Stitch Fix: May 2016 Review

Time for another Stitch Fix review! For those of you not familiar with the service, it’s a styling subscription set in time intervals of your choice (e.g. bi-weekly, once a month, every other month). For each “fix” you schedule, you’ll receive 5 clothing and/or accessory items, be able to try them on in the comfort of your own home and after 3 days, decide which items you want to keep (and pay for) and which you want to mail back in the prepaid package.

You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee for each scheduled fix, which will go toward paying for any items you decide to keep. If you keep everything in your fix, you’ll get a 25% discount on your order total, which is amazing! However, if you decide not to keep anything, you’ll forfeit the $20. To ensure you have the best chance of loving your fix, fill out the style profile upon account sign up and create a board on Pinterest to show your stylist what kinds of things you like. You can also include a note to your stylist to let them know if you’re looking for a specific outfit type for work, weekends, an event, etc.

This month I requested a dress for my cousin’s wedding rehearsal + dinner and some fun, weekend clothes, since I feel like a good chunk of my wardrobe is filled with work clothes. Let’s see how my stylist did.

Check out my May 2016 Stitch Fix review!

Pixley Yvette V-Neck Dress ($68)

I pinned this dress to my style board on Pinterest in hopes that they’d have it in stock to send to me. I love the bight, fun colors of the dress, especially since most of my dresses are solid or two colors max. I think I’ll be packing this one with me for the rehearsal dinner! Verdict: Kept

Pixley Yvette V-Neck Dress

Skies Are Blue Rorik Strappy Back Top ($48)

I love the color of this top and the open criss-cross back at the top. Plus, this top is one that can be worn casual or dressed up, which I love. So perfect for spring and summer! Verdict: Kept Skies Are Blue Rorik Strappy Back Top

Kut From The Kloth Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket ($88)

When I pulled out this faux leather jacket I wasn’t interested at all. But rather than just putting it back in the box, I decided to try it on. And to my surprise, I absolutely LOVED it! Plus, it pairs perfectly with the Pixley dress! Verdict: Kept

Kut From The Kloth Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket

Pixley Brisma Lattice Knit Top ($44)

At first glance this top looked like it’d be too short and not really something I’d wear. But I was proven wrong. I think this was my favorite item in my fix! Not only is it incredibly soft and comfortable (the best kind of clothing), but it’s a piece I think I can rock pretty much year-round here in Florida. Verdict: Kept

Pixley Brisma Lattice Knit Top

Kut From The Kloth Haiden Straight Leg Jean ($88)

The number of jeans I have is kind of ridiculous. I swore off collecting any more, but since I decided to keep everything else, it made more sense for me to keep these as well. Not to mention the only pair of white jeans I have are the frayed kind (more casual) and these have a cleaner look for work or getting a little more dressed up! Verdict: Kept

Kut From The Kloth Haiden Straight Leg Jean

So there you have it. May was a solid month for Stitch Fix as you can see, since I kept everything in my box. Since I kept all 5 I was able to get a discount, which resulted in each piece averaging out to just under $50. Buying clothes from Stitch Fix can definitely get pricey, but I find it so helpful to get new pieces to try, especially since half of them I’d never pick up off the rack in a store to try. Plus, if you’re crunched for time, it’s nice to be able to have some options delivered to you!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What are your favorites from my May fix?

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  • Love the pieces your stylist picked out for you! My mom and sis do Stich Fix and I love seeing what they get


    Miss Olivia Says

    • Thanks, Olivia! Have you tried it out yourself yet?

  • karenmsmith77

    Looks like your stylist did a wonderful job for you. I have tried a similar service in the past and always felt like I must be doing something wrong because they never managed to get anything correct for me.

    • Thanks, Karen! Did you try setting up a Pinterest board to show your stylist what you like? That helped me quite a bit!

      • karenmsmith77

        Yes I did. I use Pinterest a lot.

  • Victoria Lee Werth

    I think you have just convinced me to try this… I’m struggling to find clothes that I like in stores, so this might be perfect!

    • Yay! I hope you love it :) I started out with the service because of the same issues and now I have a closet full of things I love!

  • Love these pieces! I tried Stitch Fix for a few months back when they first launched and I loved it. Hope you enjoy your new clothes! :)
    XO Amanda |

    • Thanks, Amanda! I’ve been pretty lucky with my fixes for the most part – so many cute things! Do you think you’ll give them a try again soon?

  • I love that black top! That is totally something I would wear. I’m so happy you got so many awesome pieces this month!

    • Thank you! I’m so excited about the top (and the other items) too!

  • The dress and the jacket are my favorites. They look good on you :)

  • All the items look great on you! I especially like the dress! :)

    • Thanks, Olya! I’m pretty excited about the dress too! So many fun, bright colors!

  • The Lifestyle Lady

    Wow so pleased you have had good success with Stitch Fix. I wasn’t so lucky.

    • Oh bummer :( Do you have a Pinterest board set up? That really helps with making sure you get things you love!

  • I wasn’t a fan of what I got, but seeing recent reviews I get tempted to try again! Love the dress!

    • Make sure you have a Pinterest board set up and let your stylist know what you’re looking for. Good feedback is key to getting a good fix I think!

  • Wow you had a great month! I loved everything too!

    • I did! I’m so excited about it! Have you thought about trying Stitch Fix out?

  • You had a great month! I had a good month too, writing about it soon. Love that jacket and the white jeans!

    • I really like them too! So glad to hear good months all around – for a while there it seemed like things were a lot more negative overall!

  • sara

    I love the leather faux jacket! Super cute on you. I tried stitch fix a few times and I did not get such cute items!

    • Thanks, Sara! Do you have a Pinterest board set up? That really helps with making sure you get great stuff!

  • That’s awesome. I keep seeing a bunch of great stitchfixes. I have to do another one soon.

    • You should! Make sure you pin all the things you like though – it really helps with making sure you get a great fix!

  • Wow you got a great box! Love the jacket, and it does go so perfectly with the dress!

    • I did! I feel like I’m going to wear that outfit all the time now :)

  • Everything is super cute! Especially the jacket paired with the dress!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I’m really excited about that look too!

  • looks like a great selection for you this month! I love the dress and the black lattice top!

  • Heidi ~

    I love all of the outfits! I especially like the black top with the lattice-work shoulders. Do you have this kind of success every month? I may have to look into this… :)

    • Months I pin specific things I want tend to be better then when I just let them randomly send things. But I’ve filled my closet with so many great pieces from Stitch Fix! It’s better that every month isn’t a COMPLETE hit because otherwise I’d be totally broke, haha.

  • I love the color of that strappy back top! And that dress is super cute.

  • I really love that dress on you! It would be versatile dressed up or down!

    • Thanks, Cara! I’m so excited to have it in my closet!

  • I love that leather coat thingy you got! Pinning!

    • Thanks, Chels! I hope you get it in your next fix. It’s great!

  • Sarah Emily

    As a fellow Tampa area girl, I know those two tops and dress will be perfect for the overly warm summer we are about to have! I love everything in your box!

    • Thanks, Sarah! I’m already hating all of the heat, but I think these clothes will help make it a tad more bearable :)

  • Absolutely LOVE that dress and jacket on you! That jacket style is one of my favs so I’m glad you decided to keep it :)

    • Thanks, Linh! I’m really excited to pair them together!

  • Oh wow, the rare 5 out of 5 Fix! Looks like you got some awesome stuff, and most of it is really versatile!

    • It is rare! I think I’ll be able to wear several of these year round, being in FL!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I love all the items you kept!! Especially that dress! I can’t wait to get mine!

    • Thanks, Ashley! I hope you get a great fix this time around :)

  • Wow, you loved everything! They really know you! I love that faux leather jacket, I’d keep that for sure.

    • There are definitely months that are more misses but this one was a true hit!

  • Carolyn

    How great that they all worked. I love the jacket with the dress. It really makes it pulled together!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    These all look so lovely on you! I especially love the first dress.

  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    I keep seeing these stitch fix reviews and every time, it makes me want to try it out! I’m going to have to soon! Love the jacket with the dress on you!

  • Emily Bendler

    I love all the pieces, but I especially love the jacket!!

    • Me too! I wasn’t impressed with it at all when I first pulled it out of the box – so glad I did!

  • GIRL, talk about some MAJOR winning pieces! My mom has a stitch fix account but I’ve never tried it before. I really don’t consider myself that fashionable and more often than not, would prefer to wear workout clothes – ha! BUT, that leather jacket (especially with the dress) is a MUST!!

  • Theresa Bailey

    Lucky you! It’s always so hit or miss for me with stitch fix. I always find great jeans with them. I have to be honest a couple of the tops I got from them fell apart pretty quickly which was a bummer and pretty frustrating for the price they charge.

  • So fun! I especially love that jacket and black top :)

  • Kassi M.

    Ooh this was a great fix for you!!! I love Stitch Fix! I took a break after having my second baby a few months ago, but I can’t wait to get back in!

  • I have that same jacket! You will LOVE it!

  • Looks great on you!! Loving on Stitch Fix lately!

  • Joules (Pocketful of Joules)

    Love that dress on you!

  • Awesome fix!! I love the two tops, I’m going to be pinning those. I got a suede jacket from Stitch Fix once and was really on the fence about it and it turned out to be the thing I probably wear the most often.

    • Thank you! I hope you get them too :) Funny how they end up knowing us better than we know ourselves!

  • Greta Hollar

    I love that leather jacket!! So fab and looks amazing with the dress.

    Greta |

    • Thanks, Greta! I was surprised at how much I ended up loving it!

  • Omg! I love all those clothes, especially the red and black strappy tops and the white jeans!

  • I can’t take all these great stitch fix reviews I’ve been seeing lately! They’re really doing a great job. I think I want to give it a shot later this season/going into the fall, but I’d def have to do every-other-month mostly because I see it becoming an expensive habit haha. However, that deal of keeping all the pieces at a discount seemed pretty fair, so that’s a plus. Loved the jacket, dress and black top on you so much! Very cute stuff.

    • They really are! You can get them to send as much or as little as you want. My favorite items are always fall/winter clothes from them though – those are my favorite clothing seasons!

  • Everything looks so great on you!

    • Thanks, girl! I’m so excited to add them all to my closet!

  • Marsha

    I haven’t gotten a Stitch Fix in awhile, but I do love it. It took a few for them to get it right, but now I pretty much keep everything when I get one. Loved the jeans and the black top.

    • Thanks, Marsha! Do you have a Pinterest board set up for them? It really helps with making sure they get it right!

      • Marsha

        I don’t but that’s a great idea. I didn’t have pinterest when I started getting stitch fix, but I should do that. I often see people post outfits that I like. Thanks for the tip!

  • Loving all these pieces on you! Would love to give StitchFix a try one day!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

    • Thank you Alice! I hope you’re able to try it out soon, I’ve gotten some amazing things from them!

  • Kristina

    These are all awesome picks for you. They all look fantastic on you too.

  • I really think all of these look great on you! Especially that jacket :) FOXY lady!

    • Aww thanks, Kara! I’m so excited about everything I got!

  • So cute! My favorite is that dress – such pretty colors, and it looks great on you. I love a good pair of white jeans. And that leather jacket is adorable too!

  • Ugh, so fun! I always wanted to try stitch fix but never got around to it and now that we live abroad I can’t :( Love that dress!

    • Oh what a bummer :( Hopefully they’ll expand out or a similar service will open over in Iceland soon!

  • I adore stitch fix!!! The dress and the black top are so cute!

    • Me too! Sometimes I get bummed when fixes aren’t 100% but then they come around like this and then I’m happy because my wallet can’t handle them all being this good, haha.

  • LeighAnn Searle

    I need to try stitch fix! You got some awesome items!

  • I just joined Stitch Fix and I love it! My favorite piece from your May fix is the leather jacket; I can’t wait to see how you style it for fall.

  • Wow, they hit the nail on the head with this box! I especially love the floral dress!

    • They really did! I’m thrilled they sent the dress too!

  • Suzette Valle

    What a fun concept. I love all the pieces here. Just beautiful!

    • Thank you! Have you thought about trying Stitch Fix out?

  • Ashley

    So many cute pieces!! You really scored this month!!

    xo Ashley

  • I have been wanting to try Stitch Fix for a while. I like trying new pieces and getting a stylist to pick things for me. I really adore that floral dress, it seems so flow-y and cute!

  • ccmaine

    You got a great box! I totally agree with your sentiment about the leather jacket. I’ve had items come in the box that I didn’t think I would like..but when I tried them on..I actually did!

    • Thanks! It’s so funny how that works. They’re definitely things I wouldn’t pick up in the store, so I’m glad Stitch Fix forces me to get a little out of my comfort zone!

  • You got a great fix this month! I am getting mine soon too. I love all the items you got! I really love that dress and jacket!!

    • Thank you! I’m really happy with them :) I hope you get a great fix too!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I tried. I really did. But between my goofed up body and my pickiness it no worky. I still like stealing a look from time to time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Aww bummer :( I thought it’d be the same way for me but I surprisingly have gotten a lot of great things that I love!

  • Brie @ Sophistifunk

    So many great items! I love the red and black tops, both are so cute!

    xo Brie

    • Thanks, Brie! I can’t wait to wear them this summer!

  • Such good pieces, love that dress on you!

  • I love all of these on you! I love how all the looks just came together! Like you, I would probably be hesitant about the jacket but then it looked amazing with the dress!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad I thought to pair them together. It worked out really well!

  • Successful fix! My favorite is the leather jacket over the floral dress. Stunning!

  • I’ve never heard of this! Such a cool idea! I love the jacket and the jeans! They’d pair well together.

  • Yesha

    Love the Red and Black top <3 So gorgeous :) Hey! Love that dress too :)

  • wow, what a fabulous fix! all the items you got look great on you, but that dress is absolutely fabulous!

  • I used to swear off pants from Stitch Fix but I’m glad I changed that because I now have two pairs of Kut from the Kloth jeans that I LOVE. They fit so well!