January Goals

Happy New Year! Since it’s resolution season, I figure no better time to share my goals. But these goals are just for the month. I’ve started the New Year season year after year with goals I wanted to keep up with year-round. But like everyone knows, the resolutions have a tendency to fall by the wayside. This year, my resolution is simple. To start small with my goals, taking things one month at a time.

Here’s what I hope/plan to accomplish in January.

january goals

  1. Read a book (in its entirety). This might sound ridiculous, but it’s been months since I’ve actually read an entire book. Between working full-time, taking on quite a bit during my first semester of part-time grad school, and everything else in life, reading kind of fell by the wayside. But there are SO many books I want to read. This month, I’m challenging myself to do it. Just one (at least).
  2. Drop off items to donate. I made a donation drop a few months ago, but since I’ve slowly been cleaning things out, I have little piles growing all over the place of things to donate to Goodwill, the Humane Society, and quite a few old homecoming/prom dresses (any suggestions on what to do with those would be appreciated).
  3. Declutter. I’ve been feeling so insanely cluttered at home since Thanksgiving. I haven’t had the time to declutter and I’m starting to feel like I’m living in an episode of Hoarders. Ok, maybe not that bad. But still, bad enough.
  4. Take down the Christmas decorations. This one’s kind of a no-brainer since Christmas is over, but if I don’t make myself accountable, I just might leave them up another month (I just love Christmas decorations).
  5. Conduct a reader survey. I’ve wanted to do a reader survey for quite some time (I’ve never done one), and this month, I want to finally make it happen. Small Towns & City Lights has had quite a lot of growth (thanks for reading, guys!) and I’d love to learn more about you and your likes/dislikes.

Are you creating resolutions for 2016 as a whole or breaking it down into smaller goals? What do you hope to accomplish this month?

  • Decluttering is number 1 on my list for this month. I live in a very small apartment and I feel like I’m drowning in it lately! Happy New Year!

    • I’m so with you, Christy! There’s nothing like that wonderful feeling post-decluttering! Good luck with it :)

  • I don’t really make resolutions. I really just try keep moving forward. I do have a list of things I want to achieve each month though. This month I would like to add a guide to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and create at least 5 new pieces for jewelry shop.

    • Those sound like great targets for this month! Moving forward is the way to go!

  • Love these! I would totally leave my Christmas decorations up as long as possible too if it weren’t for my husband bugging me about it, ha! Happy 2016!

    • If it was acceptable to keep them up year-round, I’d totally do it! Happy 2016 to you too, Katie!

  • I’ve had the declutter bug BAD recently and I’ve been going through everything and just chucking it (or donating it) and it feels SO good! Best of luck with your goals this month!

    • I feel so relieved just thinking about decluttering! Well done you! I think it’s going to be my big goal for this weekend!

  • I totally feel you on the Christmas tree. I left mine up for almost three weeks after Christmas last year. I’ve never felt more ashamed. This year I held myself accountable and it was all down by the 3rd! Whoop!

    • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little extra Christmas :) It’s such a struggle for me to take all the decorations down lol. I need an upbeat playlist for such a sad day :P

  • I need to do a reader survey here soon.. thanks for the reminder! And my tree is still up… I need to take it down! lol

    • I’m glad I’m not alone.. I’m not ready to part with the twinkling lights on my tree!

  • Ahh decluttering. I feel like I always need to do that. It’s a great goal though and it always feel so good once it’s done.

    • Same! I really need to stop putting off the mass purging of things in my closet and random drawers. It’s so funny how attached to things you get when you try to toss them :)

  • Hi Rachel! Just moved to Tampa and came across your blog… loving reading it so far! As for the prom dresses, there are some really cool organizations you can donate them to for lower income students to use. Try http://www.belleoftheballproject.com/donate.html :-)

    • Welcome to Tampa :) Thanks for stopping by! I totally forgot about that organization but am going to check it out now. Thanks for the tip!!

  • I think I am going to read a book too in January and declutter! Oh, how my closet could use some serious decluttering….


    • Which books are on your list to read? A lot of times I shut my closet door and pretend it’s already decluttered :) Need to actually get in there and do some damage soon!

  • I can relate about finishing a whole book. Lately I just get so distracted, keep looking at my phone, and only read about 15 pages at a time. Because of that, it takes foreverrrrrrrrrr for me to complete the entire thing. A reader survey is a cool idea, and congrats on growing your blog. :)

    • That’s my exact problem lol. And by the time I remember to pick it back up I forget where I’m at in the story and need to start over again. Ugh!

  • The decluttering thing can be hard, but it’s so fulfilling! If you haven’t read the KonMari book, it’s worth they hype (in my opinion). That’ll check two things off your list :)

    • I haven’t read it, but I’m going to look into it! Maybe it’ll help me get over my sudden attachment to things once it’s time to throw them out :) lol

  • I took down our holiday decorations this weekend and it made me so sad. Next on the list is to declutter!

    • It’s seriously the worst! On the bright side, you get to redecorate your space. That’s my big goal for the week!

  • I need to do all of the above too! Especially decluttering.

    • Decluttering is the worst! I try to pick one room at a time to tackle. Otherwise the whole place will be even more of a mess! Good luck :)

  • These are definitely manageable. I have taken this approach with my goals as well, I create monthly lists to make it less daunting. I find I have much better success when I do it this way.

    • So agree, Tia! Plus, it’s better to have a smaller list of things to tackle than a list of a million at once! Good luck with your goals this month!

  • Lisa

    I totally get the Christmas decorations goal! I love Christmas so much. :)

    • So do I, Lisa! The day after Christmas is seriously the most depressing. On the bright side, I’m excited to redecorate now that the decorations will clear up some space!

  • I feel you with the goal to read a whole book. I love reading, but it always ends up taking the side burner when I get busy which feels like all of the time right now. I’ve also been thinking of doing a reader survey too so I’m looking forward to seeing yours. Good luck with all of your January goals!

    • Exactly! It’s the worst when you’ve gotten a few chapters in and then get busy and by the time you’re ready to pick back up, you’re totally lost. I’m determined to get through one though :)

  • Great goals! I have a few similar, especially take down the holiday decorations one!


    • Thanks, Ashley! It’s always a struggle to take them down. There’s usually one small thing I always forget to take down and it just ends up staying there year-round, haha. My one little Christmas reminder!

  • Oh, gosh, I HAVE to declutter, too! The junk around our house is driving me crazy!

    • Me too! The clutter never seems to end. I’m hoping I’ll be able to hold it off for awhile after I finish this round of it! Good luck :)

  • good luck with your goals! i really need to declutter and drop things off to donate. i have bags just sitting there that i’ve been meaning to donate for months. oops.

    • Thanks, Kristen! I have bags that have been sitting in the corner forever too. I finally made one drop to the Humane Society over the weekend. Yay! Now about those other bags…

  • CDG

    Just so you know . . . chick books don’t count! Read a Walking Dead book, Man! Luv your blog! CDG

    • They certainly do! I still need to catch up on reading the comics and then I think I’ll have to borrow some of the books from you!

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