Fun Findings Friday #127

Hello and happy Friday! This morning was particularly rough (especially for a Friday) because in the middle of the night, a couple of my smoke detectors let out an incredibly loud BEEEEEEP. I jolted awake from the noise and didn’t realize what it was until a few minutes later when it did it again. So I tried to silence them, and then they ALL started going off! Pretty rough deal considering it was 3 a.m.! UGH!

Anyways, I’m extra excited for this weekend because one of my favorite shows, Orphan Black, returns tomorrow night! I’ve been watching since the first episode aired but the following has gotten pretty big that although it’s a BBC show, even AMC will be airing it! If you haven’t watched, head over to Amazon to stream as much as you can – it’s so good!

Sephora VIB Sale
Ladies! Sephora’s VIB sale is happening now through Tuesday, so if there are some beauty products you’ve been eyeing, now’s the time to get them! VIB’s will get 15% off and Beauty Insiders will get 10% off your total purchase. This sale won’t be back again until later this year, so plan accordingly with your beauty purchases!

Brother Orange Story
I read the craziest and most awesome story on Buzzfeed this month about a stolen iPhone. Long story short, the person who had his phone stolen (Matt), actually found the person who had his phone (“Brother Orange,”) – but he didn’t steal it. It’s a pretty complicated story, but basically, the power of social media made it happen. And Matt flew to China to meet “Brother” and spend some time with him. The story’s a bit lengthy, but definitely a must read! Just, wow!

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Lip Sync Battle
Have you watched Lip Sync Battle on Spike? It’s a new show inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battles on his show, and it’s absolutely hysterical! A lot of big-name stars have been on so far and the lineup for the rest of the season is pretty great too. I think my favorite so far is Anne Hathaway doing “Wrecking Ball,” but they’re all pretty awesome! Check out the clip below!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

  • I've been reading a lot of comments here and there about Lip Sync battle. I took a look, and I lovvvvved The Rock doing Taylor Swift's Shake It Off.

  • I didn't know how I would like Lip Sync because I really always loved it on Jimmy Fallon, but that was just me being weird or something because I love it! It's so funny and the celebrities get SO into it. I think Anna Kendrick and John Krazinski have been my faves so far! There are definitely a few celebs I'm hoping can get on the show eventually.

  • That one is great! It's so funny how into it the celebs get!

  • Ugh, that's seriously THE WORST! I read that they tend to notify you of the low battery in the middle of the night because that's when the temperature drops. I'm seriously considering raising the temp inside to combat it.. or maybe I should get around to changing those batteries.. lol.