And So It Begins…

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might’ve seen this photo I posted with a few textbooks (and the greatest mug ever). So the cat’s out of the bag! It’s been in the back of my mind for awhile now, so I decided to finally bite the bullet. After being out of college for almost 4 years, I’ve decided to go back!

As of now, I’m intending to get a Graduate Certificate in Business Foundations, but looking longer term, I’m considering going full steam ahead and pursuing my MBA (especially since the classes for the grad certificate will go toward the degree) – one step at a time though!

back to school

This semester, I’m taking 3 classes, all of which started this week! It’s definitely taking some adjusting to being back in school-mode, especially considering I’m continuing to work full-time, and managing this blog of mine! So bear with me the next couple months as I navigate this crazy life balance! I’m a little nervous to get back into the school swing, but also pretty excited to take this next step!

While I’d love to continue posting at my normal rate (every day, Monday – Friday), I don’t want to burn out between work, school, and blog, so I’m planning to scale back a little. Instead of posting 5x a week, I’m planning to post 3x (possibly more if time allows). Just wanted to give you all a heads up in case I’m a little more absent than usual around here.

Are you back to school or thinking about going back? Talk to me!

  • Aww good luck!!!! That’s so exciting! I hope you went school supply shopping- the greatest part of August!

    • Thank you!! I absolutely picked up a few school supplies, it’s is the best part of the whole back to school thing :)

  • courtney jones

    I start back to school very soon, my most favourite thing is all the stationary that is available. The first aisle I always go to whatever store I am in is the stationary aisle, I have far too much stationary but I just can’t stop buying. I am just nervous how I am going to balance school, a job, an after school society, blog, family, friend time! ah it is stressing me out just thinking about it.
    I hope everything goes well with school for you :)

    • SO AGREE! School supply shopping/office supplies have always been my favorite! I’m with you on wondering how everything will be balanced, but we got this! It can be done :) Good luck to you too!!

  • Congrats on going back to school! That’s so exciting :)

    • Thank you! I’m pretty excited, but also nervous! I think I need more hours in the day! lol

  • Congrats! You’ll do great!

    • Thanks, Becca! One of my classes is pretty brutal so far (and it’s only week one)! They definitely don’t ease you back into the swing of things, but I’m thinking positively about it!

  • Oh good luck! I just graduated my grad program last Spring so won’t be going back this year but I do still remember well those long semesters lol.

    • Thanks girl! They offer some fast track courses on the alternative calendar so fortunately it’s not a full semester, just 8- and 12-week ones. But at the same time, it’s a little scarier to cram it all in that short time period! What did you get your degree in?

  • Good for you, girl! How exciting :D

    • Thanks, Rachael! I can’t believe I’m actually doing it (but definitely excited)!

  • I’m so happy you are going back to school to presure your dreams! It takes a little bit to get back I to that swing but you can do it!

    • Thank you! I figured after being on the fence about it for a couple years I should just do it while I’m able! Week 1 is almost finished already!

  • emi

    congrats! you will love it and be so amazing! i have always been happy i got my masters, you can never regret more education :) xo

    • Thanks! It’s definitely tough to balance it all, but I know in the end it will be worth it!

  • So awesome! Good luck with everything. I finished my Bachelor degree last year so technically I’m done but I’m taking a course right now so who knows, after my Australia adventures!

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

    • Thank you! I thought I’d be done after my Bachelors, but for some reason I kept going back to the grad school idea. The same might happen with you after Australia!

  • WOOT! That’s so exciting!!! Good luck and go get those dreams!

    • Thanks, Ashley! It’s definitely a huge life change/adjustment, but I’m looking forward to the end result!