Fun Findings Friday #125

TGIF! Another busy week has come and gone, and with it being a holiday weekend, the craziness will continue! I’m responsible for dessert for Easter and have found so many adorable things to make! I just can’t seem to narrow it down and pick one. Any suggestions? Pinning is so much easier than actually doing. Am I right? The second half of Mad Men’s season 7 (also the last), premieres Sunday night at 10 on AMC. Very curious how things will end up! Will you be watching?

12 Signs Wine
I’m very big into astrology and always love a good glass of wine, so my latest find is pretty awesome. 12 Signs Wine features different types of wine for each sign, each bottle $25. I definitely think I’ll be ordering some of these as gifts, and also for myself. How fun!

After I (likely) eat more than I should this weekend with so many Easter treats, I’m ready to kick it back into fitness mode. The personalized Kiqplan app has been on my radar for quite some time, and I think I’m finally going to give it a try. The app provides a 12-week nutrition and training plan ($20) to help you achieve some of your goals. It also syncs up with Jawbone, Withings, and MyFitnessPal (to name a few), making it super easy to track progress. I’ll keep you posted on my journey with it!

Photo credit: Kiqplan

Sean Hayes “Trouble” Lip-Synch
I’ve recently become obsessed with Iggy Azalea + Jennifer Hudson’s super catch song, “Trouble.” And apparently, I’m not alone. Sean Hayes and his partner posted a video of themselves lip-syncing to the tune and jamming out. It’s kind of the best!

Have a great Easter weekend!
  • That video is so fun! Thanks for sharing.

  • Beth Kovinsky Blacker

    Can't wait for Mad Men tonight!!

  • I'm a sucker for wine with an interesting label. That wine wins! You're right…they are a great gift idea!