Wendy Williams’ HSN Collection Debut

Last weekend I stopped by the HSN (Home Shopping Network) headquarters for the first time for a very exciting event – the debut of Wendy Williams’ new clothing line and a look behind the scenes at the magic that takes place at HSN.

First up was heading to the beautifully designed set, to sit down with the “How You Doin'” talk show host herself to discuss her new “Wendy Williams Collection,” in partnership with HSN!

I’m sure you’re wondering how Wendy was in person. Well, she’s JUST like she is on her talk show. Very personable, chatty, and enthusiastic!

Referring to her outfits as her “co-stars,” Wendy discussed the importance of fashion, and how it shouldn’t be a hassle, but rather, fun, easy, and affordable. Something I think we all can agree on! Everything in the collection is under $100 and ranges in sizes from XS-3X – clothing for women of ALL sizes, which was extremely important to Wendy.

Her go-to/favorite outfit? The wrap dress. She couldn’t stop raving about it. No matter your age or weight, this was the piece she was adamant that every woman needs.

Wendy also dropped some hints about her holiday collection we’ll see later this year, spilling that it’s filled with a lot of sequins and feathers! I can’t wait until the pieces are revealed!

Post-interview, I toured the 8 HSN studios, where programming is filmed live, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From living rooms, to kitchens, and outdoor home sets, HSN had it all covered. The level of detail that goes into creating these is insane. Hats off to the set designers! If I hadn’t seen the cameras around each room, I’d think I was touring a dream home! Here’s a peek at a few of them.

We also made our way over to the QA (quality assurance) area of the company’s 66-acre campus, seeing where each of the items sold through HSN is tested, ensuring that all of the manufacturer’s claims are legit before being promoted. My favorite part of this area was the package transport simulator, where heavy or fragile items (e.g. TVs) were lifted up and dropped, to make sure that the items wouldn’t be damaged. Very cool!

A few hours later, it was time for Wendy’s second live HSN show of the day, debuting the collection she worked on for about a year to develop. I was able to sit in as part of the 2-hour show’s live audience, filled with Wendy fans who won a contest to attend. Needless to say, there was a lot of energy!

Photo credit: Tim Boyles/Getty Images for HSN

I couldn’t believe how quickly the pieces were selling! By the end of the show, nearly every item, in every size was gone. There’s a chance those wrap dresses might be making a comeback, so keep your eye out! In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait until the next part of the collection comes out later this year.

Photo credit: Tim Boyles/Getty Images for HSN

When online shopping, I’ll often pass over an item because I think it’s not for me based on the 1-2 photos displayed. The same thing happened with some of the WW pieces I saw before the show. But that all changed in person. I loved seeing items from the Wendy Williams collection styled in a variety of ways, and by women of all sizes. So many great styling ideas came from the show, and the pieces I wouldn’t have ordered online, I’d definitely order now! My favorite pieces from the collection? The Dolman Sleeve Cardigan, Pull on Pant with Drawstring Ankles, and the Slim Skirt.

What are your go-to clothing pieces? Do you have a favorite in Wendy Williams’ HSN collection?

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