Christmas Gift Guide: 5 Picks for Him

Is it just me or does it seem like guys are always the tougher ones to find good presents for? If you’re struggling to find the perfect gifts for the guy(s) in your life, here are some great options for a brother, boyfriend, dad, and even grandpa!




Retro Gameboy iPhone Case

For the gamer guy in your life, a retro iPhone case ($8) is an awesome gift! I was so excited about this find earlier this year just in time for Ted’s birthday. He gets compliments and questions on where to get one by people everywhere he goes!

Football Goalpost Mug

For the kid-at-heart, this football mug ($24) is a great option. This is one item that goes against the “don’t play with your food” rule. Hopefully all of the food shots at the goal will make it in, and not outside of the bowl!

FitBit Charge HR

Take advantage of the big FitBit sale this Christmas and snag the best-selling fitness tracker ($120) to help motivate the guys in your life to keep moving and stay active. If you’re a FitBit owner as well, you can start challenges and see who will win the contest of most steps during a specified period!

The Carry On Cocktail Kit Old Fashioned

For the on-the-go guy, pick up a travel cocktail kit ($20), filled with all of the essentials for making the perfect cocktail (minus the alcohol). This is especially great for frequent travelers to bring along on trips!

Poker Set

“Poker night” is a popular event for guys, so this comprehensive poker set ($52) is a fun pick for guys night, or a party night having other friends/family over. Plus, using chips is a way better idea than going to the casino and losing all of your money!


What gifts have you gotten so far for the men in your life?

  • That Gameboy iPhone case is amazing!!

    • Thanks, Christine! I’ve never been so excited to give a gift as I was with that one!

  • Purchased a FitBit Surge for my boyfriend and he loves it <3


    • Awesome! I have a Charge HR and love it. Fitness trackers are so great to keep you on track (or aware) of your fitness!

  • I agree that buying gifts for guys is so much harder. I love your picks!!!

    • Thank you! I hope you found some inspiration for shopping on the list!

  • My husband NEEDS that mug!

    • It’s so fun! Much more exciting than regular ones :)

  • Guys are the hardest people to buy for in my opinion as well! Love that retro case!

    • And they always say they’re the easiest, ugh! The case is my favorite! I love nostalgic things!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    Great choices. My hubby is not a football fan but the fun ice cream dish would be a great choice for him.

    • The dish also comes in a few other sports as well!

  • guys can be super hard to buy for! that phone case is fabulous.

    • I know, so frustrating! The phone case was my favorite find ever for a gift!

  • I got dustin a Poker set yesterday! Shhhh don’t tell him! :)

    • How fun! I’m a terrible poker player (my face gives it all away and I always think I have a good hand when it’s terrible haha)!

  • That retro game case is calling my name!

    • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with picking up a little something for yourself! Tis the season!

  • I love the FitBit option. I am really struggling on what to buy J this year! Ugh!

    • I know the feeling! Good luck with the gift hunt!

  • Danielle Jacek

    I always struggle knowing what to get the men in my life great options that very in interest and price!

    • Thanks, Danielle! I know they can be tough to shop for so I tried to cover interests across the board!