How to Clean Your Keurig

I got my Keurig coffee maker my senior year of college and it’s been a staple for me every day since. The biggest selling point for me was the easy clean-up. Rather than having to clean the entire coffee pot, you just toss the K-Cup and you’re done. At the time, one of my roommates would make a pot of coffee and leave the leftovers there when she left for the day. So when I’d get up in the morning and wanted coffee, I’d have to clean the pot, make a new pot, and then clean it after I was done. Not very time efficient.

While the daily clean-up is minimal, you only have to do a thorough clean every 3-6 months. And even that is pretty simple! Not sure what to do? Here are 3 simple steps to clean your Keurig.

How to Clean Your Keurig

Wash Removable Pieces

First up, is detaching the removable pieces of your Keurig (i.e. water filter and K-cup holder) and washing with warm water and soap. Then, dry and reassemble.

Fill the Water Reservoir with a 1/2 Vinegar-Water Mix

Next, pour in a mix of 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar where you’d normally fill your machine with water and “brew” as you normally would, without a K-Cup. This will allow your machine to get a full cleanse all the way through. Do this 3-4 times, until the reservoir is emptied.

Repeat Cleanse with Water

The last step is basically a repeat of step two, just minus the vinegar. Fill the reservoir back up with water and let it “brew” again (minus the K-Cup). This will flush out the vinegar and finish your Keurig’s cleanse!

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  • I got my parents a Keurig for Christmas, so I’ll be sharing this with my mom!

    • Thanks, I hope it’s helpful! I’m sure they love(d) it!

  • My Keurig is a life-saver in our house! I use it daily (if not several times per day). We use the vinegar water mix as well to clean ours!

    • It’s such a great cleanser! I’m so happy it doesn’t need the deep clean too often though!

  • Never really thought to clean it but this sounds easy enough!

    • It’s super easy! And so important to clean it, it’s a little disturbing to see all of the buildup when you first do the cleanse, haha.

  • Simple cleaning routine…need to tell my husband to do this because he uses the Keurig

    • So simple! And doesn’t need to happen too often which is great. I hope you guys find it helpful!

  • This is great! I think the Keurig is one thing that people forget to clean.

    • Thanks, Christine! It’s definitely something easy to forget about. There are so many other things to keep up with cleaning!

  • Thanks for sharing this. reminder to me to clean mine since it’s been a while

  • I miss the days of good old vinegar to clean my coffee contraption. With the Nespresso you have to buy their kit!

    • Oh man that stinks! Hopefully it’s not too pricey or often that you have to clean it!

  • I’m really bad at remembering to clean my Keurig every few months, I clean the removable pieces every week but really need to do the vinegar cleanse. Thanks for the reminder!

    • The vinegar cleanse really makes a difference! My sense of time seems to be warped so I always forget too, haha. I think I need to add little reminders on the calendar!

  • I’ve been meaning to figure out how to do it! Thanks for the tip!

  • Such great tips. We have one at work and I bet no one has thought about cleaning it! Just thinking about it makes me…ugh…yeah, I’ll be getting on that! :)

    • Thanks, Erica! Ugh, I don’t even want to think about the office machines! I think I need to look into cleaning my office one too!

  • I try to clean mine once a month, but that never happens! I do exactly as you said! It’s a pain but the coffee tastes much better!

    • So true! Plus, seeing all of the grime flush out and knowing the machine is fresh makes me feel so much better!

  • I def need to clean my Keurig! Thanks for sharing! I will be doing that this weekend.
    xoxo, Jenny

    • Of course! I hope it was an easy process for you!

  • I have never cleaned mine and have had it for over a year so better give this a try.

    • Ooh yes! It’s kind of gross the first time you do it when you see all of the built up coffee grounds, but so awesome to brew that first cup of coffee post-cleanse :)

  • I love this!!! I need to do this badly!

    • Thanks, Ashley! Try to set aside some time over the weekend when you’re not tied to work or school. That always seems to work best for me!

  • Mine is in definite need of a cleaning. Thanks for the tip!

    • Happy to help! It’s always one of the easiest things to forget to clean!

  • This is an important thing to know how to do and exactly how I used to clean my old Keurig!

    • Totally agree! I’m so glad it’s such an easy process.

  • linda spiker

    Good to know!

  • sosomom

    I cleaned my old coffee maker with vinegar too. I have coffee ninja now and it could probably use a vinegar cleaning too.

    • Oh yeah! Our coffee machines are always put to work, the cleanse works wonders!

  • Sunshine Momma

    Yes!!! They get so dirty. I’ve noticed the Keurig’s get more dirty than others too!

    • They really do! On the bright side, at least you don’t have to do a super cleanse every day like with a regular coffee pot!

  • Kari Guastella

    I don’t use my Keurig often but I have had it for awhile. Its definitely due for a clean!

    • Oh man, I use mine every morning. Can’t start the day without it!

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    These are some great tips & a fantastic reminder that I do indeed need to clean mine!

  • This was a great reminder….our Keurig definitely needs a cleaning. I didn’t realize it was so simple. Thanks!

    • Happy to help! It really is simple! It’s just finding a few minutes to carve out to get the full cleanse done that’s the tough part. But so nice afterwards!

  • So useful– I always forget about actually *cleaning* my Keurig!

    • Thanks, Alyssa! I know it’s such an easy thing to forget about!

  • Yet another use for vinegar! Win.

  • Vinegar is the bomb diggity. So are Keurigs!

    • Couldn’t agree more, Heather! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Vinegar is so versatile and great for home cleaning! I don’t have a Keurig but use a similar cleaning method for my other coffeemakers and it’s great!

  • Michelle Mink

    i need to get around to cleaning my keurig. other than replacing the filter i don’t think about it that much

    • It’s such an easy thing to forget about cleaning. Totally worth doing the cleanse though, it really makes a huge difference!

  • I haven’t done step 2 before. Thanks! Pinning and DOING :)

    • Yay, so happy to hear it! Let me know how it goes!

  • This method also works for the Nespresso machine! My espresso tastes sooooo much better when I cycle through 2 tanks of fresh water every week.

    • That’s great! I totally agree that the coffee tastes so much better post-cleanse!

  • Deborah Ward

    This is good for any coffee maker, but so so important for a Keurig. I have had two machines die on me before. Keurigs are pretty sensitive. Thanks for posting this…it reminds me that it’s time to clean mine.

    • Oh wow, my Keurig’s been kicking for about 4 and a half years! Glad I helped with the reminder!

  • tina johnson

    Perfect timing. My friend was just telling me how disgusting the inside of a Keurig is if you don’t clean it. I’ve got to admit that I’ve never cleaned mine but it is now on my spring cleaning list since I never knew how easy it was!

    • It’s so true! You’ll probably be a little grossed out the first time you clean it, but will be so happy afterward. You can absolutely taste a difference in the coffee too!

  • Brianna

    I have done this before and it works great. I have found that I need to flush it with water usually with TWO full resevoirs though, rather than just one.:)

    • Good to know! I guess it depends how much vinegar you put in. Definitely doesn’t hurt to put in more water than needed to flush it out. You wouldn’t want a vinegar coffee!

  • I literally just bought one of these a few days ago! I’ll be needing this

    • Woo! Welcome to the Keurig club :) Hope you find this helpful!

  • Our office Keurig needs some serious cleaning. Totally going to send this to whoever is cleaning it out this month.

    • Oh the office machines are probably the worst of all! Hope this is helpful!

  • Adriana

    Great tips!! I love my keurig, I try and clean it daily and deep clean weekly!

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