June 2016 Goals

A new month means time to check in on last month’s goals and set some new ones. But first, let’s take a moment to process the fact that we’re almost halfway through 2016 since it’s now June. CRAZY!

In May I set some pretty vague goals and didn’t do as well as I was hoping. Going forward I’m going to try to be more specific so I can better measure how I did. Here’s what happened with my goals in May.

  1. Do some spring cleaning. Some tidying was done via clearing the countertops and dressers but other than that I didn’t make too much headway on this one.
  2. Eat out less (2x max per week). I did pretty well on this one except the last week of May, since I was out of town. I’d say this one was successful overall.
  3. Better define my blog strategy. I started on this but still have a ways to go. Honing in on a specific strategy is a lot more time-consuming than I imagined!
  4. Clean up old blog posts. 100% no. Didn’t go anywhere near this one.
  5. Read Me Before You. Done! I opted to bring this book instead of my laptop on my MDW trip to New York and I was totally immersed in the book. SO GOOD.

June 2016 Goals

May wasn’t my best month in terms of getting through all of my goals, but I’ve come up with some pretty good goals for June that I think I’ll be able to rock!

  1. Reach 700 fans on Facebook. I have just over 30 to go to reach my next FB milestone. Want to help me reach the goal? Like Small Towns & City Lights on Facebook here!
  2. Book flights for the big end-of-year Europe trip. Update: I made this list a couple weeks ago but actually just booked the flights yesterday! It’s officially happening! More details will be coming on this next week.
  3. Create 5 new “Pinterest worthy” graphics for old blog posts. I’m carrying over one of my failed May goals to June but in a more specific manor. I think narrowing down what EXACTLY I need to do will result in a higher likelihood of me completing it.
  4. Figure out insurance stuff + sign up for new plan. I’ve been able to hang on by a thread to my parents’ insurance since graduating college and getting a full-time job, but the fun is over in a few weeks when my 26th birthday lands. I’ve been starting to look at my options but it’s all pretty confusing. I don’t have a choice but to cross this one off at the end of the month!
  5. Finish getting through the Pinfinite Growth e-course. I purchased the Pinfinite Growth e-course last month after quite a bit of back and forth (it’s a pretty big investment) and am about halfway through. I’m hoping to finish the course this month so I can really implement some new strategies!

What’re you hoping to accomplish this month?

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  • I wish there was an easier or quicker way to update old posts, especially with Pinnable images. I’m wishing you all the luck with that one cause I know it’s quite the feat. I’m excited to hear where you’ll be headed on your next big adventure with Europe though! The anticipation haha.

    • Same! It’s definitely going to be a long process so I have to start with baby steps, haha. I can’t wait to share more about the trip either! It’s gonna be another busy one!

  • Nicole @ Audaciously So

    ahhhh I just had to do the insurance thing. I turn 26 in July, so I wanted to get it out of the way early. It actually wasn’t too bad, but it was sort of confusing and expensive. Meh.

    • Good thinking! I wanted to hold out as long as possible, but since my birthday’s in less than 3 weeks I should probably start looking more into it soon. They need simpler lingo for this stuff!

  • Samuel Still

    Good goals! The insurance can be confusing. My wife is currently co-insurared under my plan and her parents, and she turns 26 next April, so I’m sure that will be a headache of its own.

    • Thank you! Its been nice to not have to worry about insurance things, so I’m not looking forward to figuring it all out!

  • I am working on setting monthly goals, but I’m not an easily goal motivated person. My one goal is to post at least twice a week this month. I have been slacking due to a few live changes, but I want to work hard to balance it all.

  • These are great goals! Good luck & enjoy your month!

  • I like that you changed your goal from updating old blog posts to creating 5 Pinterest images. It makes it more specific and more likely that you will accomplish your goal. Awesome goals!

    Floradise: http://www.maretteflora.com

    • Thanks, Marette! That’s exactly why I changed it. Otherwise it’s just a big blackhole of things I want to do!

  • Europe will be exciting! I read the book and saw the movie this weekend, you will really enjoy Me Before You. What exactly is your plan for old blog posts?

    • I can’t wait for Europe! I finished Me Before You a couple weeks ago, so I’m hoping to see the movie soon. And for old blog posts I want to start updating some of the images. I’m starting small!

