Humor Every Grad Student Can Relate To

Ohhhh, Monday. Can anyone tell me where the weekend went?! As I mentioned Friday, I have a midterm for my grad school class this week and spent just about the entire weekend studying (minus a couple breaks to watch Narcos and get my nails done). Ugh! Fast-track courses are great, but wow, there’s a lot of information to pack into a short period of time!

So when I started to lose my mind a little bit trying to retain concepts and formulas for things like stock/bond valuation, cash flow, time value of money, taxes, and financial statements, I needed a quick escape and some laughs. Thank god for the Internet, right?!

Here’s some humor every grad student can relate to.









  • Hahaha! Love these! During grad school, there were days that I didn’t think would EVER end–reading 5-10 novels for class each week and then having to figure out what I was teaching for three undergrad classes was seriously, seriously intense. Now that I’m on the other side, I am glad that I powered through!

    • Ugh it really is the worst! Always such a great feeling to be on the other side and done with a class (or the whole thing)!

  • Idriss Twist

    Haha thank you for making me laugh today !

  • I REALLY feel the last one. I always think that I know nothing!

  • Literally story of my life. I’m in the second year of my grad program…the 2nd WEEK and the struggle is already so real!!

  • I’m in my first semester of grad school and these are killing me! Lol. All so true! SO TRUE.

    • Haha so glad to hear it! What’re you studying?

      • Counseling with a focus on College Student Affairs. Sounds like you’re doing something with investments, maybe?

  • Shannon Paige

    Lol! I’m not in grad school, but my friend just started her MSW, and I know she can definitely relate to the funny reading memes. Lol I’m sending it to her :) I always love your posts, by the way! *fan girl status lol *

    • Aww thank you so much! That means a lot, Shannon! I hope your friend enjoys the post.. humor breaks are much needed when it comes to these crazy grad classes!

  • Love this! Grad school is crazy haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • snappedbygracie

    Very funny !!! Love

  • YESSSS. I am writing my thesis right now (Master’s in English) and constantly wonder why the heck I did this to myself. lol

    • Oh man, I believe it! I love to learn but tests and projects.. UGH! Good luck with the rest of your thesis!

  • Sarah Rasmussen

    Hahah! Yes. Michael Scott hit it out of the ballpark.

    • If there’s one takeaway from this post… that’s the one. Haha!

  • Tessa Lynn

    Hahahah! Yep to all of this.

  • Kirsty McManus

    This is so so so accurate!

  • Corinne C

    Haha, are studying can be so hard!

    Corinne x

    • That’s the truth! So glad we have memes to distract us :)

  • Ashley Stephenson

    These are all so true! Good luck with all your school work!

    • Thanks, Ashley! Just a few weeks left of my certificate program! Woo!

  • Too true, I’m so glad to be done with grad school. I especially love the Dwight picture. Good luck and hang in there!


    • Thanks, Hannah! What did you study in grad school?

  • Haha these are so true! I am so happy I am done with grad school! #SMH

    Rachel |

    • I believe it! I love learning but it definitely gets a little overwhelming at times! What did you study in grad school?

      • Mental health & Rehabilitation Counseling! You?

        • That sounds like it’d be really interesting (and also tough)! I’m taking courses for business.

  • Love the memes! I think they also apply quite well to those who have signed up for some courses after being out of school for awhile. :)

    • Thanks, Liz! They absolutely do! What kind of courses are you taking?

      • I’m taking a few courses related to work – social media strategy, digital marketing. Have to do my best to keep up with the pace. :)

  • These are all so true! I love memes. Glad you took some time to yourself to relax a bit in between studying! It’s so important.

    • Thanks, Leanna! I totally agree. The memes kept me sane in my studying :)

  • Lauren Norton

    Haha! These are all so true! I am constantly saying I need more hours in the day. I’m currently trying to balance 3 jobs, 9 graduate credit hours (luckily only one is a class with homework – the others are dancing or singing), writing my thesis (38 pages at the moment), practicing for my graduate recital, my blog, and dating. HA! Needless to say, I have to rotate what goes on the back-burner each week.

    • Ahh! Sometimes I wonder how we’re still standing with all of the things going on, haha. You’re so right about needing to rotate what’s on the back burner. Hang in there!!

  • Story. Of. My. Life. Ahahahahaa *cries internally*
    Trying to balance life around a full-time job and study is not something I’m enjoying right now. Not even a little. Such a relatable post. :)

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    • Haha noooo neither am I, Christie! Hang in there, we’ll make it through!

  • Stephanie Parrell

    funny post!

  • I’m not a grad student but I did go to college and I find these hilarious. lol.

  • Yup. Especially the Dwight one!!

    • Haha, right?! Always a struggle to decide which one to go with for the day.

  • LOL this made me laugh so hard! I’m not a grad student, but I can definitely relate on so many levels!

    Keep smiling!
    Molly |

  • Serena Reidy

    Haha I can relate to this!

    Serena /

  • Yes to each and every one of these. Getting my undergraduate degree was effortless, but Grad School was another story! So much work! Hang in there…one day it will be worth it.

    • It really is! I took on 7 credits while working full-time during my first semester thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal. I was so wrong!