Stitch Fix #13 Review

Time for another Stitch Fix review! This time around I didn’t have any specific item requests, but instead, asked for some pieces for my trip to the northeast (which I just returned from) and my upcoming trip to Europe! How’d my stylist do? Let’s find out.

stitch fix november

Crescent Cativo Button Front Top ($)

When I first pulled this top out of my box, I loved the color! But the ruffled front? Not a fan. I tried it on anyway, hoping my feelings might change on it, but no luck. It kind of reminds me of the fancy 18th century shirts men wore. Verdict: Returned.

Crescent Cativo Button Front Top

Le Lis Tentadue Lace Sleeve Knit Top ($)

I have a few Le Lis shirts and love them! This Knit Top was no exception. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the lace sleeves, but after trying it on I really liked it (plus, the material is super soft)! Unfortunately, it was too big on me and I couldn’t justify spending so much money on it since it wasn’t a great fit. Verdict: Returned.

Le Lis Tentadue Lace Sleeve Knit Top

Fate Alonnah Knit Sleeve Drape Blazer ($)

While blazers are a staple for many at work, I’ve always felt really awkward and uncomfortable in them. But I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one to have in my closet just in case. But the blazer I received in my Fix this month, I LOVE IT. It’s not like your standard blazer, as the sleeves are knit material, kind of like a cardigan. You better believe I’m going to wear this one ALL the time! Verdict: Kept.

Fate Alonnah Knit Sleeve Drape Blazer

RD Style Wakefield Crossover Sweater ($)

Ugh. This is the weirdest, most awkward sweater I’ve ever tried on. Everything about it, just, no. Verdict: Returned.

RD Style Wakefield Crossover Sweater

Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans ($)

I have so many pairs of denim jeans it’s ridiculous. But there are really only a couple pairs that I absolutely love and wear all the time. When I tried on this pair, they seemed to fit right into the “favorite jeans club,” so I knew I had to keep them. But now, I’m banning myself from any more jeans. For real. Verdict: Kept.

Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans

All-in-all, it was an ok Fix. Receiving fixes where you have 5/5 keeps are pretty rare, but I do love when it happens, especially since it’s nice to have that 25% discount! That said, with all of the spending coming up between Christmas and my Europe trip, my wallet’s thankful that I only kept two pieces!

Are you getting a box from Stitch Fix for some holiday outfits? What are your favorite pieces this time of year?

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  • Brooklyn

    I’m so glad you kept the blazer! It seriously looks amazing!!

    • Thanks, Brooklyn! I’ve never loved a blazer more!

  • That blazer is super cute! The only way I will ever wear blazers is if they’re actually a knit material. I hate the way classic blazers feel!

    • Same! It’s so cozy I’d seriously wear it every day if I could!

  • Cute items! I still have yet to try out Stitch Fix. I find it to be so much easier just to go into the store and buy clothes. Cheaper too. But I may have to try this out one month just to see what all the fuss is about! lol

    • It can definitely add up, but a little splurge every now and then never hurts :)

  • I LOOOOOOVE Just Black jeans. I have kept 3-4 pair? That cross body sweater thing is awkward. Great choices!

    • I’ll be in trouble too if they keep sending them to me lol. Thanks for stopping by, Heather!

  • I love that blazer on you! I would have kept it too. Not a fan of the sweater either…looks like you’re wearing a baby back pack without the baby….too many criss crosses. The jeans look great on you. Can you really have enough jeans? ;)

    • Thank you! You really can’t have enough jeans, no matter how many times I try to tell myself “no,” I keep adding them to my clothing collection! And you’re so right about the sweater! It’s just the weirdest.

  • I love that blazer!! I just received my fix a few weeks ago and it was an okay fix as well. Hopefully our next fixes will be much better!

    • Thanks, Mistle! Any items in particular you’re looking for in your next fix?

      • I do not currently have any particular items I want in my next fix. I am sure that I will find something that I want. I have joined some fb groups for Stitch Fix to give me ideas.

  • I totally thought the ruffles on that shirt made it look form early settler days almost as well. Too bad cause as you said the color was gorgeous!

    • Haha, I’m glad I’m not alone! If only there was an easy way to de-ruffle a shirt!

  • Haha I’m cracking up at the ruffles comment and the crossover sweater! What is that?!

    • UGHHH I don’t even know! I can’t believe they even have something like that in their inventory!

  • The blazer is awesome. That weird sweater had me laughing so hard; it was SO weird! I don’t know why anyone would even design something like that? I don’t know what body type it would look flattering on

    • UGH, Chelsie, I think it looked a million times worse in person too lol. I can’t believe someone would design that!

  • I love what you kept!!

  • Ok that blazer is the cutest thing.
    Also dying at your funny commentary.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Megan Saunders

    I really love the blazer! I was super excited about the color of your sweater, in the box it looked so perfect for the winter/christmas! Notttt so much on.

    • Thanks Megan, me too! Totally felt the same when I saw the color of the sweater on, but holy awkwardness!

  • I love the blazer and skinny jeans you kept! Great choices!

  • That blazer is amazing!

    • I’m obsessed with it! If only all blazers were made like this one!

  • CDG

    Everything looks darn nifty! Love your Blog! CDG

  • oh those jeans are fabulous, and yay for the blazer! i feel super awkward and uncomfortable in blazers normally as well, might have to request that one in my next fix!

  • I’ve been using Stitch Fix for awhile now and I love it :)