Pros and Cons of the Apple Watch

I’m a huge Apple fan and usually jump on purchasing (or dying to purchase) their products as soon as they’re released. What can I say, I geek out when it comes to tech things!

While I was excited about the idea of the Apple Watch, I just wasn’t sure if it was for me. I was totally glued my FitBit and didn’t think I’d want to give that up – especially when thinking about the difference in battery life. But Ted surprised me with an Apple Watch for my birthday a few months ago and I must say, I’m really glad he did!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it (especially the “is it worth it”), so I wanted to share my thoughts on the pros and cons of the Apple Watch for anyone considering splurging on one!

On the fence about purchasing the Apple Watch? Consider these pros and cons!


  • Notifications – Being able to stay in the loop via your watch is the BEST. I love being able to see my text messages, emails and phone calls on my wrist. Plus, if my phone’s on silent or not out in my hand, I might miss a call or message. This helps me stay connected!
  • Apps – While not as great as your iPhone (let’s be real, the screen is tiny in comparison), you can still access content (e.g. Evernote, calendars, flight info), or make payments with Apple Wallet, which is pretty cool.
  • Custom Watch Faces – Being able to customize the watch screen is fab! I’m not just talking about the image, but rather the info that displays on the main screen. Currently, I have the date, time, and sunset/sunrise time, but you can also add things like weather, workout time, stocks, etc.
  • The Sport Band – The sport band (which fortunately is the cheapest model) is SO comfortable. Sometimes I forget I even have the watch on my wrist because it’s so smooth and lightweight!
  • Activity Monitor – I’ll admit, I do still miss my FitBit app’s dashboard! But Apple really focuses on fitness full circle, reminding you to stand if you’ve been sitting too long, tracking exercise, heart rate, etc.

On the fence about purchasing an Apple Watch? Check out these pros and cons!


  • You Still Need Your iPhone – The watch uses bluetooth to connect with your phone, so if you’re wanting to use your app for all the things other than it’s basic time function, you’ll still need your phone with you.
  • Battery Life – While it’s better than expected (it doesn’t drain as fast as the iPhone), it does need to be charged every day (I usually charge at night so it’s ready to go in the morning) to ensure it won’t die on you the following day. It can last about a day and a half with a single charge.
  • Can Be Distracting – If you have the haptics on (buzz alerts), it can go off quite a bit thanks to emails coming in. Of course there’s a setting to turn the notifications off, but it’s a catch 22 if you don’t have all of your email filters on (especially with sale emails).

Final Thoughts

So, should you buy an Apple Watch? I wouldn’t categorize it as a must-have (where I’d put the iPhone), but rather a nice-to-have. Since Apple recently released the second generation model you can snag one of the first-gen models (from last year) at a cheaper price if you’re wanting an Apple Watch but not wanting to pay the full price of the new one.


What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch? Do you have any other questions about it?

  • I have an Apple Watch and absolutely love it! I do see what you mean about motivations and needed your phone with you, though! Great thoughts on this!

  • Serena Reidy

    I’m not really keen on the Apple Watch and I don’t think I would ever buy one. I agree that it would be distracting and the screen looks so small.

    • It is a small screen, but it’s not as bad as you’d think!

  • I am super curious of the new apple watch that is all focused on activity or whatever else they were promoting. I have the fitbit so I haven’t been paying too much attention to the Apple Watch but now I’m curious.

    • I do like that the Apple Watch is more well-rounded and doesn’t just focus as much on steps. It’s kind of silly but there’s a new feature that reminds you to breathe, which I really like. The days get so busy it’s nice to be reminded to take a second to just step back!

  • I don’t have any Apple products but the watch looks super cool! Stumbled.

  • Sheila Jo Spencer

    Nice review! I had a different fitness watch, but it was recalled. Haven’t decided yet if I want a new one.

    • Thank you! I really like the fitness watches – it helps me keep track of how active (or lazy) I am!

  • I love my fit bit dashboard as well. I had a hard time enjoying the watch initially, when all I wanted was the fit bit board lol. I vote- Apple buys out fitbit and incorporates their dashboard into the app.

    • I would LOVE that acquisition, haha. I still miss the FitBit dashboard!

  • I’m on the fence about getting one. I might get my husband one but it really does fall into the “nice to have” category vice “must have”.

