Stitch Fix: July 2016 Review

My July Stitch Fix arrived on Friday afternoon and I couldn’t wait to open it up, despite taking a peek (as usual), when I saw it was on it’s way. This month, I requested some fun summer pieces that are versatile to rock at work or casually on the weekends. Check out what my stylist sent below and help me decide what to keep and send back!


Pixley Dinora Lattice Strap Blouse ($54)

I received a similar top in a Fix a year or two ago and can say the quality is definitely great. I’m not totally sure about this one because of the color (it’s very bright and I’m not very tan), but it is a nice summer option!


Collective Concepts Alissa Dress ($78)

This dress is an example of a great versatile piece (obviously with a blazer for work). I love the colors and the style is unlike any other dress I have hanging in my closet.


See U Soon Marahie Cut Out Back Top ($48)

I don’t have too many “fancy” tanks, so this was a nice option my stylist sent. The pattern is a little crazy though.

See-U-Soon-Marahie-Cut-Out Back-Top

41Hawthorn Denly Peplum Knit Top (58)

I was excited for this one because it looked like a great work top option, but it didn’t end up fitting quite the way I’d hoped.


Seychelles Interrogate Wedge Sandal ($110)

My stylist sent these after seeing a similar pair I pinned to my style board on Pinterest and they seem to pair well with a lot of different outfits!


So there you have it, my July Fix! Do you see any things you love or totally hate? Let me know what you think I should keep and/or send back!

  • Ursula Ball

    I personally love the peplum shirt and the sandals of your Stitch fix review!! :)


    • Thanks, Ursula! I’m very excited about those shoes!

  • Abbey Phipps

    That dress is SUPER cute! :)


  • Taylor Smith

    Love that peplum top and the shoes!!!

  • I love all the items that you received from SF. I usually love everything I receive too, but I find it to be expensive (I can’t afford ALL the items even with the discount, but when you choose only one item, it’s pricey). I can often find similar items at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the price, but once in a while I splurge on a SF item.

    • I know what you mean! I wish TJ Maxx had a similar service, that would be so great!

  • linda spiker

    The dress and those shoes are a real find!

  • Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

    Great finds! Those sandals pair well with so many things!

  • I love the first shirt and dress! You got some great items :)

    • The dress is my favorite! I love Stitch Fix time :)

  • Nicole Miller

    I love those shoes! I’ve never tried Stitch Fix but I might have to sign up – seems like they send lots of unique stuff that isn’t too unusual :)

    • Same! You should definitely give it a try. I’ve gotten some amazing things from them!

  • Abby

    I love the cut out back top! It looks great on you, and I think the pattern would look more subdued under a blazer or cardigan for work.

    • That’s good thinking, Abby! It would definitely complete it!

  • i really like the dress, very flattering! hope you kept it :)

  • I love the dress and peplum top on you! Those shoes look comfy too!

    • The shoes really are! I’m so happy they sent them!

  • Karin Rambo

    I love the shoes! Probably my favorite piece from your fix.

  • These are awesome! My favorite is probably the dress or the dark blue top. I’ve never heard of this company, but it sounds great!

    Jasmine /

    • It’s amazing! If you’re looking for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe you should give it a try!

  • Too bad the peplum didn’t work out. I loved the look of it on the hanger.

    • I know, me too :( It was more of a form-fitting top, so I feel like you have to be super thin to rock it.

  • oh I love the peplum! Too bad it didn’t work out, the dress though is so pretty!!

    • Ugh, I know! The dress is my favorite though. So excited about it!

  • Melissa Latimer

    What classy looking pieces! I love the neon top and the peplum. The shoes are really cute too.

    • Stitch Fix always has the best stuff! Have you tried them?

  • I like almost everything you got (except that blue shirt). The first shirt and the tank are my favorites!

  • I think the peplum top looks really good on you! I also love those sandals! Agree, the patterns on the dress and tank are a little crazy but you could pair them with neutral pieces!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    • The sandals are my fave! I felt so frumpy in the peplum top since it was really form-fitting. I wish the fabric wasn’t so clingy!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    This is the first time have looked at a stitch fix review and actually liked what was in it. The two shirts and the dress are absolutely perfect for your figure. They are so flattering! I hope you kept them all!! The first shirt and the shoes. mah. ;-) Thankyou for sharing!

    • Wow, really?! That’s crazy! The dress is my favorite item! Definitely keeping that one!

  • I really like the first bright shirt! You’re right – it’s perfect for summer!

  • I LOVE the first top and the dress. That dress is beautiful on you!

    • Thanks, Ashley! I really love the dress too. So excited to add it to my wardrobe!

  • Love that dress and those sandals! The peplum top also looks very cute!

