Fun Findings Friday #164

Oh, Friday, how good it is to see you! It’s been a short work week, but since getting back from New York on Monday night I’ve had a million things to do, so I’m ready for lots of R&R and can’t wait to catch up on blog things! Are you planning a fairly low-key weekend too? Let’s roll into it with today’s fun findings.

National Donut Day

Yesterday I mentioned a big “food holiday” in June – National Donut Day! Well, that day is here, and who doesn’t want to take part in such a glorious holiday?! Wondering where you can grab a FREE donut to join in on the celebration? Check out this list, but keep in mind, several of them require a drink purchase. What’s your favorite donut?


Roots Miniseries on A&E

While I was watching something on TV last week I just happened to catch that A&E was getting ready to premiere a remake of Roots, the 1977 miniseries! I watched the original when I was in 5th grade as an extra credit assignment (read: I’m an overachiever) and still remember the impact it had on me, as the series gives us a look at slavery from the view of the enslaved from 1750-1870. I’ve only watched one of the episodes of the remake so far (each one is about the length of a full movie), but all the feels are coming back to me. It’s SO well done and if you haven’t seen the original or the new one, I highly recommend adding them to your watch list.


Undercover Lyft

On a lighter note, ready for some Friday laughs? Can you imagine hopping into your Lyft (they’re a competitor of Uber) and having a celeb driver?! Well the basketball great, Shaq, successfully went undercover (including several outfit changes) as a driver and it’s amazing. Hey Lyft, can I request a celeb driver next time?!

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  • Nazrin Miah

    Gosh national donut day needs to actually be a thing that is taken seriously! I know i’d dedicate a whole day to them!

    • I totally agree! We should make it a national holiday, haha.

  • Taylor Smith

    Okay I am 100% getting donuts today. How could you not???

    • Exactly! Which kind is your favorite?

      • Taylor Smith

        Old fashion cake donuts are the best!

  • Kari Guastella

    Super excited about this whole donut day thing!

  • My husband started watching Roots earlier this week and totally didn’t wait to watch it with me! I’ll have to try and catch up!

    • They’re pretty long episodes but it’s only 4 vs. the original which had 6. I got through them quickly!

  • OMG undercover Lyft looks hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Melissa Latimer

    I was so excited to find out it was National Donut Day! I love an excuse to stuff my face with donuts and a nice cup of coffee :) My husband and I caught an episode of Roots last night, but it was the middle of the show already.

    • I’m totally with you on that :) What’d you think of the episode you saw? I’m sure it’s on demand if you want to go back and catch up!

  • i would love a free donut but i’m assuming everywhere that gives away free donuts will be too busy and i can’t be bothered with people haha. i would be the worst in that lyft thing and not even recognise shaq haha! have a good weekend :)

    • Haha, I’m with you on that! You have to pop in at off times but I always shoot for the drive-thru because it seems to be quicker than going inside!

  • sheismelrose

    Omg I would love to experience a celeb driver it will make the experience so much better

  • Evi Aki

    Those donuts look so good!

    • Right! I almost wish every day was National Donut Day :)

  • Shaq as a nerd…I’m dying.

    • Hahaha it’s SO great! I think he needs to rock that look more often!

  • Haven’t even heard of ‘undercover lyft’! This video is hilarious!

    Alix |

    • Isn’t it?! I can’t wait to see who else they bring on board to do it!

  • Lol that Shaq video is hilarious. I’ve never heard of these celebrity rides either. Thanks for sharing!

    • Right! I hope I’d be able to recognize the celeb if I was in an undercover one!

  • Amanda K

    Haven’t heard of “Undercover Lyft” before, but the video is so funny! Those donuts look so yummy!

    Amanda ||

    • I agree! Hopefully they’ll branch out to more cities with the undercover celeb drivers. It’d definitely increase my likelihood of using the service!

  • emi

    Loving all 3 of these! I can’t believe that I didn’t have a doughnut on the holiday but I feel like I saw enough instagrams and snaps of them that I practically ate a few! :) haha xo

    • Thank you! I’m with you on all the photos of them – major sugar overload just looking at them all :)

  • I love me some donuts! I have never heard of Roots before. I will have to check it out. I would love for a celebrity to be my uber of lyft driver. That would be awesome!

    • Me too! What’s your favorite kind? Hopefully Lyft will expand their celeb driver segment to our cities soon!

  • I’ve just gotten into watching Roots and really fascinated by the series. I laughed so hard about Shaq as a Lyft driver. How masterful is that!

    • Are you watching the original or the new version? It’s so well done – definitely a version of the story we’re not used to seeing, but something everyone should, as part of history. Nerd Shaq as the driver was my favorite :)