  • Europe will be so much fun!! Where are you going?! These are some excellent goals and highly achievable too.

    I’m really going to be working on daily comments – at least 10 per day throughout the month of June.

    • I can’t wait for it! I’ll be sharing details on my trip soon :) Good luck with your commenting goal! I’ve been trying to increase my commenting as well. I love reading other blogs!

  • Figuring out the insurance world is the worst! I always say they really need classes on that and 401k in college! Europe is so exciting! Have a great month! :)

    • They really should have life classes, haha. It’s like they teach you all the irrelevant things in school but the stuff you should actually know you just have to figure out on your own!

  • One of my June goals is also to learn more about Pinterest and start using it properly in the hope of it generating more blog traffic. Adding pinable images to old blog posts is a great idea!

    Nellwyn | http://www.thecardinalpress.com

    • Thanks! I’ve heard Pinterest is a huge traffic driver for so many sites, so that’s the end goal for me too. Good luck with learning more this month :)

  • Chantal Steele

    The blogging game is such a never-ending to-do list. These look like great goals!

    • It really is! Hopefully starting small will eventually get me where I want to be :)

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    I’d love to hear what you think of the Pinfinite Growth course! I took Pinning Perfect and it was pretty good :) Good luck with your June goals!!

    • I’m a little over halfway in and so far it’s been great! I’ve been learning a lot and it’s helpful to have all of the info in one place rather than trying to go searching for things individually. Plus it came with some bonuses that I think will really come in handy!

  • There’s always so much to do with blogging, it is never ending! I have the goal of eating out less more this month too, it adds up so fast!


    • I agree! That’s why I want to set smaller, more attainable goals for it. And yes! Eating out does really add up. It can be a tough habit to reign in!

  • Are you going to see the movie You Before Me?? Love your goals!!! Cheers to a lovely June!

    • At some point, yes! Although I’ll need to bring a box of tissues, just like with the book! Have you seen it?

      • I haven’t yet. With all the media surrounding in, I find myself conflicted about how it was created.

  • Dia

    You’ve done really good. I liked your facebook page so hopefully that helps :) I am also a student of Pinfinite growth. Good luck on your new goals.

    • Thanks, Dia :) How’re you liking Pinfinite Growth so far?

  • Great goals Rachel. Europe trip sounds like a lot of fun. Do keep us updated on your preparations. Good Luck for the rest of the goals. I hope you get close to checking them off this month.

    • Thanks, Kam! I’ll definitely be posting more on the trip soon! I think I’m doing pretty well with the goals so far, hopefully I can keep the momentum up for the rest of the month!

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    These are great goals!! I am excited to get started on mine once my summer officially starts. Yay! Europe!! My fave!

    • Thanks, Jessica! What’re your goals for summer?

  • I’ve been carrying over the same goal of fixing up old posts for FOREVER. Hopefully sometime soon I get the motivation to actually do it, haha.

    • Oh yeah, haha. I don’t think it’ll ever go away! Start small!

  • Jessica Hughes

    It sounds like you did great in May and have some wonderful goals for June!

    • Thank you! Writing them out really helps keep me in check!

  • yay for booking flights!! how exciting :) and glad you loved me before you! so good.

    • I’m so pumped! Booking flights definitely makes it more real! Have you seen the movie yet? I’m hoping to soon!

      • i saw it on saturday – probably the worst time to see it because we had just gotten in a wreck that day, and i’m watching a movie about a guy who had an accident lol. honestly, i thought the book was phenomenal, and i cry super easily, but i didn’t cry that much in the movie – which is not like me at all haha. it was good though!

  • Great goals! I can’t wait to see your Europe Itinerary! and Me Before You was amazing! I’m glad you thought so too!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I can’t wait to share more on it :)

  • Going back and updating old posts is something that I definitely need to do too! I like your goal for this month to add a Pinterest worthy graphic, which I think will definitely help with older posts. And way to go on finishing Me Before You! That’s one of the books that I’m hoping to read next month for my book challenge!

    • Thank you! I think setting smaller goals will definitely result in more being checked off the list! I hope you like Me Before You! I think I need to join in on a book challenge soon!

  • I am planning on going back and working on the graphics of previous blog posts as well! It’s so important and I like how you made a specific goal. It’s much easier to accomplish when you do that. And good luck with the whole insurance thing… That stuff is a nightmare!