    • Maybe wait until around Black Friday when you can pick one up on sale. I think it’d be a nice Christmas gift!

  • Crystal Disbrow

    I had gotten a Fitbit last year and after only a few months the thing completely fell apart. So my husband got me an Apple watch for Christmas last year and I just love it.

    • Oh no! I’ve always loved my fitness trackers but after about a year they always seem to go downhill. This one has been great so far!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    My husband recently surprised me with an Apple Watch too and I really like it. I used to have a FitBit HR and it did not have hardly any features like the apple watch does. I am really loving mine. Also, I have the same rose gold face and lavender watch band! Too funny!

    • Love it! I really like the extra features the Watch has over FitBit too!

  • I am really considering getting one, so thank you for these helpful tips!

    • Glad to help, Chrissy!

      • Thanks, Rachel! My husband surprised me with one yesterday! Loving it so far!
        Have a fab weekend!

  • I would love LOVE an Apple Watch…I hope Santa is listening ;)

  • I first had a Fitbit and then moved on to the Apple watch and really miss it! At first I used both, but then my Fitbit stopped charging, so I started to solely use the watch. The thing I miss the most about my Fitbit is the food and water tracking and how everything was in one spot on the dashboard. I think I’m gonna get a replacement Fitbit even though I love my Apple watch!

    • I’m totally with you, Jackie! There’s just so much I loved about the FitBit dashboard – I wish it’d integrate with the Watch! In the beginning I was wearing both but I felt kind of ridiculous, haha. Both are great products though!

  • I don’t have either and am still on the fence. I am not sure which one I want! I think I will have to read more reviews…

    • There are a lot of different models to choose from! It depends what exactly you want and your budget for it. Good luck deciding!

  • I love all my apple products, but can’t get on board with the watch. And it would be tough to give up my Fitbit. I do like that I get notifications on my Alta Fitbit now, that is enough for me!

    • Giving up the FitBit was a tough one for me! I do still miss the dashboard but Apple has a lot of features that outweigh it for me, since it’s not just fitness.

  • I’m considering getting an Apple Watch for someone as a Christmas gift. This review is useful in my decision making. :)

    • Thanks, Liz! Good luck in your decision making :)

  • I haven’t picked one up yet and I’ve had mixed feelings. My biggest question is my husband. He’s a total Mac addict (macbook, iPhone, etc) but he’s been unsure about the watch. I wonder about it as a Christmas gift but don’t want him to be disappointed by it.

    • I’m also a Mac addict, haha. I felt the same way about the Watch, especially since I was a huge FitBit advocate, but am really happy with it! I’m sure he’d really like it once it’s in his hands!

  • My cousins have the Apple watch and their favorite feature is the phone finding one!

    Alix |

    • That’s such a good one! I always forget which room I left my phone in!

  • I’m a huge Apple fan too and it took me awhile to buy an Apple watch because I just wasn’t sold. I finally bought one a few months ago and well… it’s just not for me. I wish that I could do more with it. It would be nice if it had a keyboard or something and worked on it’s own without the iPhone. I’ll probably sell it and just wait for the upgrades :) I still wear my Fitbit tho!

    • Aww sorry to hear you didn’t like it! Maybe next time around they’ll figure out some way for it to work without the phone. I think that’d help a lot!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I’ve been interested to see someone break down the pros & cons for the watch, since I’ve been slightly intrigued in buying it for quite some time but haven’t read enough about it! Thanks for sharing! xx

    • Happy to help! Good luck with making the decision :)

  • Love my apple watch! It’s helped me be a lot more active and a lot more productive.

  • Not wanting to give up my FitBit has actually been one of my biggest hesitations on getting an Apple Watch. But I like the idea of having all that tracked, but not so obviously being a fitness tracker on my wrist too. Your pros and cons were definitely food for thought.

    • Thanks, Kati! It was a tough transition at first because I was so used to the FitBit, but I’m really happy with the watch!

  • Julie Mason

    I agree with all of your points on this product. I have gone back and forth on getting one and have talked to a few friends about theirs. I would find it distracting and annoying to constantly have it lighting up etc with notifications. I also think in the workplace it could be annoying to others. Think I will wait a bit longer.

