Why Everyone Should Have A Passion Project

Last week I was listening to a podcast and the episode happened to be discussing an aspiring author’s passion project (of writing novels) while she was working full-time. Of course there were struggles in balancing the two, but listening to the author discuss her passion project’s success really inspired me to bring some attention to the importance of them.

First of all, what is a “passion project?” Essentially it’s something you work on separate from your daily hustle/full-time job (some people do turn their passion projects into FT jobs though) that really makes you happy. Your real-life “escape” if you will, that you really throw yourself into and feel fulfilled doing.

For me, my passion project is my blog. When people find out I have one they’re always shocked, wondering how I have the time with a full-time job and so many other things going on. My response? I just really love it. And it’s incredibly important to make time for the things you love!

Why everyone should have a passion project

It’s so easy to fall into the motions of the day – wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep. Of course there can be other activities sprinkled in there, but honestly, I think putting yourself into a “robot routine” is one of the biggest ways people get into a rut and become unhappy. 

Everyone should have a passion project. It doesn’t have to be something you do every single day, but it should absolutely be something you integrate into your life. 

Why? Because it’ll boost your mood, reduce your stress levels, help you build your talents and enable you to keep growing and learning.

Is there something you have an interest in? Maybe improving your photography, working on cars, starting your own blog, learning how to crochet, or volunteering for a charity? Pick something you’re curious about or interested in, and give it a try. I guarantee you won’t regret it! 

Do you have a passion project? What things are you passionate about? 

  • Finding something I’m passionate about that gives this tired mama some time to herself has been invaluable!

    • That’s so great to hear! Thanks for reading, Shannon!

  • I agree, finding something I’m passionate about that is my own that I can work on outside of work and that gives me time as a mom and a wife to work on something for me has been so important. I absolutely love what my blog provides for me!

    • Me too, Libby! It’s so wonderful that blogging has been able to provide that for so many of us!

  • I sure do have a passion project and although it can be a hand full, I fall in love with it even more every single day! I call it the mayliving project and its all about redesigning life! I totally agree, everyone should have a passion project!
    May from http://www.mayliving.com

    • Totally agree with you, girl! Passion projects are life changing!

  • Hi Rachel,

    I 100% agree that everyone should have a “passion” project no matter what that will help them to jump up in the morning excited to get going and share that passion no matter what it is!

    Great post and like you, my passion project is my blog as well…..as I love sharing valuable tips and strategies that bloggers and business owners can implement easily :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • Thanks, Joan! I think blogs are one of the best passion projects out there.. but then again I may be a little bias :) Thanks for reading!

  • I think passion projects are so important! And my blog is exactly that too!!

  • Having a Passion Project is a great idea! I think everyone should have one. One of my Passion Projects is blogging. I will admit there are times when I don’t have time to blog but I try my hardest to. I think having something you are passionate about keeps you from getting into an everyday routine.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more! It’s something that you enjoy doing but that you can do on your own terms!

  • Leslie Soto

    I love calling them Passion Projects. Mine is definitely my blog. It used to be jewelry making but then I fell out of love with it. I still do it here and there but it’s no longer “my thing”. I was listening to the latest Jess Lively Podcast episode and she shared a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert. “Honor your creativity so much that you don’t demand it to provide for your entire life.” Meaning, don’t let your creativity become your means of support through life. Then it becomes your job and not necessarily something you enjoy doing, if that makes any sense.

    • What a great quote! It definitely makes sense. Jewelry making sounds like a lot of fun, but since it wasn’t something you were into really anymore, you made the right decision to find something new to love!

  • I don’t really know if I have a Passion Project per se, but I guess that I’d have to consider my blog, photography, and our family yearbooks (which I’m still super far behind on), my Passion Projects. That would be awesome if I could make money doing them!

    • I think hobbies fall into the passion project categories. It’s really about doing the things that make you happy! Family yearbooks sound like a lot of fun – but definitely time consuming! I’m sure you’d be able to find a way to monetize some of your projects!

  • My blog is my Passion Project too. I fell in love with it as soon as it was launched and I honestly don’t even keep track of how much time I spend on it because it doesn’t matter. I love researching, writing, promoting, educating myself, and trying new things. I wish everyone had the same sort of fire in their life.

    • Same! Hopefully this post will inspire people who don’t have that something in their life to get out there and try something new, because you’re so right. It’s an incredible fire!

  • Aww… I love this! My blog is definitely my passion project too! <3

    • The blog world has the best passion project people around :)

  • I’ve had a few passion projects in my life – but none has encompassed more than having a personal blog. I can bring in all my interests into one platform with no inventory!

    • I’m with you 100% on that! Blogging is so awesome!

  • 100% agree! You’ve got to have something you’re working towards in your own life outside of work. Mine’s my blog too :)

    • Exactly! Blogging is such a great one because it still allows you to have passion and interest about several things, or focus on your biggest ones!

  • Yes! Passion project, hobby, whatever you want to call it…I am a firm believer EVERYONE needs one and it’s important to make time for it especially when life can get so busy with work or relationships/friendships and then kids. I love my blog and I love my photography. Thank you for this post!

    • My thoughts exactly! They bring so much happiness so I agree, it’s super important to make time for them!

  • My blog is my passion project as well! I someday want to make my blog my FT gig though.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • That would be amazing! So glad we’ve connected in the blog world, Jenny :)

  • Bree Hogan

    I completely agree, we all need something that lights a fire in our bellies. Blogging is also that for me, I love love it!

    • Yay! So glad you’ve found your passion :) Thanks for reading, Bree!

  • I agree 100%! I would say my Passion Project is my blog as well. It’s such a great outlet for me!

