BarkBox: March 2015 Review

Happy April/April Fools Day! In honor of the first day of the new month, I’m going to revert to talking about March. More specifically, Sheba’s Island Paradise-themed BarkBox that arrived at the end of the month. Did she love it? Hate it? Find out below!

BarkMade Message in a Bottle
The first thing I did when I saw this Message in a Bottle toy ($13) was start singing the 70s hit “Message in a Bottle” by The Police (warning: if you click that link, you’re probably not going to be able to get the stock out of your head either)! Very cute and perfect for the theme! Despite it being super squeaky, it’s not fuzzy, so Sheba didn’t have much interest in this one.

Yeti Corp Golden Nugget
The Yeti Golden Nuggets ($8) were completely new to me. I’m glad I read the packaging + BarkBox info card carefully, because these are NOT to be given as is. You need to either pop a nugget in the microwave or boil it in water first, letting it cook, expand, and cool. They smelled pretty terrible but Sheba seemed to be into them!

Etta Says! Bison Chew
Can you guess which item was her favorite? You can tell by the picture alone. She wouldn’t stop smelling it, even long enough for me to snap a quick photo! Etta Says! is a common brand we see in BarkBox, and these chews ($3) are always at the top of Sheba’s wish list.

Safemade Pineapple
The tropical theme returned with this Pineapple toy ($10), which was pretty cute. But as you all can see, it’s not a furry squeaky toy or a ball. Therefore, Sheba passes on it.

Grandma Bowser’s Mai Tai Mango Biscuits
Another favorite common BarkBox-included brand, Grandma Bowsers popped up in March’s box. This time, with Mai Tai Mango-flavored Biscuits ($6). As usual, Grandma knows what’s up. Sheba devoured these!

March’s BarkBox retailed out to about $40, but based on what Sheba liked in this box (3/5), it ended up being equal to about what I paid for the box.

Although it’s always fun to see what themed boxes BarkBox comes up with, I think it’d be cool to allow the dog moms/dads to select some of the items in the box, or at least fill out a profile with some likes/dislikes of certain toys and treats. It would definitely cut down on the “reject” items for each dog!

Does your dog have any types of treats/toys they love or hate?

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  • Kristen

    My Roxi love this box but the pineapple was a dud, she chewed it up because of the cheap fabric it was made out of !