Christmas Gift Guide: 5 Picks for Kids

The 2016 Christmas Gift Guide posts continue today with my five picks for kids! While they often have a pretty lengthy wish list on what they want from Santa, there are so many other things that they might not be aware of that I know they’d still love! I’ve pulled together a list of them below for a variety of ages and both boys and girls!


On-the-Go Mini Game Pad

Kids are always looking for entertainment, so the mini game pad ($5) is a must-have for any kiddo on-the-go. This game pad is super affordable and includes 3 fun games – hangman, dots, and bingo!


The Lokai Pact

Lokai bracelets are still extremely popular with kids these days. Although a little pricier, Lokai Pact ($98) includes a set of 6 limited edition bracelets, each supporting a different cause. I love this because not only can you split it up and gift bracelets to more than one kid if you want, but I love that this product gives back. Specific charities supported with these are: the Alzheimer’s Association, Make-A-Wish®, Oceana, charity: water, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and (RED).


Little Passports

It’s no secret that I love to travel, so one of my favorite picks for kids this year is Little Passports ($12+), a subscription to educate kids on different states and/or countries around the world! Filled with fun souvenirs, activity sheets, stickets, photos, and more, the kid(s) in your life will be cultured before they even step foot on an airplane!


PicWits! Board Game

Family game nights are the best! The PicWits! board game ($23) is at the top of my family’s wish list for what I can see would be a hysterical time! The game includes cards with photos and everyone comes up with the perfect caption for it. I can only imagine what kind of funny things will come from playing this game!


Fujifilm INSTAX Camera

I absolutely loved Polaroid cameras growing up (I still think they’re fun!), and the INSTAX camera ($60) keeps the momentum going with adorable, colorful mini cameras that instantly develop photos. This is definitely something the kids wouldn’t be able to get enough of!


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  • Abby

    My kids are a little young for it now, but I definitely hope to get them Little Passports in a few years. I think I’d enjoy it as much as they would!

    • You should! It’s never too early to start teaching them about the world!

  • Courtney Patterson

    My daughter would love those game pads. She loves puzzles, drawing and anything game like. Great list!

    • That’s so great! I think these are pretty awesome for trips or anytime you’re on-the-go really!

  • Really good gift ideas! I’ve seen the Little Passport before and have considered it. Checking out the mini game pad!

  • I like the game pads! Even I feel like I would enjoy them lol

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I love the Little Passports idea! What a fun gift and I love that it’s educational. That is a win win in my book!

    • Exactly! I love things that are both fun and educational!

  • Oh goodness, the Instax Camera looks adorable! I loved Polaroid cameras when I was younger as well. Our little one loves to take pictures. I may have to add another present to the list this year. ;)

    • I bet they’d love it! It makes me so nostalgic for the Polaroid camera days :)

  • Pamela Arsena

    These are some excellent choices. Picwits is so fun!

    • Thank you! I bet it’s a hysterical game to play!

  • These gifts are so great! This year we bought for all of our nieces and nephews. They each got a small gift and each family got The Pioneer Woman’s Christmas book.

    • Thanks, Alexis! I’m sure they loved the gifts – kids are so much fun to buy for!

  • Forget the kids! I want the camera and picwits lol!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  • Yes! Love these, especially the Polaroid haha xx

  • Great list. I love it especially the Polaroid cameras.

  • Belle Bermudez-Tubel

    These are awesome picks!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • Maggie Isley

    The on the go game pads are awesome! My kids are getting older, but if I took their phones away, I bet they’d play with those! ;)

    • For sure! I think it’s good to throw in some non-tech things every once in a while too. It’s so easy to get sucked into them for hours!

  • Great ideas! I used to have a camera growing up. It was my favorite thing to play with, so I am sure kids would love it!

    • Thank you! Same for me, the polaroid was the best!

  • I would have loved these gifts as a kid! My girl is still too little for these but I can’t wait until she’s a little older to get her one of the Little Passports subscriptions. I’ve heard great things!

    • Me too! I bet your daughter will love Little Passports once it’s time! Merry Christmas :)

  • Neelofar

    what great idea for kids! thanks for sharing!

  • We used LITTLE PASSPORTS for years! It is such a fun gift and the kids were so excited to receive them each month

    • That’s so awesome! Did the kids have a favorite month of it?

  • These are wonderful ideas! I especially love the Little Passports, what a great gift idea for a toddler! Happy Holidays


    Lee Anne

    • Thank you! I think so too – it’s never too early to start teaching kids about the world outside of what they see out their window!

  • The Lokai bracelet pack is adorable! I kinda want it myself haha.

    Alix |

  • Quinn Caudill (Dad Whats 4 Din

    What a great collection of gifts for the kiddos!

  • The instax camera is so fun!!

    • It is! Who doesn’t love snapping photos and being able to print them right away?!

  • I love that little passports game!!

    • I think it’s such a fun way to teach kids about the world!

  • Emily |

    That camera is so adorable! What a fun gift!

    • I think so too! The kids would have a blast with it!

  • That little camera is adorable! My girl (and I) would love it :)

    • Hopefully Santa will bring it for you guys for Christmas :)