BarkBox: June 2015 Review

The end of the month means it’s time for another BarkBox for Sheba! June’s theme was “Space Rover,” which sounded super fun. And as usual, Sheba couldn’t wait to get her nose in the box!

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Bixbi Peanut Butter Pocket Trainers

Sheba’s received these Bixbi treats ($10) before and loved them! Made in the US, these low-cal treats are great for training/rewarding and are small enough to carry around when on-the-go. Plus, they contain blueberries, cranberries, and chia. Clearly my dog snacks better than I do!

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Astroknot Squeaky Rope Toy

The Astroknot toy ($15) has the squeaky part down for Sheebs, but she’s not interested in rope toys, or squeaky ones without fur, so unfortunately, this one goes into the donate pile for us.

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West Paw Tizzi Tough Treat Toy

At first I was thinking the Tizzi toy ($16) wouldn’t really hit Sheba’s radar, BUT after seeing the treat spot, I think there could be some redemption for this one. I think once some treats or peanut butter make their way into this toy, it might be a new favorite for my pup!

Barkmade Space Rover Bandana

It’s not often that Sheba wears bandanas, but when she does, she rocks them (I’m not bias or anything)! This bandana ($5?) was my favorite item in the box. I love the “Space Rover” name with the little rocket-ship. It’s legit.

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Out of the 4 items in this month’s box, there was only one that we’ll definitely be donating. Not too bad!

If you were in charge of BarkBox themes, what would you choose for next month/July? Personally, I’d like to see a Christmas in July theme, but that’s just me!

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  • I just can’t get over how cute Sheba is!

  • Beth Kovinsky Blacker

    My dog doesn’t go near toys but he would be all over those treats :) Thanks for sharing via #TBB #Linklove

  • Crystal H

    She totally rocks that bandana! So adorable…

  • So cute! Rosie got the barkbox this month too and LOVED her astroknot toy; she carries it around with her everywhere. She loves to play tug, so the rope works for her!

    • That’s great! It’s such a cute toy, I wish Sheba was more into it!