    • Thanks, Julie. I usually keep mine on buzz only, so it’s not ringing out loud, but the notifications can get a little annoying sometimes, but it also reminds me to clean up the email lists I’m on :)

  • Paige Allison

    Haha, I’m the exact opposite of you! I wouldn’t wait in line for a new Apple product if I was paid to, I have a fitbit that I never use, and am looking for ways to use my iPhone LESS and be LESS connected! Haha! It takes all kinds though, right ;)

    • We all have our vices :) haha. It’s tough sometimes to find a balance between staying connected and not!

  • I got my Apple Watch back in June and I’m really enjoying. I agree that it’s not a must-have but working from home, it’s really nice to have. I time bock the next day each night before I go to bed and enter it into my calendar, then all day I know what I’m supposed to be working on and when. It’s been really nice!

    • That does sound really helpful! I like being able to see what’s ahead on the calendar too. Plus opening emails or texts on your wrist is really handy sometimes!

  • I have never seen the appeal of it so I liked seeing your pros! I am also not a big watch person so i might be biased haha

    Rachel |

    • Thanks, Rachel! I wasn’t a watch person for a while but then ended up getting one and loving it and then I switched to FitBit and now here I am with an Apple Watch :)

  • Cait Weingartner

    Love the look of this watch, but I don’t know if it would be a must have for me either. Thanks for your opinions!

    – Cait |

  • Kathleen Brown

    Great post. I’ve been thinking about purchasing one and you have provided some good information. I like your idea of purchasing a first generation.

  • Rachel Golden

    I always thought the apple watches looked cool and all, but I never could convince myself to invest in them. It would seriously be cool to have your apps on your watch, though!

    • I held back on it too (mostly because of not wanting to give up the FitBit and also because of the battery life), but I’m glad I have one. It’s really nice to be able to read messages on your wrist on the go!

  • I see it being insanely distracting! I don’t want to ALWAYS BE CONNECTED but with the watch, you sort of, TOTALLY, are!!!!! And the fact that your phone has to be near by is kind of silly to me.

    • It definitely can be, depending on how you set it up. I usually take mine off to charge when I get home so I disconnect then, but you can also turn features off if you’re not wanting to get notifications. I agree that it’s silly to need your phone nearby though!

  • I love my iPhone but I’ve never thought of having an Apple Watch. I didn’t know your phone had to be nearby to have all the functions work.

    • It’s a nice complement to the phone, but I wish you didn’t need your phone nearby for it to work!

  • I just got an Apple watch (looks like the same one: off white with gold band?) and I LOVE it! For many of the same reasons, and I agree with your cons listed as well. I’m a soccer coach for my daughter’s team, so I love using the stop watch right on my arm — and I really like the fitness monitoring and health monitoring more on the Apple watch than other fitness bands (I use the Breathe app every day!). Great review!

    • Thanks, Marlynn! The Breathe app really is great. It’s nice to be reminded to take a step back during the day, and totally agree about the benefits of their health monitoring!

  • Dave and I have both been wanting to get Apple watches so badly! We’re holding off for now, but I’m thinking maybe as Christmas presents to ourselves :) They’re actually a lot more reasonably priced than I thought they would be.

    • You should do it! I’m sure there will be some kind of sale in late Nov/Dec!

  • This was so helpful! I currently have a regular, basic Fitbit but have been debating on whether I wanted to upgrade to the Apple Watch or not. I think I’ll probably do it eventually, but right now it’s on the back burner!

    Rachel /

    • Thanks, Rach! I was on the fence about it for a while too because I loved my FitBit, but I’m happy with the switch!

  • I have been debating getting one since they came out and still haven’t. My husband loves his. I may just take the plunge! haha

  • I’ve heard good and bad things about getting the watch. I have had my Fitbit for about 5 months now and I love it. I do think the apple watch looks interesting though!

    • I really like it! It was tough switching from the FitBit though because I loved mine too!

  • I have one, but i have very mixed feelings on it. I got it for free so I can’t really complain really. I feel that the fitness tracking isn’t very accurate, but I do love that it reminds me to stand every hour because it’s crazy how easy it is to stay seating at work for hours straight without realizing it.

    • The reminders to stand and breathe are awesome! I also like being able to get my messages on my wrist, especially when I don’t have my phone out!

  • Clare Speer

    The watch looks like fun and pretty cool – but I am still behind the times… I need an I-pad first! :)

    • There are so many fun tech things you can get from Apple!

