Fun Findings Friday #155

“It’s Friiiiiiday, Friiiiiday, gotta get down on Friiiiiiday.” Ok now that thats’s out of my system, happy Friday, guys! I can’t believe it’s been about a month since I’ve posted in my Fun Findings series, but it was for a good reason. LOTS of Europe recapping/travel posts. Now that they’re over though, I’m ready to start figuring out what the next adventure will be. The wanderlust never ends!

But bringing it back to the present, I’m excited for this weekend because tomorrow’s my boyfriend’s birthday, which means lots of celebrations ahead for the next couple days and finally seeing Deadpool, which I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time! What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

Bathtub Desk

During the Oscars a few weeks ago, when they showed Bryan Cranston’s clip for Best Actor, they featured a part of the movie (which I still need to watch) where his character’s in the bathtub and is fully set up with a desk to do some writing – yes, IN the tub! Kind of brilliant right? You never know when inspiration will strike. While electronics near the water isn’t the best idea, this little bathtub desk ($55) is pretty awesome, don’t you think?!

bathtub desk

History of Magic in North America

Calling all Harry Potter fans! J.K. Rowling dropped some new knowledge on the history of magic in North America on Pottermore this week! While I’m afraid to admit I’ve been a terrible fan and haven’t gotten around to reading it just yet (this week has been crazy!), I can’t wait to hunker down and catch up on the latest in the wizarding world! Anyone else?!

history of magic in north america

Captain America Civil War (New Trailer)

Yesterday a new trailer debuted for the new Captain America movie coming out in early May and there’s lots of geek excitement happening. Basically every Marvel superhero (well not all of them, but A LOT) is choosing a side – Captain America or Iron Man in this superhero “civil war.” In this new trailer, Spiderman even makes a debut! Which is huge because for some reason, Spidey’s never invited to The Avengers party! Check out the trailer below and tell me, whose side are you on?!


Don’t forget to enter my Peanuts Easter giveaway if you haven’t yet, and have a fantastic weekend!

  • YES TO HP NEWS! I’m just so, so grateful that the magic continues to live on and JK Rowling continues to give us so many goodies.

    Also, is it terrible that I’m NOT excited about Captain America? Tony Stark/Iron Man is my FAVORITE Marvel Character and I’m terrified about what might happen to him in this movie

    • Same!! My boyfriend is Team Iron Man too and is convinced Captain will be the one to go, but I just can’t imagine Marvel killing any of the big ones off. It’ll be so upsetting!

  • YAS! I can’t wait to see the new Captain America movie! They are definitely my favorites of all the marvel movies and Iron Man is a close second so I am super excited!

    • I love them too! I’m nervous for the fate of the characters – all of the Marvel movies have been great!

  • I wish I had a better bathtub! I would love that desk.

    • I feel like I’d be so much more productive if I had that!

  • I have been super pumped about the US history of magic!! The bath tub sounds amazing too!!

    • I’m so happy she’s continuing to release more stories!

  • Oh I so need a bathroom desk because it just sounds so me.

  • I still need a desk just to go on my bed!! I would be paranoid about the bathtub desk — I never keep my phone anywhere near a full tub!

    • Agreed! It’d be great to have something like the bathtub one for your bed!

  • Umm what I need that bath desk right now!!!

  • Raina Elegado

    Omggg I need that bathtub desk!!! :)

    Xo Raina

  • More J.K.Rowling!?! Sign me up! I made an account at Pottermore years ago, but never really figured out what to do with it. How do you find all of the cool things she keeps releasing on there?

    • Yes! There are tabs/links all over the site, so you really just click around to find what you’re interested in reading more about. It’s so fun!