Happy Birthday Snoopy!

Today is Snoopy’s birthday! Although the Peanuts comic strip was first published in 1950, it wasn’t until 1968 that Snoopy’s birthday was unveiled/celebrated. We don’t know exactly how old the famous beagle is, but we can definitely say, he’s timeless!


As a Peanuts Brand Ambassador, I received a super exciting package in the mail. Custom-made cookies, just for the occasion! I can’t get over how adorable (and delicious) they are!

Snoopy birthday

My sister was also overjoyed to be visiting at the time the package arrived! And ironically, she was rocking her Snoopy pajamas – Christmas-style, of course.

In honor of the day, The Peanuts Movie director, Steve Martino is sharing a quick + easy tutorial on how to draw Snoopy! Have you tried your hand at drawing the famous beagle?

Disclosure: I was sent this item as a Peanuts Brand Ambassador. All opinions are my own.
  • Oh how cute! I had no idea it was Snoopy’s birthday. Happy B-Day Snoopy!!!

    and no, I’ve never attempted to draw him but I have 0 artistic talent.

    • Haha it’s ok, I don’t either, but mine wasn’t toooooo terrible :)

  • Aww fun! My grandmother was a big fan of Snoopy. He will always remind me of her… =)

    • That’s so nice! I have a lot of memories of my grandma with entertainment things (mostly TV shows) too! Love that they’re still such a big part of our lives!

  • Artsnark

    Awesome! I used to draw him all the time as a kid in the 70s. Now my kid reads the collections – he really is timeless