Fun Findings Friday #157

Happy April + April Fools Day! No pranks happening here though. While this week wasn’t rough like last week, I’ve been insanely busy since last weekend, and so, I couldn’t be more ready for some R&R this weekend! I had planned to venture back to Orlando for some more theme park time, but honestly, some quality time with the couch and Netflix just seems like such a better plan. Anyone else feeling that way?

Let’s get to this week’s fun findings.

Mug for Dog Owners

Fellow dog moms, where you at?! This mug ($11) is so unbelievably perfect. My pup Sheba sheds, so there is literally dog hair EVERYWHERE, even when she’s not with me. Oh the humor! This one’s at the top of my kitchen wish list.

everything tastes better with dog hair mug

HannahMax Cookie Chips Bundle

Cookies are my downfall. I love them but it’s never an “I”ll just have one” situation. I recently re-discovered HannahMax Cookie Chips ($19), which has been the best thing ever. I’m still able to get my cookie fix, but I don’t feel as guilty eating them, because they’re healthier versions of some of my favorites, and still just as tasty! You can buy packs individually, but the 3-pack bundle, including chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, and oatmeal, is the way to go!

hannahmax cookies

James Corden Carpool Karaoke with J-Lo

By now, you guys know how obsessed I am with James Corden’s carpool karaoke. Well, another one is out! And this time, it’s featuring Jennifer Lopez a.k.a Jenny, J-Lo, etc. who (obviously) has an impressive list of celeb contacts her in address book, Leonardo DiCaprio being one of them. And James Corden texts him as J-Lo.. and gets a response! Can you imagine?!

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  • OoOoh those cookie chips look delightful!

    • They’re SO good! The problem is they can be hard to put down :)

  • Loving the mug, though I’d have to swap dog for cat! Those cookie chips look a little different :)

    • I’m sure they have a cat version of the mug out there too! The cookie chips are delicious!

  • Justine

    How did I not know cookie chips existed? My day is instantly brighter! :) Thanks for sharing!

    • I think they’re slowly starting to make their way into bigger stores like Target and Walmart. I buy them online though. They’re SO good! I hope you like them!

  • JLo and James made me laugh until I hurt!! <3

    • Same! His carpool karaoke segments are my favorite!

  • Oh my gosh I need that dog mug! So cute!

    • Right?! I think it’s pretty relatable for dog parents!

  • Love that mug!!

  • Haha that’s a cute mug! But I don’t agree about dog hair making it taste better… I love my dog, but ew.

    • I think it’s a pretty accurate one! Not things ACTUALLY tasting better with it, but just the humor that dog hair gets everywhere!

  • Oh girl, I didn’t realize you were obsessed with carpool karaoke also!! I just watched the special last night and loved every minute of it! I’m not sure which one is my favorite. We must talk more about our obsessions!!

    • OMG yes! It’s probably my favorite segment on ANY talk show! And you’re so right, we definitely need to talk more about them!

  • I just love James Corden’s carpool series!!! They are so funny!!!!

    • Me too, Melanie! I always get so excited when I find out a new one is coming out. I’d love to road trip with James Corden!

  • Holy crap. I need that mug. xxoo

  • Love those Carpool Karaoke! Those cookie chips look amazing, but I’d probably eat the whole bag in one sitting!

    • That’s definitely a risk with these cookie chips, but they’re oh so good!

  • Such a cute mug! I need one like that.

  • Yes, I’m so with you girly! I’ve been in bed all afternoon just chilling and watching E! Lol, it’s been such a long week. That mug is PERFECT! My boyfriend and I will be eating and I’m like, “How is the dogs hair on our plates?!” It’s always everywhere, in the craziest places. The other day my boyfriend said, “The dogs hair was in my toe nail”. Haha, gross. Those carpool videos are always epic.

    • Hahah that always happens with me too #dogmomprobs. Lazy days are SO needed. I wish the weekends lasted longer!

  • That mug is adorable! My chihuahua doesn’t really shed but my chiweenie leaves hair EVERYWHERE.

    • There are certain times of the year that the shedding gets worse, but I feel like no matter what, there’s always dog hair all over the place!

  • Cookie chips-what?!? That sounds amazing!

  • This mug is so cute but I rather my coffee without the hair! haha These car karaoke videos are the best!

    • Haha, agreed! It just always ends up everywhere! I love the karaoke videos too!

  • Oh man, I’m on this digital detox and haven’t watched TV. I’ll only do blog related things so of course I had to watch that video because I haven’t seen it. Awesome. I love them both. Thanks for the excuse. That mug rocks too. Have a great weekend!

    • Good for you! How long is the digital detox for? Happy to provide an excuse for you to watch something :)

  • Shybiker

    I love that mug! When my beloved Juno was alive, I got so used to dog-hair that its ubiquity was beneath notice. You just learn to live with it. The perks of having a canine-friend outweigh that little negative.

    • So true! I always just laugh about it. The benefits of having a dog absolutely outweigh the negative!

  • James Cordon is so great. I am never awake to watch his show but I always catch up on youtube. Love the carpool karaoke!

    • Me too! I DVR his show too in case there’s a guest I want to watch later. His show is one of my favorites!

  • That coffee mug is too cute! My friend just got me a best dog mom mug, and I want to carry it around everywhere!

    • Aww so sweet! I don’t blame you, I would too! Furbabies are the best!

  • That mug is hilarious! And I’ve had a super lazy Saturday. The couch and catching up on all of my shows.

    • It’s so perfect! And that’s exactly how my day has been too – I wouldn’t have it any other way :) What shows were you catching up on?

      • I tend to not watch a lot of TV, especially during the week but have a lot of shows I watch so I had to catch up on Nashville, Quantico, the finale of How To Get Away With Murder, and of course some Bravo guilty pleasure!

  • Nicole Leith

    Love that mug! I have one that says “no outfit is complete without dog hair.”

  • Mar

    That mug is so funny, I love it! I find dog hair in the funniest places, and for days after I’ve had a visit with the family dogs.

    • Oh me too! It’s even crazier as a dog mom when it’s always with you!

  • That carpool karaoke was too funny!! Love that he texted Leo.

    • I know, I love them! I wish I could send texts to celebs, haha.

  • That mug is perfect haha! And carpool karaoke is hilarious – Just casually texting Leo :D

    • Right! Can you imagine having access to a contact list like J-Lo’s?!

  • that carpool karaoke video was the best. i laughed so hard at ‘boo boo’. i bought that dog hair mug for my bestie and the cat hair one for myself, no shame haha

    • I was cracking up too. Those carpool karaoke segments are my favorite thing ever! And yay for dog/cat mom things :) I’m sure your bestie will love it!

  • That JLo carpool thing was the best video I’ve ever seen. It makes celebrities so real, and I love JLo so that was great! I also want to try some of those cookie chips — they look so good!

    • I thought so too! They really make you feel like you’re hanging with your friends! And the cookie chips are delicious, you’ll love them!

  • Cookie chips, say what????! They look scrumptious!

  • Cookie chips?! Sign. Me. UP!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal