1 in 100 Million: Celebrating the Workforce

Life typically goes a little something like: graduate high school, head off to college, find a subject you’re good at/interested in to major in, graduate college, and head off into the “real world” to work. But once you’re in the workforce, there’s a tendency to zone out and just think about YOUR industry, YOUR company, and YOUR day-to-day responsibilities. While those are absolutely important, we don’t think too much about the jobs OTHER people are doing that affect our lives tremendously. Jobs like teachers, trauma nurses, electricians, restaurant waitstaff, etc.

I’m loving Kronos’ “1 in one hundred million” web series, which spotlights personal stories of people who do many of these important, and often unrecognized jobs. Even better? These individuals are passionate and committed to their work, which is so inspiring to see!


About every six weeks, a new video is posted, and the latest (#18) is especially fascinating to me. Dana Sue Kimbal is a Miner & Environmental Manager for the Nevada Mining Association, and at the Coeur Rochester mine, Dana Sue and her team move 70,000 tons of ore EVERY DAY. Now consider this. A single truck that carries 100 tons of ore equates to 26 oz. of silver, and each year, the team produces 4 MILLION oz. of silver. Crazy!

Although Dana Sue originally wanted to be a park ranger, a job opportunity popped up after she graduated college, and soon after, she found herself in northern Nevada living the mining life. If you’re wondering what that’s like, think rural outdoors (i.e. working outside, wearing jeans and boots every day). She loves talking to people and educating them about modern mining and technology and hopes to get students interested in science, just like her!


What kind of job do you do? Are there any careers you ever wonder how people could enjoy doing for a living?

Let’s take a minute to celebrate the workforce as a whole and be thankful for all of the individuals of the world! After all, if we were all the same, there sure would be a lot of things that would never get done and our lives would be totally different!

Subscribe to the “1 in one hundred million” web series to learn about all types of jobs and the passionate, committed individuals who do them. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new career interest!

This post is sponsored by Kronos. All opinions are my own.
  • This is such a great idea! I’m always up for learning about something new. It’s crazy how life can take you places you never expected to be!

  • Lindsay Katherine

    This is such a great concept! I’m a teacher and a writer; I teach high school seniors and always try to get them to expand their minds about their potential future careers because there is SO much out there that you don’t even know about.

    • Totally agree with you! The possibilities are really endless and I feel like most people are only exposed to a handful of them.

  • Nicole @ Audaciously So

    This is so awesome! I mean, this is exactly what my blog is about, so of course I think that haha but I like the video aspect of it! and also how much they go into each person’s personal story. Thanks for sharing! :) I might share this site on my blog too.

    • It really is awesome! I think they need to show things like this to kids in school to open their minds to more in the world of jobs. There are so many unique opportunities out there!

  • Pack Your Baguios

    I haven’t heard of this before. I’ll have to check it out because I love learn about different, unique jobs.

    • It’s pretty cool! I hope you find some you like :)

  • Neely

    I had no idea about this but so cool!

    • It is! I love learning more about what other people do.

  • This is great! I’m headed over there now to check this out!

    • Hope you enjoy it, Leanna! There’s lots of cool content!

  • Whoop whoop, go work force! I love seeing new job perspectives that I didn’t know much about before. I think that’s how you learn about jobs you don’t know exist, how great! I work with the elderly as a CNA, but I’m pursing a degree in marketing and logistics, and then a career in merchandising/marketing. I think working different jobs definitely gives you a more vast perspective of the world and the workforce. Jennifer Miller, on the series, is definitely cut out for sales. Her personality is so sweet and friendly!

    • Same! Totally agree that working different jobs and industries helps give you a better perspective. I’ve learned about so many other types of jobs from this series. It’s so fascinating!

  • This sounds awesome! I’ll have to share this with all my co-workers!

    • I hope you and your coworkers like it! It’s pretty fascinating stuff!

  • linda spiker

    Love that meme! Great quote:)

  • Taylor Smith

    Very nicely put!!!

  • Candy Kage

    Well said, let us celebrate.

  • This is such a cool concept! I’m actually a teacher and my husband is a farmer, both of which I truly believe are under-appreciated fields of work. I do love learning about other people’s work-areas, because usually if you’re doing something for a living you’re passionate about it & I love hearing more about what people are passionate about!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

    • Same! it’s so amazing how many fields out there are under appreciated – or really not well known. This sounds like it’d be a great thing to share/discuss with your students!

  • I love this concept. I think every job a person does rather it is big or small has a reason to be celebrated. Working is never easy! There are a lot of jobs I know people do, that I could never personally do myself. So cheers to everyone!

    • Exactly! It’s so great that we all have different interests, strengths, and skills to share with the world!

  • This is fantastic! I think it’s so easy to believe that one job or particular industry can be more important than another but it takes all kinds of kinds to make this world go ’round! Thanks for the reminder.

    • So glad to hear you like it! This series has opened my eyes to so many other jobs and industry types that I didn’t know much about at all!

  • It is so important to love what you do since you spend so much time there!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • Couldn’t agree more! It’s kind of scary how much time you spend at work, if you think about it :)

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