Preparing for a Blogger Conference

I can’t believe the day/week is finally here! The BlogHer blogger conference kicks off tomorrow, and I’m so excited to be heading up to NYC to attend! I know there are a few other blogger conferences happening this weekend as well, and plenty more throughout the year. So if you’re getting ready to attend one, here are some helpful tips!


  • Pack enough clothes, but don’t go overboard – I used to lug around the biggest suitcase, completely stuffed and overpacked. But the past few years, I’ve been all about minimizing in my packing. I’m bringing just enough clothing for each day I’m there, plus one extra outfit just in case!
  • Have a digital copy of your schedule – There are SO many events, meetings, and sessions going on, that it can be hard to keep everything straight. I’m using Evernote to keep myself in check, as well as trying TripIt out, since it pulls all of the confirmations from my emails and automatically stores them for me.
  • Bring business cards – Super important for a blogger conference! Lots of networking to be done!
  • Keep up with the latest conference info – I’m a member of a couple BlogHer conference-related groups on Facebook, which is great for connecting with other attendees! Also, following the official hashtag (for BlogHer this year, it’s #BlogHer15).
  • Make sure your devices are charged up + backup batteries are available – With so much running around and posting on social media literally ALL DAY, your battery can drain fast. I use a mophie case (iPhone 6 model, iPhone 5/5S model) daily as is (it’s worth the investment), to give myself a full extra charge. This is especially helpful when traveling/at a conference!
  • Get ready to have fun – It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the stress of packing, planning, and traveling. Once you’re packed and out the door, take a breath and relax. A few days of fun is just ahead!

Have you attended a blogger conference? What are your tips for preparing?

  • Have a great time! I have never been to a conference but it sounds good.

  • Business cards and a backup charger are MUSTS! I pinned this for future reference, hoping to make s conference sometime this year.