Fun Findings Friday #158

Oh Friday, how happy I am to see you! Things have been SO busy lately, so I’m looking forward to a little escape from reality this weekend to New York! While I won’t have any city time this time around, I’m excited to spend some time visiting with family and celebrating my cousin’s upcoming wedding at her Harry Potter-themed bridal shower!

Also exciting this weekend? Fear the Walking Dead comes back on! While I still haven’t recovered from that rough ending to The Walking Dead (the regular “zombie show”) and am SO mad they left us with that cliffhanger, it’s nice to know that our zombie fix continues onward. Will any of you be watching? What plans do you have for the weekend?

Joseph Joseph 6-Piece Utensil Set with Carousel

I got this utensil set (currently on sale for $30) a few years ago and it’s been pretty much a daily (or few times a week depending on when I cook) staple in my life. Especially since we’re in spring and heading into summer, if you’re looking for a way to brighten your kitchen up, these are a great way to do so!

joseph joseph utensil set

Mossimo Supply Co. Printed Shorts

During a quick run to Target this week, I popped over to the clothing section to check out a pair of shorts ($18) that I read Neely raving about, and ended up leaving with 3 pairs (in different designs, of course) after trying them on. Summer clothes can be a bit of a struggle for me, because I’m pickier about shorts (especially finding the right size) and tank tops than I am with fall/winter clothes (which are my favorite)! These shorts are SO soft, comfortable, and stretchy. All big wins for me! And if you’re wondering, these do run true to size!

Mossimo Supply Co. Printed Shorts

If McDonald’s Advertised Like Apple

I’m a huge Apple enthusiast and usually geek out watching all of their keynotes in the spring and fall every year. One of my coworkers shared this video with me earlier this week and I just knew I had to share it with you guys because it’s SO funny and incredibly accurate. If you’ve ever wondered (or are now curious) what it would look like if McDonald’s advertised like Apple, here it is.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!



  1. Heather Gullett Denniston
    April 8, 2016 / 1:28 PM

    I love checking out other people’s finest. Kitchen caddy is to die for.

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:14 PM

      It’s an awesome addition to the kitchen! I love the colors!

  2. April 8, 2016 / 1:52 PM

    hahah that video is hilarious “smart grease”

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:15 PM

      Right!! It’s spot on too!

  3. April 8, 2016 / 3:14 PM

    I love Target this time of year – they have such great spring and summer clothes!

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:15 PM

      Yes! It’s a dangerous time to visit for your wallet :)

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:17 PM

      I can’t believe how accurate it is.. and about fast food!

  4. April 8, 2016 / 4:57 PM

    Yay so exciting about your trip to NYC. Have fun girl.
    Also, I love those shorts.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:16 PM

      Thanks, Jenny! The shorts are amazing!

  5. April 8, 2016 / 5:38 PM

    Have so much fun in NYC! The Harry Potter themed bridal shower sounds awesome! The cliff hanger on TWD killed me, so much so that I bought the last part of the comic and I want to read them all before the next season starts! At least we have Fear The Walking Dead to hold us over until October!

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:19 PM

      It was so fun! I’m still anxious for them to pick back up and show us who it was! I know what happens at this part in the comic but they’ve changed things around quite a bit from what I’ve heard!

  6. April 8, 2016 / 8:47 PM

    Enjoy New York! I was in Target the other day and wanted to buy all their patterned shorts and pants. I loooooove billowy patterned pants.

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:18 PM

      Same! I think these will fly off the shelf so I’m glad I got them when I did!

  7. April 8, 2016 / 9:45 PM

    That’s my home base! I loved growing up there and getting to live in midtown Manhattan. Great post today. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. xo Jane

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:17 PM

      NY is the best! I love getting back to visit every chance I get!

  8. Ruthie Ridley
    April 8, 2016 / 10:03 PM

    Loving these shorts!! Have the best time in NYC!

  9. April 9, 2016 / 12:28 AM

    Have a wonderful trip to NY! Love those shorts, and you’re right about the utensils…they would brighten our kitchen nicely.

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:20 PM

      It was such a great trip! It always goes too fast :(

  10. April 10, 2016 / 9:02 AM

    I may just have to crash that HP themed bridal shower! So fun!

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:17 PM

      It was a blast! I think I’ll have to do a post on it!

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:21 PM

      It’s a great asset to the kitchen!

    • April 14, 2016 / 11:21 PM

      They’re SO great! I think they’re going to fly off the racks!