8 Reasons I Love Snoopy

As we inch a little closer to the release of The Peanuts Movie (hitting theaters in November), I thought I’d share a post on the reasons I love/lessons I’ve learned from one of my all-time favorite characters, Snoopy. There are quite a few!

Photo credit: Peanuts

1. He reminds you to enjoy the little things in life. There is nothing quite like Snoopy’s famous happy dance that occurs over even the smallest of things. It brings a smile to my face every time!

Photo credit: Peanuts

2. He teaches you that everyone has a super power, even if it’s not what you’d expect. Like for example, knowing when there’s a delicious treat nearby!

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3. He inspires you to use your imagination. “Back when IIIIIII was a kid” (weird that I can start sentences with that phrase now), there weren’t all kinds of fancy electronics that you spent your every waking moment using. You used your imagination to play! Snoopy is the king of putting imagination to good use.Photo credit: Peanuts

4. He makes me laugh. So dramatic, so funny, so relatable.

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5. He always has your back. It’s no secret I’m a dog lover, and Snoopy proves the bond between a boy (or girl) and his (or her) dog is unbreakable. No matter what, he’s by your side.

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6. He encourages you to be yourself. It’s easy to blend in, but it’s much more important to be true to yourself! Schulz (the creator of Peanuts) made sure that Snoopy showed that!

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7. He reminds you to lighten up and have some fun. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get stressed out. But this smart Beagle doesn’t let you forget to unwind at the end of the day!

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8. He’s timeless. Snoopy has been around for almost 65 years, since his debut in the Peanuts comic strip in 1950! He’s someone that brings generations together. From grandparents, to parents, to kids, and grandkids! You can’t say that about too many things, so it makes Snoopy + Peanuts extra special/cool!

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What are some reasons YOU love Snoopy?



  1. July 8, 2015 / 11:54 AM

    Snoopy, particularly Woodstock, always reminds me of my Dad. He’s a huge Snoopy fan so in a way, I am too.

    • July 11, 2015 / 1:23 PM

      I love that! So cool that you have Snoopy + Woodstock to bond over with your dad!

    • July 11, 2015 / 1:15 PM

      Me too! It’s awesome that he’s been going strong over the years. Crazy to see how much he’s evolved!

  2. July 9, 2015 / 4:34 AM

    Wonderful post! I slept with a Snoopy stuffed animal for about 10 years when I was a young girl. I wish I still had him actually.

    • July 11, 2015 / 1:14 PM

      Aww stuffed animals from childhood are the best!

  3. July 9, 2015 / 7:10 AM

    I love this post! I’m not the biggest fan but I will watch this movie for sure

    Naomi in Wonderland

    • July 11, 2015 / 1:12 PM

      Thanks! The movie looks adorable. I can’t wait to see it!

  4. July 12, 2015 / 12:25 AM

    Have you ever been to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul)? Peanuts were created here by Charles Schulz and they’re HUGE. All around the city we have specialty designed statues of the various characters infused with Minnesota stuff. It’s so fun discovering them. My university actually had one of the statues on our old main building front steps.

    • July 13, 2015 / 1:23 PM

      I haven’t, but I’m hoping to get there next year! That’s so awesome that Peanuts things are everywhere, I’ll definitely be on the hunt for them!