Is Your Flight Delayed? Always.

Happy Sunday, guys! I don’t normally post on the weekend but I wanted to pop in and apologize for my unexpected absence at the end of last week. I had the craziest travel experience heading up to Philly for a surprise visit to my grandparents, and am still trying to get caught up on life, and really need some sleep!

The quick version of the story: We took off around 9:45 p.m. Thursday and right when we were supposed to land, started circling around Philly for about an hour due to “low visibility.” After awhile we were diverted to Pittsburgh. Once we landed there, we deplaned and sent to another gate (at 1:30 in the morning) for a new plane and crew to turn us around to get to Philly since our pilots timed out. 45 min later we were informed the second round of pilots also timed out, and the third coming in dis as well. So finally at 2:45, we were informed that our flight was officially cancelled, which stranded us at the deserted airport from 1:30 to 5:30 a.m. until the new crew came in and could fly us back to Philly. Oh, and I had to work on Friday. Zero sleep (except an hour on the plane), what a nightmare!

Despite the travel craziness, it was a great weekend and the surprise for my grandparents went off without a hitch! I’m ready to sleep forever though!

And on that note, it’s finally time for my flight home. I’m already delayed a little over an hour, but let’s hope this experience is a better one. Ugh!

P.S. Did you catch my post over on Becca’s blog yesterday? If not, head on over to check it out. I shared 6 of the greatest moments from Friends – my all-time favorite TV show!

  • Oh man that sounds awful :-(

    • It was pretty rough :( I’ve never been stranded overnight at an airport!

  • That sounds terrible! I don’t know if there’s anything worse than a late flight when all you want to do is get to where you’re going.

    • Seriously! If it weren’t so drawn out it wouldn’t have been as bad, but I’m happy it’s over with!

  • Oh man that sounds miserable!! At that point you wish they would’ve cancelled it earlier – so you wouldn’t be stranded!!

    • For sure! I was almost tempted to rent a car and just start driving there!

  • Yikes! That sounds awful.

    • It was! Definitely makes me not want to travel anywhere for a while!

  • ugh, delayed flights are the worst! hope you got home safe and sound. once, my flight was delayed 13 hours. I’m not even kidding.

    • I did! Wanting to avoid the airport/planes for a long while, but I still have travel coming up. Hoping for a much better time! A 13-hour delay though?! That’s terrible :( Hopefully you weren’t stranded at the airport for all of it!

      • yep! unfortunately. they kept pushing it back an hour, another hour, another hour.. for 13 hours. eventually they cancelled it and put us up in hotels if needed. since i was at home (sydney) i just went back home, slept there and tried again the next day lol