  • Lilies + Lambs

    Love the my Apple Watch- particularly when working out!

  • Adriana

    Okay, I so needed this!!! When it first came out originally, I didn’t think I wanted one but after the past two times walking into the Apple store and after seeing the new version coming out this year, I’ve been thinking I want one! I agree that it’s just something extra and nice to have, and I really do like how sleek it looks!

    • It’s a nice gadget to have, for sure! Christmas is coming up :)

  • Robert Stukowski

    I would never use anything for Apple (I’m not a fan of their closed proprietary system. I prefer Windows or Android stuff. Higher quality, more features, lower price.) But, I just love that watches are making a comeback. I still remember my old calculator watch. Good times.

    • Oh man, I totally forgot about those calculator watches! I agree that it’s nice that they’re making a comeback. I’m not sure why they went out of style in the first place!

  • Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

    My hubby LOVES his Apple watch and really wants me to get one too…I don’t know if I would really use it enough to make it a worthwhile investment. You gave me things to think about though!

    • Good luck making a decision! Maybe try using his out for a day or two (if he’s willing to part with it) to see what you think!

  • With the release of the new watch, I’m really considering getting one to replace my FitBit! I mainly just want it to track workouts. Does the Apple Watch continuously tell you your heart rate and which heart rate zone you’re in during a workout like the FitBit does? I’d really miss that feature if it doesn’t!

    • If you keep the app open, it’ll continue to track/update your heart rate. There aren’t any zones though. I haven’t tried out any third-party fitness apps yet though, so there might be more features available through them!

  • I got the Microsoft Band awhile back (super similar to the Apple Watch) and it has been such an amazing step up from my FitBit!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    • That’s great! I miss the FitBit dashboard, but agree that the Watch offers so much more!

  • Thanks for sharing this list! I have been wondering about the apple watch.

  • Zan Turner

    It’s like what will they come up with next right? Looks like a fun watch to have but I agree, not a necessity. I like that you can keep track of things on it – like a mini iphone!

    • I know! I love seeing all of the products they come out with. So much innovation over the years!

  • An apple watch is on my Christmas list! I use my Fitbit but it is always out of batteries because I forget to charge it. Hence, it not being very useful. I have the Aria scale which is nice that it syncs with the Fitbit but other than that, I am not in love with it. Thanks for the great review!

    • Thanks for reading! The Watch does need to be charged quite a bit, but I try to do it at night when I’m sleeping or at my desk when I’m not moving!

  • I’m totally debating getting this for my boyfriend for his birthday in a couple of weeks. I’m so happy it has GPS now so it might be worth it. I’m definitely putting it on my Christmas list.

    • There are a lot of really nice features! I hope Santa brings you one :)

  • Love how you laid this all out there. My hubby was just talking about getting the new one. I love that it can go in water so we can track our swimming but you helped give me some ideas on what else it can do- thanks

    • Thanks, Amber! There are a lot of really great features!

  • I’ve always kind of wondered about the apple watch. The biggest con is definitely having to keep your phone with you, it would be nice if I could have music/bluetooth on it for running purposes, or have it sync up later with stats etc.

    • Agreed! The bluetooth does work, but your phone has to be nearby. Hopefully in the next model they’ll take things like that into consideration – I think a lot of people would like to see that!

  • I probably wouldn’t go out and buy one because I would get way too distracted, but like you, I wouldn’t turn down one as a gift.

    • There are a lot of cool features! I think at first it can be distracting because you want to try everything out, but after a while it’s not too bad :)

  • Mar

    I’m still not sold on the watch, I definitely don’t think its for everyone. My husband bought the FitBit that looks very similar to the Apple watch. A lot of people actually think it is the Apple watch. He is really glad he bought it because it was less expensive, and has a lot of the same features (such as text/call notification), plus its also a fitness accessory!

    • That’s great! The Apple Watch definitely isn’t for everyone. I wasn’t totally sold on it at first but now that I’ve had one for a while I really like it!

  • Zoey Bear

    I have had my Apple Watch for almost a year and I am addicted. I love the alerts and as a therapist I use the timer for my sessions. The heart rate is really accurate when compared with other biomeasures. I also love answering my phone calls when I am too far from the phone.

    • So many great features! I like being able to see my messages on my wrist and be reminded to stand during the day!