Fun Findings Friday #167

TGIF! I’m so looking forward to sleeping in a bit this weekend. Nothing beats getting to wake up without an alarm ringing at you! Am I right?! Plus, since I started binge-watching Gilmore Girls a couple weeks ago, I can’t stop. I’ve seen a ton of random episodes out of order over the years, but I figure since Netflix will be debuting a new follow up show (I believe next month), I should be completely caught up. Although I have some day trips planned this weekend, I’m hoping to sneak in a few more episodes! But enough about my binge-watching habits – let’s get into this week’s fun findings.

Lionel Richie Cutting Board

The latest product find I’m obsessed with? This Lionel Richie cutting board ($46), that says “Hello, is it me you’re cooking for.” As a huge Lionel fan, this is something at the top of my kitchen wish list! I couldn’t help but pick this one to share with you guys!


Uber’s Free Ice Cream Day in Florida

If you live in (or are visiting) Florida right now, today’s your lucky day! Uber Florida is helping us to beat the heat (and yes there’s a lot of it) by dropping FREE Magnum ice cream bars to users who open up the app and request it. And no, a ride is not required to get ice cream. Pretty fantastic if you ask me!


Addicted to Pokemon Go

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to Pokemon Go! The game just came out last week but already it’s everywhere. Literally. On the news, in social media feeds, and in front of you. When people have asked me about it, I feel silly after explaining it, but at the same time, GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL. This video of a woman who wasn’t on board with it but then got really into it is cracking me up! Whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not, give it a watch!

  • Haha I love her accent. “a rat lookin sumabitch” That’s great. Also I’m jealous about your Uber Ice Cream delivery!

    • Isn’t it?! Someone in my office shared it with me and we couldn’t stop laughing!

  • I LOVE that cutting board…considering swapping out the one on my registry for that one…

    • It’s the best! I’d definitely swap them out :)

  • I was hoping you would include Pokemon Go!!! What level are you?! And what team?! And what’s your highest stat Pokemon?!

    • Of course! It’s so addicting! I’m on level 12 – highest is Flareon with CP 587 (I haven’t done much battling yet). Team Mystic! How about you?!

      • YAS! I’m Team Mystic too! I’m level 20 right now (I’m a little addicted..) and my highest is Poliwrath with a 1361 CP!

  • That cutting board is hilarious! I’d laugh every time I used it. That’s so cool that Uber is giving out ice cream. Great idea! And I’m not into Pokemon Go but my son is.

    • Right?! I love it! Pokemon Go is really taking over, it’s crazy!

  • OMG the pokemon video!!

  • That cutting board is so funny! I’m not really sure what the whole Pokemon thing is even about, but it seems like a crazy trend to me.

    • I know, I love it! The Pokemon craze is insane! I don’t remember it ever being this big – even when I was growing up with it!

  • I wish I could fully embrace Pokemon Go right now. I’d get so many fitbit steps in, too! Unfortunately, I am doing my best to catch any Pokemon that come close to my house. Maybe there will be some at the hospital on Wednesday.

    • I know, it’s crazy how much it gets you moving! I hope you can find a lot at the hospital too – it’ll help pass the time and hopefully keep you distracted from any nerves! Can’t believe Charlotte’s almost here!

  • That cutting board is hilarious! Cool round up.

    Alix |

    • Thanks, Alix! It’s at the top of my wish list :)

  • Justine Y

    Oh my gosh, is this woman for real?! She seems so genuinely annoyed! :D “This is just not where I saw myself at 27 years old.” LOL. And that cutting board! Thanks for the laughs this Friday!

    • I know! That’s what’s so funny about it! Happy to provide the laughs :) Have a great weekend!

  • Haha, nonsense! I have coworkers in their 30s – 50s playing! Anyone that grew up with it is just extra excited about it :)

  • Mary Welby

    I want that cutting board! Lol. great round up!

    • Thanks, Mary! I think the cutting board is pretty awesome too :)

  • That cutting board has my laughing!!! How awesome about the icecream and Uber! I will admit that I am not in on the whole Pokemon Go craze. For all of those who are I fully support them but I won’t be playing. Lol.

    • I think everyone needs that in their kitchen :) And never say never! My sisters weren’t on board with Pokemon but once they saw me playing they tried it and are hooked, haha.

  • LOL that lady cracked me up. Hope you had a great weekend.

  • that lionel cutting board is the best. i loved pokemon as a kid but i’m not down with the game. i am, however, still a candy crushing weirdo, so there’s that ;)

    • Right?! I need it in my life! Have you tried the game? My sisters weren’t into it but then tried mine out and now they’re just as hooked, haha. What level have you made it to on Candy Crush?

      • well, i downloaded the game but then when i realised i would have to get up to play… i deleted it. hahaha. i don’t play games often, but if i do, it’s in bed or on the couch. i think i’m on level 300 something haha i go through phases when i’m playing it but i love it

  • OMG that cutting board is the BEST!