    • It really is! I’m so happy that we’ve been able to connect in the blog world, Anne :)

  • Les @ The Balanced Berry

    I totally think everyone should have a passion project! Going through the motions of the day is no way to live. When I originally started my blog, it was a passion project. Over time it has become more of a chore because of the pressures I put on myself to make it grow, monetize, etc. I definitely want to pare it down and get back to the passion!

  • Love this post! My passion project is my blog, just like you! We just started our blog in December and cannot believe how fulfilling having a passion project is.

    • So exciting! Congrats on joining the blog world. It’s SO fulfilling!

  • Could not agree more. That’s how (why) I started blogging about travel and its been a great escape from the stress and mundane, but sometimes that passion can become a source of stress. That’s why I think we should have a few things – when I am stressed out by everything (including the blog), I bake on go on a photo walk.

    • I totally get that! Baking and walks always help me relieve stress too!

  • This post came at such a great time. I’ve been toying with this one idea, and I think I might just go give it a shot. :)

    • So glad to strike some inspiration, Julie. You should go for whatever it is you’ve been thinking about! There’s no time like the present :)

  • Joyce Lewandowski

    My blog http://www.mrsjoyle.com is my passion project too! It took me forever to take action and buy the domain/hosting and really invest time and energy into it. But it is exciting, and such a nice addition to my life (though as you know, it gets crazy some days). :)

    • It took me a while to get mine up and running too, but you’re so right, it’s such a wonderful addition to life… despite the occasional craziness :) Thanks for reading, Joyce!

  • I totally agree! I have a zillion passion projects haha. I like to keep busy doing artsy things and writing :)

    • That’s so great! I have so many interests too, it’s great to be able to dabble in several things at once!

  • I love this and I totally agree that everyone should have a passion project. I probably have too many, haha. My blog, a novel I’m writing, and my theater work are all passion projects of mine!

    • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with lots of interests! I think it helps keep you well-rounded!

  • My passion project is my blog too! Fortunately I was able to leave a career that no longer fulfilled me. Now I am trying to make my blog my career. I don’t know if I could do it with a full time job.

    • It’s tough to blog and have a full-time job, but it’s definitely doable! I hope it works out for you!

  • linda spiker

    I agree. Everyone needs a place to channel their creative energy!

  • Bethany Magnie

    My blog is my passion project. It’s changed my life in so many positive way!

    • Me too, Bethany! I had no idea blogging would affect my life so much!

  • Mimi Rose

    I love this idea! My passion project/now career is my blog too! Although I do have a lot of other hobbies as well that I try to fit in as much as possible. It’s great having a passion to focus on. :)

    • It really is! It’s wonderful to be able to follow so many hobbies/passions!

  • Fantastic idea! My passions are medicine and writing. I got the medicine thing done because I’m currently in my first year of residency. I finally stopped making excuses and started a blog. I’m still sharpening the edges, but one day I’d love to be known as a physician-author! I’d love it if you gave my blog a quick review just to make sure I’m on the right track! https://doctormikesblog.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks, Michael! It sounds like you’re doing great with your passion projects so far! I feel like there aren’t a ton of doctor blogs out there (that aren’t in crazy medical speak), so I think your blog will be in demand!

  • Mandi

    My problem is that I turn every passion project into another career endeavor. My husband says its a problem. Itd be refreshing to find a hobby thats just for me that stays just that, a hobby. :D

    • Haha, I get that! I hope you’re able to find something that sticks as a hobby-only :)

  • I have many passion projects :) I’ve turned some of them into careers (like my blog), some of them into side gigs, and some, like poetry and painting, will always be just for fun.

    • So great that you’ve bene able to monetize some of your passion projects! Poetry and painting sound awesome too!

  • OnceUponADollhouse

    What a great post. It’s so important to do something you are passionate about.

  • Cydney

    This is such a good idea and i completely agree, i have many passion projects including two/three businesses and a blog. But i also need something a bit more physical because these are all based online.. maybe painting or dancing, hmm. Great post! Cydney x

    • Wow, that’s awesome. You go girl! Maybe sign up for a painting or dancing class, both sound fun!

  • Oh I totally agree with this – that’s why I started my blog too.

    • So happy to hear that! Thanks for reading, Alison!

  • My blog is my passion project too! I agree that we all should nurture the activities that make us feel better. It helps keep the stress level at minimum. :))

    • Exactly how I feel, Melai! Plus, the blog community is so wonderful!

  • This is such a great point! We all need a creative outlet :) My blog is definitely mine!

  • So very true Rachel! I started a side gig about four and a half years ago now that was partly passion project partly money maker (though mostly passion project). I’m now focused on my passion project as my job. Some days it takes its toll – as all jobs do – but then I’ll get a new lease on my passion project and all is well with the world.
    Although I do give myself structure and routine, and have a dedicated workspace that I can pack away, sometimes the whole work from home gig can be a bit draining, so I forget just how much I love what I do. It’s not until I design something new that I remember how much I love it.

    • So amazing that you’ve been able to turn your passion into a paying gig! I totally get that working from home can be draining, but keep on keepin’ on. You’re doing so great!

  • This was such a lovely post! My passion project would have to be my blog as well. Between working a full-time job, owning my own business, and life in general, I love this special outlet for creativity.

    • Thanks, Macy! I couldn’t agree with you more! Blogging opens so many doors!

  • COMPLETELY AGREE about having a passion project. It has made my life SO MUCH MORE full. And it provides such a necessary outlet from my day job.

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • 100% agree with you, Katie! I’m amazed at how much passion projects have impacted my life!


    My passion project is happy hour, man!