Christmas Gift Guide: 5 Picks for Kids

Another addition to my 2015 Gift Guide today – picks for kids! This was pulled together in-part by my younger sisters, who are super helpful at knowing what kids want, because they’re kids themselves! I think it’s a lot harder to shop for kids now than ever before, especially with so many comprehensive game systems taking over, in lieu of the traditional games that were around when iiiiiii was a kid. Here are some gift ideas for any kids you may be shopping for this year!



A winner of the 2014 Toy of the Year Award, Goldieblox (starting at $11) has a series of products available for young girls with an interest in math and science. This is a wonderful pick for a gift that’s both educational and fun!

Yogibo Midi

Bean bag chairs are a great gift for kids. The Yogibo Midi ($199) is perfect for gaming, reading, watching TV, and/or napping. Plus, it’s supposed to be especially helpful for kids with sensory processing disorders.

Walkie Talkies

For both boys and girls, a pair of walkie talkies ($28) is making its way onto a lot of lists! While this is great for things like camping trips or chatting with friends a few blocks over, it’s also a wonderful way to spark creativity and imagination with friends.

All About Me Book

Going back to the old-fashioned ways of childhood, an All About Me book ($7) is a fun gift for kids who enjoy writing or journaling. It’s a productive way to spend time too, and can even provide a little bit of education on family members, with questions about mom, dad, grandmas and grandpas.

iPad Mini

Technology is huge today, so any tech gift will be appreciated by the kiddies. An iPad Mini ($240) is an awesome family gift, and really, the #1 tech gift for kids. No matter what the age, the possibilities are endless with one of these, including plenty of entertainment for hours on end!

  • Serene Mom

    Awesome ideas! I love the walkie talkies and really love Goldie Blox. I’ve been seeing them at Walmart. My daughter is too young for it, but I know she would love it.

    • Thank you! Something to keep in mind for when she gets a little older!

  • I know my niece and nephew would love those walkie talkies <3


    • They’re so much fun! I loved walkie talkies as a kid!

  • Goldieblox are AWESOME!!! I want some for myself!! And you can never go wrong with some walkie talkies I think. I received some one year for Three Kings Day. Great post!

    • Thanks, Anali! I love the mission behind Goldieblox and walkie talkies are always so much fun!

  • Shann Eva

    My son has walkie talkies and loves them. Next year we will probably get him the Ipad mini.

    • I love how popular walkies are becoming again! The iPad mini is great too!

  • I still love bean bag chairs!

    • Me too! I have one on my Christmas list this year :)

  • Oh yeah, I can see how all of these items made your list. It was a good idea to ask your sisters for their input!

    • They were so excited to contribute some ideas. They both talk about wanting to start blogs when they get older :)


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