    • Totally agree! I hope you’re able to cross some of your blog to-dos off this month too!

  • Updating old posts can be so time consuming, so no slack there in getting it done–but I’m with you. I just want to do it and be done with it! Good luck on your June goals!

    • Thanks, Emelia! I hope you’re able to get some old posts updated too!

  • These are some thoughtful goals. I need to update my old posts so bad but I just can’t get myself to do it either haha.

    • I think updating old posts is a daunting task for all of us :) I’m hoping that by starting small I’ll be able to slowly make some progress on it!

  • Tia @ financiallyfitandfab

    Great goals! I need to go through and update the graphics for all of my old posts! It just takes so much time that I keep putting it off. How do you like the Pinfinte growth course? I just learned about it today and everyone seems to say great things.

    • Thanks, Tia! I totally agree that going back is insanely time consuming. I’m hoping it’ll be easier by starting small, but we’ll see :) So far I’m really liking Pinfinite Growth, I’ve learned so much!

  • All such great goals. Awesome post!




  • Let me know how Pinfiinte Growth is! :)

    • I’m really liking it so far! Definitely learning a lot!

  • I’ve really been trying to go back in and clean up old blog posts too! It’s kind of like spring cleaning in away and feels so good once you are finished, but it can be super time consuming. Hope you meet all your goals this month!

    • Very true! I’m hoping once I start with this I’ll be able to get on a good track!

  • adriana nudo

    This is such a great list of goals! I think when we write our goals/share them, it’s more likely we’ll get them done haha! Good luck- you can do it girl! :)

    • Thank you! I totally agree, that’s why I write them all out!

  • I need to finish Pinfinite Growth too! Last month Pinterest was one of my biggest traffic drivers so I want to continue down that route.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • That’s amazing! I need to work on my strategy more with it. Are you liking the course so far?

  • Even I should put the eating out less goal. I thought Me Before You was just okay. It’s really hyped. Good luck for your goals! :)

    • Eating out less is tough! The food is too good, haha. I liked it, but agree that the hype did affect my feelings on it a bit. Have you read the sequel? I’m on the fence about doing so.

  • Boxwood Avenue

    Even though we only have 3 restaurants to choose from – I find myself eating out a lot! I would love to cut back too!

    • Only 3 restaurants to choose from?! Wow! Where do you live? The food at restaurants is always so much tastier and much more convenient. I wish it didn’t get so expensive!

  • woah, your trip sounds like it’ll be awesome!! I always say I only believe a trip is happening once the plane tickets have been purchased, so your trip is totally official now, time to get really excited!!

    • Thanks, Rachel! I totally agree with you. Can’t wait to start planning for this one :)

  • I love that you make goals for your personal and blog, such a great way to hold actions accountable! I’m always trying to clean up old posts and graphics, but I never get around to it, maybe I will try learning from you!

    • Thank you! Definitely start small – it makes the task much less daunting!

  • Mardene Carr

    I like goals that are doable and these goals seem quite doable to me

    • I’m with you! Setting smaller, attainable goals is the way to go!

  • Better define my blog strategy – yeah, I need that goal for my blog as well. I have been winging it for over 5 years now…I would like to buckle down at some point though :-)

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been doing all this time, haha. I really want to start buckling down now, it’s time!

  • These are great goals – I love them! Where are you going in Europe? I am currently living in Romania. A beautiful country! I really want to travel more of Europe though :)

    • Thanks, Samara! How cool that you’re living in Romania – that’s a place I haven’t gotten a chance to visit yet! I’ll be sharing more on my trip soon, so stay tuned :) Where are you hoping to travel to?

  • I need to work on revamping all my old Pinterest graphics for my blog as well. Definitely on my to-do list for the month, along with finding a new routine for blogging in general

    • It’s a never-ending project! I hope you’re able to accomplish all your goals this month, Chels!

  • I really need to eat out less! Making that a goal of my own :]

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • It’s a tough one to follow through on. There are so many good restaurants out there! Good luck :)

  • I’m right there with you with trying to eat out less.. it’s so hard! :-) I’ve been writing more grocery lists to really keep track of everything…

    xx – Victoria | Viciloves

    • It really is! The food’s always so much tastier out and sometimes I don’t feel like cooking at the end of the day. Such a struggle, haha.