BarkBox: May 2015 Review

Sheba’s BarkBox arrived at the end of last week, just in time to kick off the long weekend! As usual, she came running over as soon as she saw me carrying the box in to try to get a whiff of what kind of goodies came.

Etta Says Turkey Chew
Etta Says Chews ($3) are pretty common in Sheba’s BarkBoxes, and she loves them! Packed with protein, they’re American-made and there are quite a few different flavors. This time around, it was turkey, and no complaints from the pup on it!

R2P Bumblebee Silly Bum
The Bumblebee Silly Bum ($7) has squeakers which is a plus for Sheba, but the material isn’t furry, so after an initial sniff, this toy was completely ignored. To the donate pile it goes!

No Grainers Jerky Chews BBQ Chicken
Another USA-made product! Sheba’s tried the No Grainers brand a couple times in the past and always seems to give them two paws up. The BBQ Chicken-flavored Chews ($8) were no exception. Another win!

West Paw Design ZogoFlex Bumi Tug Toy
Sheba received a different color of this same Tug Toy ($13) at some point in a previous subscription box. While it’s not a chew toy, it’s a tug-o-war type toy to play with your pup. If you’ve been reading these reviews for awhile, you’ll know that Sheba’s never been one to play with toys like this though. So, this one’s going in our donate pile.

I’m not quite sure what the theme was for May’s BarkBox, but the box was 2 for 4 according to Sheba. We paid $18 for the box, so the value isn’t quite there for us this month. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’d love to see some kind of further customization on boxes – at least in terms of dislikes.

Is your dog picky with treats and toys?

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  • I know my dogs would love this!

  • Crystal H

    Sheba is so awesome! Man…it seems like ALL the subscription boxes out there were kind of fails this month. I hope they are back on track in June. My little one doesn't like toys like that either..just stuffed animals. With his picky palate and laziness, this box probably would have been 0 for 4 for him.