2015 / 1:24 PM

    We like playing with bubbles outside in the spring.

  18. Janet Watson
    March 31, 2015 / 1:57 PM

    I love to plant flowers, play tennis, and spend time outdoors with my grandsons.

  19. April 1, 2015 / 2:12 AM

    All things simple such as planting flowers.

  20. beth
    April 1, 2015 / 5:35 PM

    I love going out for walks to the park.

  21. Julie Waldron
    April 2, 2015 / 2:22 PM

    Some of my favorite things to do in the spring is going for walks & bicycle rides and hanging laundry out on the clothesline.