App of the Month: 30/30

One of my biggest struggles lately has been time management. Between work, school, blog, and friends/family, it’s been tough even finding a few minutes to catch my breath!

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an app called 30/30 and so far, it’s been pretty helpful with managing my time and all of the things I need to get done.

To get started, you create a new note (I just name mine whatever day it is). Then, add in the task name, select a time amount, choose an icon to go with the task, and start! The timer will count down the amount of time left for the particular task once you hit go, and you can pause at any time (if needed) and pick right back up when you’re ready to start again.

In between all of the productive tasks, I’m always sure to add in breaks for myself to watch TV, get up and stretch, etc. Breaks are just as important as the tasks at hand. You don’t want to burn out!

Although I’ve only been using this app for a few weeks, it’s definitely helped keep me accountable for everything that needs to get done and prevents me from focusing on one task for too long and going crazy (I’m looking at you stats homework)!

How do you tackle time management with things on your to do list?

  • Haley Duke

    Never heard of this one. I have to look into it more. Thanks for sharing.

  • I just downloaded this a couple days ago but have yet to use it! I’ll try it tomorrow; I have a ton of things to get done!

    • Hope you find it helpful and are able to get some things crossed off your list!

  • Sounds neat! Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s great! Plus, I love being able to pick a fun icon to go along with tasks!

  • This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing it. I’ve been needing something like that to help me out now that I have so many irons in the fire. I’m downloading it right now.

    • Awesome! I hope you get some good use out of it. It’s been the most effective app for me so far!

  • Thanks for the app tip. I have been wondering what to use to keep myself productive. I also just followed you on social media. Great blog!

    • Thank you! It’s been working great for me so far, I hope you find it just as helpful!

  • this sounds amazing, totally checking it out. i can see how this would help with getting off my butt and cleaning the house / exercising.

  • downloading it RIGHT NOW!!! thanks for the heads up <3