BarkBox: April 2015 Review

April’s BarkBox arrived last week and as usual, Sheba came racing over as soon as she saw me carrying a box in, because she thinks all boxes contain items for her (she’s not spoiled at alllllll). Fortunately, this time, the box was for her. April’s BarkBox was fitness-themed. Perhaps inspired by the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight that I heard about a few days ago. Either way, I thought it was perfect timing, because my new at-home fitness kick is starting and Sheba will be joining it too!

Fabdog Boxing Gloves
These boxing gloves ($14) are definitely because of that boxing match I mentioned above. It totally went over my head when the box first arrived since I don’t follow boxing, but I thought they were pretty cute.

Nootie LLC Peanut Butter Pleasers
These Nootie treats ($7) are adorable! Peanut butter flavored, these no grain treats are actually shaped like peanuts! Sheba can’t get enough of these and I’m a big fan of this brand, so I’m very happy that they were included!

Green Bark Gummies Health and Vitality
I thought it was so funny to see a bag of dog treats labeled “gummies” ($6), but they do have a little bit of the same texture as human gummies.  The health and vitality component is no joke either! These treats are wheat, corn, soy, added sugar, and gluten free, AND contain chia seeds. My dog snacks so much better than I do!

JW Pet Muscle Man Cuz
This squeaker toy ($4) will be going into our donate pile, since it’s not Sheba’s cup of tea (a.k.a in ball form or furry with squeakers). Based on some Amazon reviews I read, dogs who are big chewers will rip the legs off this little muscle man pretty easily/quickly, so if you received this in your BB, make sure to keep an eye on your pup when they’re playing with it!

Etta Says Elk Chew
As usual, the Etta Says Chew ($3) was a hit with Sheba. BarkBox includes these pretty often, and although I love getting new items for Sheba to try, it’s always nice to have some familiar hits as well!

April’s BarkBox retailed out to approximately $34 and was 3/5 in terms of Sheba’s “paws up” for the products. I’m hoping next month we’ll see some more of Sheba’s favorite types of toys. It’s always so fun to see her pick toys up and run away with them as soon as the box opens!

What types of treats/toys are your dog’s favorite?

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.