Halloween Horror Nights 25

One of my favorite times to visit Universal is during the Halloween season when Halloween Horror Nights is happening! Despite the fact that I love horror movies and haunted houses, I definitely can’t handle them alone. My best friend Kerry (who also loves the horror things) came to visit for the weekend, and we couldn’t wait to check out this year’s Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Orlando!

hhn 25

I’ve attended the event just about every year for the past 9 years, so this wasn’t my first rodeo (or Kerry’s – who came a couple years ago for the event)! While I’m not sure anything will ever top the first year I went, this year was a pretty good one!

hhn scare zones

We lucked out this year since this was only the second weeeknd of HHN 25, so the crowds weren’t AS bad as they will be as it gets closer to Halloween AND there were special perks for annual passholders, allowing us to head into the park before the gates opened to the general public. That said, we did opt to splurge on the express passes, which are more than worth it. Yes, it’s an expensive night, but at least you’ll be able to make it to all of the houses/rides/events, and not have to wait in crazy lines all night.

rachel and kerry

So, which houses were the best? Here’s our definitive ranking from best to worst:

  1. The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead – We might be a little bias on this one, but we’re huge fans of TWD! This was the first and last (yes we hit this one twice) house we did. The first time around we screamed our heads off, and the second we tried to take in more of the scenery. There is SO much detail that goes into these houses after all!
  2. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem – OH MY GOD THIS HOUSE. Narrated by the creepy clown, Jack, we were hoping we’d get out of it without having a clown run-in. NOPE. There’s literally a room full of identical clowns. FULL. So terrifying.
  3. Body Collectors – Recollections – The mental institution haunted house gets me EVERY TIME.
  4. Freddy vs. Jason – We had higher hopes for this one considering it was all about 2 classic horror films/characters, but there was a bit of disconnect, with showing the Jason story, then showing the Freddy story, then them fighting at the end. There were still a few good scares in there though!
  5. The Purge – The masks from The Purge creep me out big time in the movie and in real life! I was expecting it to be much scarier (because the masks) but it was less intense than I expected (which is both good and bad).
  6. Insidious – I was a little out of the loop on this house since I haven’t seen Insidious 2, but nonetheless, the demons were out in full force and this one got a few jumps out of us.
  7. Asylum in Wonderland 3D – This one was kind of like Alice in Wonderland, with lots of neon lights, 3D glasses, and the best part? The spinning room where you think you’re going to topple over. So crazy to look at in 3D. But otherwise, just kinda meh.
  8. An American Werewolf in London – The best part about this one was that it’s set in London. They had this house fairly recently at HHN, but I think it was better last time around (from what I remember).
  9. Run – Blood, Sweat, and Fears – Honestly, I’d just skip this one altogether. We couldn’t quite figure out anything going on in it and didn’t jump or scream once while we were in this house. When we walked out at the end we both looked at each other and shook our heads “no.”

jack hhn

Is Jack the Clown not the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen?! Despite hating clowns, we decided to check out the Carnage Returns show. It was just weird and very culty. We weren’t fans. On the other hand, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a great show to sit in on, and also catch a break from scary things, laughing at how ridiculous celebs are.

Overall verdict for HHN 25? Thumbs up. This is always my favorite Halloween event to attend! In fact, I think I’ll be heading over to Orlando again in the next couple weeks to attend again. It’s that much fun! Already looking forward to next year’s – and hoping that more of the classic horror films will be back for houses next year!

Have you been to Halloween Horror Nights? Will you be attending this year?

  • Omg this looks amazing. I will have to live vicariously through your post since we probably won’t be making it to universal before Halloween. I’ll have to put this on my fall bucket list for next year!

    • You should definitely plan a trip for it. It’s so much fun!

  • That looks awesome! I think I’m going to go to Kings Dominion fright fest this halloween but I don’t think it can even compare to this!

    • That sounds awesome! You should try to take a trip down for HHN one year, it’s a blast!

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    I’m a huge scaredy cat so I would never in a million years attend this, but for some reason I love hearing about it! Jack the Clown looks so terrifying.

    • He is/was terrifying! Ahh! Despite screaming and jumping all night, there are lots of laughs! It’s so much fun!

  • I’ll never forget how scared we were and how nonchalant Kristin was the last time we went to HHN together!

    • Oh I know! We felt more confident after going in TWD house the first time, so maybe you just have to go through a few times before you’re immune to the scary things :)

  • Wow! This looks too scary for me! I can’t do scary movies, haunted houses, etc, but so wish I could because this looks like it’s a blast!

  • We are annual pass holders and were just thinking of which night to go! Thank you for this! I am definitely saving this and keeping it handy for when we go!

    • The earlier the better in terms of the crowd! It’s always so much fun though! I hope you like it!

  • I’m definitely bringing my husband this year – I’ve been once and liked it but he’s a major Halloween fan so he’ll love it. Thanks for sharing your pictures!


  • I wish I lived close enough.

  • Hey! Fellow FL blogger! I love HHN. I definitely want to go this year. I love Jack! lol

  • Carmy

    Wow!!!!!! When I grow up I’m totally gonna go there with you!!!!!