Mornings Always Start with Coffee

I’m definitely a night person, but since mornings are inevitable, they ALWAYS have to start with coffee. So when Wayfair asked me to join in on their #CoffeeMyWay campaign, I was more than happy to oblige. Because really, no day is complete without coffee!

Weekday mornings are rough. I’m not typically one to hit the snooze button, but I will lay there in disbelief that morning has already arrived for a few minutes! Fortunately I don’t live too far from my office though, so I’m able to sleep in more than many people. Nonetheless, the first thing I do when I roll out of bed, is drag myself to the kitchen and wake my Keurig up.

Then it’s choosing a mug (here’s a glimpse at some of my mugs in the more mugs than I need collection) and a K-Cup. Can you guess which combination is my favorite?

My London mug and the Donut Shop K-Cup win just about every time! I always add some vanilla creamer to my cup, along with some ice (I prefer iced coffee 100%). No added sugar for me with this blend.

While the coffee brews, I replenish Sheba’s food and water bowls, and turn The Today Show, my favorite way to catch the highlights of what’s going on in the world.

During the first commercial, I read through a few emails and scroll through a few social feeds before finally making my way to the bathroom to start making myself look presentable (i.e. hair and makeup). Then for the next 20 minutes or so while I get ready, I poke my head out to make sure I’m not missing any juicy or interesting news stories!

Once I’m dressed for the day and have finished getting ready, my cup is usually empty. At this point, I take Sheba out for a quick walk, and then it’s off to work! If it’s a particularly rough morning, I’ll even make one more cup of coffee for the road!

How do you spend your mornings?

  • I'm totally with you. Coffee is soooo important!! My day cannot start until I havea cup!

  • that kate spade cold hands warm heart tumbler is likeā€¦ always #1 on my wish list. i need to splurge and buy it for myself!!!