  • Ashley

    I am in love with that dress!! I love the print and the style! Those shoes are also perfect. Definitely a pair that will go with everything!

    xo Ashley

    • Me too! I ended up keeping both of them. So excited!

  • Love that dress and the secon d tank.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Thanks, girl! I ended up keeping the dress. Love it!

  • Oh I like that fancy tank on you – the print is very figure flattering. I agree about the first, bright tank. I dunno about that one. The dress is cute and versatile, too! :)

  • Nnenna Echem


  • I love it all! Those shoes are especially cute!

    • Thanks for your input Emily! I love the shoes too!

  • It’s all so cute but I especially LOVE the dress!!

    • Thanks, Katie! I love the dress too!! So excited to add it to my closet!

  • The dress is great! I love the shoes too!

  • I love that dress! The peplum top is adorable as well! That sucks that it didn’t fit you correctly.

    • Thanks, Mistle! I’m bummed about the peplum top but I do love the dress!

  • That Alissa dress is SO CUTE!

  • I love the peplum top but I understand how you feel. Everything has to fit just right! There are so many great options in this Stitch Fix box!

    • Exactly! Especially since the items are a little pricier. I’ve gotten so many great things from Stitch Fix though!

  • Justine Y

    I love that peplum top, too bad it didn’t fit exactly right. And those sandals are cute too!

    • I know, I’m bummed about it too. I do love the sandals though – ended up keeping those!

  • Sami

    Those sandals are adorable! Hopefully they’re comfy, too!

  • The shoes are cute and so is the dress!

    • Thanks, Cassandra! Those were the items I ended up keeping this time around!

  • I love the summer picks you got! That peplum top is super cute and I would totally wear something like that to work!

    • Thanks, Erin! I love the style of that top. Unfortunately the fit wasn’t quite right. It was too clingy for me. Hopefully something similar (but less form-fitting) will come soon!

  • Great variety in your stitch fix! I love the blue dress and those sandals are so versatile!


    • Thank you! Those were the two I ended up keeping. Love them too!

  • StayWithMeonThis

    This is such a cool option! Love those shoes!

  • Jessica Hughes

    Love the shoes, they are so cute and look comfy!

  • The peplum top and the sandals look incredible on you!

    • Thanks, Kiara! I ended up keeping the sandals, love them!

  • Falon

    I love the dress and the peplum top! I would also totally keep those sandals if you can wear them to work, they look comfy but still dressy.

    • Thanks, Falon! I ended up keeping the dress and shoes. Will definitely wear them to work and out and about :)

  • That’s a great fix! I love the tanks you got, I agree the one pattern is a little out there but it is also fun!

    • Thank you! Someone suggested adding a blazer with the tank. I didn’t end up keeping it but something great to keep in mind for future outfits!

  • Sarah Emily

    What an awesome fit! I love the orange tank and the sandals

    • Thanks, Sarah! I ended up keeping the sandals – they’re so comfy!

  • I just got my July fix too! The dress looks great on you. I wish you would have loved how the peplum blouse fit, because it looks amazing on you, my fav! You got a great fix!

    • Thanks, Kelly! I hope you got a good fix this month! I’m hoping for a similar peplum blouse in the future – just one a little less clingy!

  • Natasha Smith

    I love the dress and the peplum top! I’m looking forward to my next fix, scheduled for this weekend!

    • Yay! I hope you get great things, Natasha! The dress was my favorite – so excited about it!

  • LOVE the orange top and the peplum! SUPER cute!! I did stitch fix for several months in a row, but opted out after getting a few lemons…may be time to revisit.

    • Sometimes it’s a seasonal thing. I love fall clothing so always seem to have more success then! Make sure you pin some specific things you love – that always helps too!

  • I love the shoes and think that the dress is adorable! The top with the crazy pattern looked really good on you I thought! The pattern accentuated your waistline nicely!

    • Thanks, Amanda! I ended up keeping the shoes and dress – love them both!

  • I love that dress. So pretty and looks great on you! I also really like that printed tank top.

    • Thank you! The dress is my favorite – I’ve been looking for something similar!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I had to come back and take another look at the one top that I really love. Thanks for sharing this. :-)

    • So happy to hear you love it, Heather! Maybe it’s time to give SF another try? You can specifically request the top and have it for yourself then :)

  • Keep that dress for sure! It’s so cute!

  • Love the dress the most! Peplum tops are difficult to find just the right fit, I’ve found. The shoes look nice too, but are they comfortable after walking in them for a while? Thanks for sharing your Stitch Fix!

    • Same! I ended up keeping the dress and shoes. I’ve only walked in the shoes a little bit, but so far so good!