Goosebumps Movie Night

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Growing up in the 90s, Goosebumps was one of my favorite things, ever. I remember getting excited to go to the video store to pick out the next episode of the show I wanted to rent (via VHS tape), and would read the Goosebumps series to tide me over until the next video rental. Fast forward almost two decades, and I still get nostalgic thinking about that spooky series!

Goosebumps movie night

When I found out that a new Goosebumps movie was coming out, the little girl in me got so excited! My younger sisters were pretty excited as well, since I introduced them to the show that creepily uttered “viewers beware, you’re in for a scareeeeee…” and binge watched all of the episodes with them a couple years ago (they’ll never know the struggle of waiting a week or more between shows and rewinding tapes)! So with the release of the film on DVD and Blu-Ray, I invited Ry and Carm over for a sister’s sleepover, complete with two of our favorite things, delicious snacks and Goosebumps!


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movie snacks

My sisters and I thought what better way to celebrate our Goosebumps night than making a “creepy” treat to accompany a series that involves the creepy crawlies? Despite the awful-sounding name, the “dirt cup” happens to be one of our favorites and one that I’ve been making since I was a kid!

What You’ll Need (Ingredients)

  • Chocolate pudding
  • Cookie crumbles
  • Milk Chocolate M&M’S® Chocolate Candies
  • Gummy worms

dirt cup treat


  1. Prepare chocolate pudding (make from scratch or use pre-made mix).
  2. Fill bottom layer of cup with chocolate pudding and top slowly with cookie crumbles, M&M’S®, and then gummy worms.
  3. Repeat layers until you reach the top of the cup.

dirt cup step 1dirt cup step 2dirt cup toppingsdirt worm cups

That’s it! If you take a step back, you should be able to see the various layers of “dirt,” and what lies beneath. So very appropriate for Goosebumps, and a super fun kid-friendly (including the “big kids” aka adults) recipe to whip up!

dirt worm snack

The final step? Throwing the popcorn in the microwave for the finishing touches. In no time at all, you’re ready for your movie to begin! There’s no better way to watch a movie than with that sweet and salty combo, plus a tasty beverage from Coca-Cola to wash it down!

diet coke sister cup

As for the Goosebumps movie itself, it brought back so many memories and several of the famous ghosts, monsters, etc. that we met so many years ago when we first met R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps! If you grew up with it, get a group of friends (or family) together and gather round to reminisce!

movie night essentials

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  • That pudding looks SO tasty!

  • I remember making pudding and worms like that! LOL. We used to really crush our cookies into a crumb dust for the top. I used to read the Goosebumps books too. They were great stories when I was a kid.

    • Always so fun, right?! You should make it again one night for a throwback!

  • God I used love watching Goosebumps when I was a kid

    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go

    • Me too! So spooky but so wonderful! Thanks for stopping by, Leonie!

  • soooo this might be a bit lame but i could never handle goosebumps as a kid! i loved to read so people always bought me the books for birthdays and such but i simply couldn’t handle it haha. i never saw the tv show either. i was more of a babysitters club girl. get scared to easily! i can get behind the chocolate pudding though, yum!

    • Haha I lived for it! Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark! They freaked me out but at the same time I couldn’t get enough of it. Babysitters Club was great too though :)

  • Goosebumps always used to freak me out as a kid! I couldn’t even watch Are You Afraid Of The Dark because I would get so scared! That pudding snack looks so delicious, and absolutely perfect for a scary movie night!

    • Those were my two favorites! Plus basically everything on Nickelodeon, haha. I loved the scary stuff even though it would freak me out. The suspense was great! It’s funny going back and watching them now though. I spotted young Ryan Gosling in an old ep not too long ago!

  • Looks delicious! Lol, so true. This generation will never know the struggle of having to wait a week to see the next episode. With Netflix, sometimes I do miss the suspense of waiting to see what happens the following week. At least then, it gave you time to process what happened in your favorite show.

    • Good point! Although if it’s a cliffhanger ending of an ep or season on Netflix, I do love being able to find out what happens right away! But then it’s a big struggle when you reach the end, haha.

  • I love dirt cups and Goosebumps movies! This sounds like an awesome night!

    • It was such a fun night! You’re never too old for dirt cups and kids movies :)

  • courtney jones

    Looks yummy! I really want to see Goosebumps!

    • It’s out on DVD now so you should definitely have a Goosebumps night :)

  • JadeLouise Designs

    We loved the Goosebumps movie, and I’ve been thinking we need to make a fun family movie night. What a fun idea! #client

    • Family movie nights are great! Especially when you’re able to throw in some fun crafts or recipes into the mix :)

  • One of my favorite movies as a kid! Thanks so much for sharing this cute idea – I am having a girls night this weekend and hope we do this!

    ​​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • Yes! Everything about the 90s was awesome :) Enjoy your girls night!

  • Belle Vie A Deux

    This is awesome! I loved the books as a kid! I am totally snagging this deal and making a goosebumps date night!

    • Woo! I hope you have a fabulous Goosebumps date night!

  • Kylie Farnsworth

    Goosebumps was the best! Im totally doing a harry potter night with my nephews soon

    • That sounds so fun! You’ll have to whip up some fun wizard recipes to go along with it :)

  • My favourite Goosebumps was the one where they go to the amusement park! Scarrryyyyy!

    All that food looks delicious. My movie night essentials generally involve a rootbeer float!

    • I remember that one! So much nostalgia :) A root beer float sounds fab!