Cause of the Month: American Red Cross

In wake of the earthquake in Nepal last week, I’ve chosen the American Red Cross as April’s Cause of the Month, in efforts to help drum up awareness and donations for disaster relief. The organization has already committed $1M to relief efforts in the area, with (hopefully) much more to come.

You’ve likely heard of the “Red Cross” whether in detail, or just the name in passing. This organization has a mission to “prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies,” all with the help of volunteers and donors globally. Although there are a lot of every day initiatives the Red Cross supports, the biggest are the unexpected disasters that strike. The latest being this heartbreaking earthquake that shook through the region.

Photo credit: South China Morning Post

Today, I’m donating $25 to the Nepal Earthquake Relief efforts via the American Red Cross. A reported 5,000+ people have been killed (number as of this morning) and many buildings collapsed as a result of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and because of it, the country can use all of the help it can get (i.e. food, water, medical care, and shelter). If you have a few extra bucks to donate to the cause, I encourage you to do so too. Every little bit helps!

Photo credit: CBS News

How are you giving back this month?