App of the Month: Goodreads + Giveaway

I’ve mentioned before that I really want to step my reading game up this year. I used to love reading in high school, but my reading tapered off in college and hasn’t been too strong thanks to Netflix, working, Internet browsing, social activities, etc.

It seems all it took was the right book to kick my reading habits back into gear at the end of last year, the gripping Gone Girl.

To help me keep track of my reading accomplishments, what I want to read, how far along I am in my current book, etc., I’ve been using Goodreads!

First and foremost, I like keeping tracks of the current book I’m reading. It’s always exciting to watch that progress bar go up!¬†Another progress indicator? The “my books” section, where you can show books you’ve read and rate them, to help other users choose a book.¬†You can also keep tabs on the ever-growing list of books you want to read, just in case you forget!

The Goodreads newsfeed is nicely streamlined. You can interact with your friends, liking or commenting on their reading status updates, see what other friends are reading/want to read, and receive recommendations from the app itself.

Also cool? The “reading challenge” tab. I love being able to see how I’m doing with my challenge for the year, as well as keeping tabs on how my friends are doing with theirs, and what kind of challenges they’ve set for themselves.

A few highlights of other app features? You can browse recommended books, find new friends/groups, and see the best books from last year.

In addition to the app, Goodreads is also available online via your desktop/mobile browser. Always helpful to be able to access the content, no matter where!

Do you use Goodreads? Let’s be friends!

Also, that giveaway I noted in the title of this post? Let’s get to it!

This giveaway is hosted by Anna, Llinos, Fia and Rachel.
Win one of these three fabulous prizes:

1) Benefit’s Beyond Bronze kit for complexion, lips and eyes. This kit features everything you need to get your summer glow on including minis of Benefit’s famous Hoola bronzer, Dew the Hoola liquid bronze, Benebalm hydrating tinted lip balm, They’re Real! mascara and Hoola Ultra Plush lip gloss.

2) An eCopy of Anna by Fia Essen:

Synopsis: Radical life changes and too much champagne at a high altitude can take a girl to the most interesting places. Anna’s journey is just getting starting when she takes a chance on a new friendship of the handsome male variety and winds up in a tiny village in Crete. It turns out, she’s not the only one who has that idea.

3) An eCopy of Ariel by Fia Essen:

Synopsis: Ariel Morton’s life was perfect…until it wasn’t. Now she’s stuck in a rut. At the age of thirty-four, she has a dead-end job, a rented hovel of a home and a rising stack of unpaid bills to keep her company.

Just when Ariel is starting to fear she’ll never get her life back on track, she is contacted by the mysterious Muse Agency. Suddenly, she is forced to question everything she thought she knew about herself and everyone around her.

Who is Ariel? And what does she want? The truth is she can’t answer those questions. And finding those answers is the only way out of her rut.

This giveaway is open internationally, with the exception of the make-up palette which is ONLY open to those living in the US, UK or Canada.

One winner be selected for each item.

Must be 18 to enter or 13 with a parents’ permission.

Entries are done via Rafflecopter and will be verified. NOTE that each action will gain you ONE entry. This means to enter you do not have to do every single item.

Giveaway ENDS August 1.


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  1. July 29, 2015 / 1:15 PM

    I love Goodreads! Always find great suggestions there

  2. July 29, 2015 / 3:45 PM

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!! I LOVE Goodreads, but I didn’t know you could do all this stuff–I’m excited to poke around now!!

  3. July 29, 2015 / 7:17 PM

    Love love love Goodreads; its the only way I can keep track of all my books/thoughts on them!

  4. July 30, 2015 / 10:50 PM

    I definitely need to get a Goodreads account; when I do, I will ad you!

    xo katie // a touch of teal