A Stay at Helsinki’s Hotel Lilla Roberts

After our weekend in Levi, Finland, we flew south to Finland’s capital city, Helsinki, where we’d be spending about a day and a half. Our “home base” during our stop in Helsinki was Hotel Lilla Roberts!

Helsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts


Hotel Lilla Roberts is located in the on a quiet street in the design district of Helsinki, just a few blocks from the busy business district (filled with tons of great restaurants and shops) and right near the city’s most prestigious residential area. We loved that it wasn’t in an overly touristy area, and that we got a bit of a feel of local life in Helsinki.

If you’re traveling from Helsinki’s airport, the hotel (and city center) is about a 30 minute drive.

Helsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts

The Room

One of my favorite features the hotel had was on the way to our room. After getting off the elevator on our floor, we had to scan our room key to confirm that we were indeed guests staying on that floor. Gotta love the extra layer of security!

Helsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts

As for the room itself, we stayed in a cozy king room, filled with plenty of spaces to store our luggage and souvenirs. And after adventuring nonstop for a week or so, this was the perfect place to kick back in the hotel-provided bathrobes at night. And while flipping through TV channels for something to watch before bed, we even got to see the big finale of The X Factor, where a contestant from Finland was in the final two!

Helsinki's Hotel Lilla RobertsHelsinki's Hotel Lilla RobertsHelsinki's Hotel Lilla RobertsHelsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts

The bathroom was also spacious, accommodating both my mom and I at the bathroom counter getting ready in the mornings. I also appreciated having such a big shower to stretch out in after having much smaller quarters in the days prior.

Helsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts Helsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts

Service + Amenities

Breakfast was served in the hotel’s restaurant, which is actually located in the building next door. There was a fantastic spread of fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, meats, cereal – you name it. Plus, they had a special section for gluten-free options (so if you’re GF you don’t have to ask for a separate menu) AND to my great pleasure, an area filled with desserts at breakfast! *Insert emoji praise hands*

Helsinki's Hotel Lilla RobertsHelsinki's Hotel Lilla RobertsHelsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts

I was also pretty intrigued by this platter near the restaurant’s entrance/exit. My mom gave it a try first and couldn’t finish it and made a face similar to the one the sign promised. I tried it next and my face also probably looked like that (since I didn’t know what to expect), but it kind of tasted like the sour Warhead candy I ate growing up, so I felt well prepared for it. It’d definitely be helpful to have this in the a.m. if coffee wasn’t an option (or in addition to if you’re feeling extra tired)!

Helsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts

My favorite of all was hotel’s lobby, which featured a bar next to a cozy fireplace, perfect for warming up in the winter! We definitely took advantage of it! I mean how perfect is this setting?!

Helsinki's Hotel Lilla Roberts

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I received a complimentary stay for review purposes. All opinions are my own.
  • Leslie Nichole

    Wow, what a gorgeous hotel! I wouldn’t want to leave. One of my favorite parts of the trip is the hotel room, as odd as that may sound. When I travel it is one of my modes of inspiration, if the room doesn’t feel right then find another little hideaway.

    • It was beautiful! And you’re not alone, girl! I’m all about the hotel room, even if I’m just in it a short amount of time! Do you have a favorite hotel from the travels you’ve done?

  • The “Wake up” drink sign cracked me up. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to try it. Breakfast looks awesome!!!

    • It definitely caught my attention! I did ask what it was before trying to make sure there were no crazy (or weird) ingredients that would turn me off from it!

  • Kristina Wiggins

    Wow that wake up drink sounds amazing! I love the look & feel of this hotel! Looks nice and homey for a European hotel.

    • It was! I wish it was ready to grab + go on my kitchen counter every morning, haha. We had a great stay!

  • Jewels Rhode

    I love how chic and modern this hotel is! It also looks like an awesome experience in general.

    • It was lovely! The lobby was the best too – so cozy and a great place to hang at the end of a day out exploring!

  • This looks awesome! That sign with the emojis is too funny.

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlifeblog.com

    • We thought it was hysterical! It seemed like a lot of people were giving the wake up “shots” a try too!

  • Those beds look so comfy!! I feel like you would just sink in them!!! That’s a fantastic bathroom, too! LOL at the emojis!

    • It was! Scandinavia really gets the hygge concept. All of the beds up there were SO comfy. We wanted to take them home!

  • Robin

    Omg, that fireplace is absolutely gorgeous – and I love how modern the rooms are! I actually tried sea buckthorn while I was in Quebec City this winter – they’re very big on Scandinavian flavors there because the climate is so similar. I had it in a dessert and LOVED it – but I assume it was sweetened, hahah!

    • It was so lovely! Major hygge vibes all over Scandinavia – and especially in that lobby!

  • Shannon Paige

    Omg all that food, yummmm! Looks like an amazing trip and what a beautiful hotel! *thegoodthingsomin.wordpress.com

    • The food is always the best part :) It was a great trip!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Wow! This hotel is amazing! I really love the extra layer of security. It is always a nice feeling when you feel safe. And that bed looks so cozy! What a fun trip!

    • Exactly! We loved it! Helsinki’s a great city to explore!

  • This is an absolutely gorgeous hotel! Hope y’all had a wonderful time!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

  • ColtonandJessica

    What a cool hotel! I love they give you shots in the morning for energy. So smart! It seems super modern and sleek.

    • It definitely was! Those morning shots were great – definitely wakes you up so you’re ready to tackle the day!

  • this hotel is darling! It looks like you had the best time!

  • This hotel looks so great! Perfect place to stay. I wish I had that bathroom!

    • It was! And you and me both with loving that bathroom! So well designed!

  • Anmaria Djong

    I really envy you for this trip. The hotel look so comfy and love the breakfast. But their fireplace is a hit..so hygge.

    • It was! I would’ve been perfectly content just hanging by the fireplace with the Christmas tree the whole time :)

  • Sofia Sakare

    Aw.. I miss Helsinki and all the attributes of European living… I grew up in Riga, Latvia, Helsinki was our frequent traveling spot! Thank you for sharing the pictures ;)))

    • That’s so awesome! What were some of your other favorite travel spots? Riga’s on my list of places to go!

  • This hotel looks amazing and your photos are amazing!! Definitely noting this down for if i ever go to Helsinki

    • Thanks, Kenzie! I hope you’re able to get there one day – you’ll love it!

  • It was an awesome place! Highly recommend if you find yourself planning a trip to Helsinki!